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Uploaded by PinturaFacil on 28.10.2012

Hello to all PinturaFacil’s friends, today we’ll see how
to transform this little ball
into this beautiful Christmas one, so stay with us!!
Before starting
I want to thank
all the questions and comments you send
and also the requests like today that we’re doing this ball
that we did some time ago
and someone asked
to do it in video
with all the details
and answer questions like: what inspired you
So today I’m gonna tell us much details as I can
because sometimes someone says
Are those balls?
and for me those are buttons
and then the hearts are buttons also
So I hope that you enjoy this video
because this a painting project that everyone liked
For starting we’ll need
the polystyrene ball but already prepared for painting
You have the link under this video of
how to easily prepare the polystyrene balls to paint
so you can have it next Christmas
we’ll also need
acrylic paints in blue, cyan
yelllow, red, brown, white,
with this colors, we’ll mix all the ones we need
you’ll also need some brushes
a flat one number 4 , a 6 and a liner
a black marker, a pencil
a piece of thread
to make a very easy technique I’m going to show you
for starting let’s
make a mark
with a pencil that I joined a thread
and I’m gonna draw
a circle around the ball
to create a horizon where will draw the city
and from there the sky
this is the way that we can do it well, using the thread and a pencil
to draw this circles
so with the pencil and the thread
we’ll draw the horizon
to separate the earth from the sky
and is not necessary that you draw it perfect
it’ll be better if it has some reliefs to paint the snow
Next step will be
to paint the earth with white paint
it is the smallest part of the ball
paint all with white like the snow
before drying apply some Williamsburg blue
you can obtain the recipe of how to make this blue in our site
and you’ll see that you only need to mix blue, cyan, a little bit of brown and white.
It’s a great color for snow!!
so apply with fast strokes
like the lights and shadows of snow
once you get your snow strokes
let it dry to proceed with the sky
to start with the sky, will firstly paint again with white.
and before it dry
will apply once again Williamsburg blue
and also Uniform blue
you can get this blue mixing blue, black and white.
use the same technique to paint the sky
with these 3 colors
making predominate the Uniform blue
at the end you’ll get
a kind of
snow storm
it seems the wind carrying the snow
and it’ll be so nice and realistic!!!
now you can transfer the design
you can find the pattern in our web site
at the end of the step by step project
so go to the end of the project to get the patterns
Once you have the snow and the sky well painted
you can transfer the design
using a marker
it’ll be easier
let’s start with the snowmen
I loved them!!! :)
so we’ll start with the little bodies with white and then we’ll let them dry
We’ll use some nut paint that you can get mixing yellow, white and brown
You can find all these painting colors
in our color recipes of our website
so i’m going to tell which colors to mix each time
If you know how to obtain each color you can mix them
very fast with the colors I tell you
and watching the project colors
so let’s mix the nut color with white, yellow and brown
we’ll paint the scarf with light iron red, that you can get using brown
red and a pinch of white
use fir green for the ribbon
that you can get mixing blue, yellow and white
and we’ll paint plane figures
to paint
the moon that is hooked on the snowman
we’ll use some cadmium yellow
we’ll paint the nose
with iron red and a pinch of cadmium yelllow
next step, we’ll delineate the snowman
with Williamsburg blue
the same color we used to paint the snow
then we’ll use the liner and brown paint
to delineate
the hat, the scarf, the nose, the moon
and paint those little seams
that I like a lot because it is like all is made of patchwork
you’ll see it gives some really nice touches to our work
for the smallest snowman
we’ll use almost the same colors
we’ll paint the scarf with fir green,
we’ll paint the “poncho” with peach that you can get by mixing iron yellow, red and white
and then we’ll paint the buttons with brown, iron yellow and white.
then we’ll delineate the snowman with the liner and brown paint
only for the clothing and the little nose
We’ll also delineate the snow body with Williamsburg blue paint as we did with the big one
Let’s paint now this nice little tree
that really I love!!
that has this little heart on top
and it is son
small, jus a few leaves
“I’m still too small”