Anyone But Me: Season 3: Ep. 3 "Something Old Something New"

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[ad lib talking and laughing]
VIVIAN>> Hey, we're going to go grab a bite. You in?
ELISABETH>> You two are all inseparable and chummy lately. What, are you like a couple
now? SOPHIE>> Come on.
ELISABETH>> Because I can't tell who's with who anymore or who isn't.
Except for me. I know who I'm not with. VIVIAN>> Arch'll be back. He's got to come
back. ELISABETH>> I don't care. I mean, You want
to hear the list of all the things I don't care about. Archibald.
The play. My stupid little life.
VIVIAN >> Not acceptable. ELISABETH>> You found a replacement, good
for you. I don't work that way.
SOPHIE>> Elisabeth, you can't just do that! ELISABETH>> Why? It's not like they're helping.
I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry for being such a/ Look, don't worry about me, okay.
I'm fine. Sorry. VIVIAN>> What the hell?
SOPHIE>> Oh, my god. VIVIAN>> She is seriously starting to scare
me. SOPHIE>> It's him.
VIVIAN>> Who him? SOPHIE>> I'll tell you later.
SOPHIE>> This is my school. You don't just show up at my school.
BENJAMIN>> It wasn't my plan. I'm advising the Debate Team. They're here for the championships.
You look so grown up. SOPHIE>> Don't. Please. It's not fair.
BENJAMIN>> I guess I was hoping we wouldn't run into each other. And I could make a clean
getaway. SOPHIE>> I worked so hard not to think about
you. BENJAMIN>> Can we go somewhere later and talk?
SOPHIE>> This was not supposed to happen. BENJAMIN>> Maybe it was.
STUDENT>> Mr. Wise, they need for you to decide on the final order of who's speaking.
VIVIAN>> Are you okay? SOPHIE>> Just walk. And don't look back.
VIVIAN>> You're being too weird. SOPHIE>> He's the one I told you about.
Don't look! VIVIAN>> The teacher? Is the older guy you
slept with? SOPHIE>> I'm f- ed.
ASTER>> How did it go? CAREY>> Aced it! I'm pretty sure it was the
delicate way the nails were hammered that won them over.
What are you reading? ASTER>> This amazing novel I always go to
when I'm looking for something. CAREY>> I like that.
ASTER>> You do? CAREY>> I like you. Everyone knows it. I see
girls staring sometimes. They know it. They're thinking how can we get some of that.
ASTER>> I'm so not interested in them. Which is so
not like me. I mean, I like you, too. Oh my god, that was so lame. Sorry, I'm new
at this. CAREY>> Talk to me.
ASTER>> I'm new at being new. I don't know how to act with another girl. With someone
different. CAREY>> You're doing okay so far.
ASTER>> You're so easy to be around. I don't know anyone like you.
[pause] [pause]
[Carey reads the inscription] CAREY>> "Now look up. If I'm not here, just
remember our story backwards and you'll find me. Vivian"
CAREY>> Sorry. I didn't know what I was reading. ASTER>> That's okay. Really.
CAREY>> I was just checking out the last line of the book. I like to know how it ends before
I start. ASTER>> For me it's the first line.
Together we could actually read a whole novel in less than a minute.
CAREY>> Wanna go for a walk? ASTER>> I want to go for a walk so badly I
could actually run.
JODIE>> [with too much cheer] Hello, Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays!
I'm not sure how to begin. I couldn't find any marches or rallies coming up.
So I thought if I sent this message to everyone about my own experience,
it would make up for all the marches I would have been on if
I'd known I was qualified to be on them. I mean, now that my niece is gay. Now that
I know she's gay. I guess this is my coming out. So, hello PFLAG!
VIVIAN>> Are you serious? JODIE>> I'm screwing this up, aren't I? I'm
don't even know if I'm on camera. VIVIAN>> We can only hope.
Nice shot of the rolodex.
JODIE>> I need to do something. I need to put myself out there.
VIVIAN>> Are you going to use this tape to try and find a date?
JODIE>> Not a bad idea. VIVIAN>> Well, just don't make me your cause.
JODIE>> The more young people who feel safe being gay, the more chances for you to meet
someone. People. I mean, people.
VIVIAN>> Now you're pimping me out? Besides, I don't want to meet new people. I still like
the old people. JODIE>> I just want to make it better.
VIVIAN>> Well, you don't have to be so all over it. Like gay is your new guru or something.
[Jodie laughs] JODIE>> You're my new guru.
VIVIAN>> I'm turning this on now. Are you ready for your close up?
[Los Angeles]
CAREY>> Wait, I better get mine with onions, too.
ASTER>> How am I ever going to live without "Wrap Me Silly"
CAREY>> So what do you want to be when you grow up?
ASTER>> That's the question. Have any ideas? CAREY>> Like you don't.
ASTER>> My parents are doctors. That's a ridiculous hard act to follow.
I want to want something so badly that I can't do anything else. I want to be driven.
Like you. CAREY>> What about your ex? Your girlfriend?
Is she driven? ASTER>> Are we going to do that? Talk about
other people. CAREY>> There are no other people. Just us.
ASTER>> And no other places. Just here. CAREY>> For now.