How to Make Balloon Animals : Making a Balloon Hat

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.04.2008

Now we have made a whole range of balloon animals; but now we are really going to get
the party started and make a wonderful balloon hat. We are going to keep it a little bit
of a surprise, just for a minute. We are going to start by measuring the person's head. We
are going to take a basic 260q, measure around the person's head, make a little bubble and
twist it into the other end of the balloon. We are going to take the other end by the
center of the end side of the balloon, twist it, hold it still with one hand, twisting
with the other and lock that balloon in its place. Just going to do it one more time (get
the air) and twist it around again. So, you have equally sized bubbles on each side. Take
another color, find the middle, pinch twist it. Do you have any ideas what I could be
yet? Find the middle of the top of that hat. Pinch twist it into the hat. Now, what's our
mystery hat going to be? You are going to find the center of the bottom row. Pinch it,
twist it, and find out where the balloon naturally falls. Add another pinch too it. Draw the
balloon underneath, wrap it around, turn it around and you can see a horn. If I roll it
and put a little pressure on it, it might be a cats tail or monkeys tail. Makes a beautiful
horn shape. Same thing, pinch twist it, center, find where it naturally falls, pinch twist
it, roll it along and there we have it. IT's a Viking Warrior hat. All you need is your
sword and you are a real warrior.