Marvelous Melmo (Merumo) - Full Episode 2 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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What's love?
That is when a man likes a woman
and a woman likes a man.
Then, dad is my love, right?
I like dad!
Dad is a man, right?
So he's my love (as in boyfriend).
That's not right.
It doesn't mean that everyone you like is your love.
Because dad is
your father,
and you are his kid.
So you just like him
as a dad. It's fine like that.
Hmm... Then,
Since I really like my brother,
he's my love!
Since we are both kids, it's fine, right?
That's not right, either.
Kids aren't called
lovers no matter how much they like each other.
But I saw it on TV show.
At school,
kids in the same class,
became a boyfriend and a girlfriend.
That is...
They were bigger people, right?
No, that's not true.
I'm in trouble.
I'd like to tell you a good story.
It's a story of Mr. Elephant.
Listen carefully.
did you know that elephants
also live in cold northern area,
not only in hot area like India?
Yeah, billions and billion years ago,
Mammoth in that era
were fine to live with snow and ice.
So it's not weird for an elephant to live in a snowland.
Look, this elephant as well.
The name of this elephant
is "Burako".
If Burako were a human,
she would be about 15 years old.
This is the period in which she is interested in opposite sex.
Don't you want to know
why Burako is living in
such snowland?
It's amazing!
Let's go!
Mr. Giraffe!
Mr. Giraffe!
Wake up!
Wake up!
He's yawning!
He's sleeping again!
Gorilla! Stop watching TV and look here!
Stop sleeping and show something!
Hippo! Hippo!
What a bad...
You used that candy to that hippo, right?
It's a secret.
It's big.
There isn't an elephant.
Where is an elephant?
Excuse me, sir!
Where is an elephant?
Speaking of elephant...
Burako was born in this zoo.
I still remember that well until now.
As soon as Burako was born,
she was gravely ill.
With such illness,
she was to die soon.
Even a good doctor
couldn't help her.
But a friend of mine called Zenzou
really liked that baby elephant,
so he took her and kept her in his place.
From then, Zenzou's
all-night nursing began.
Burako, too, considered Zenzou to be her real father.
Zenzou worked hard to help
Burako walk, who couldn't even walk back then.
Then, it became possible for Burako to walk.
Now she could healthily run around
in that snowy town.
She was a healthy elephant now.
the last letter from Zenzou
said that Burako isn't well again.
Let's go!
But even if you want to go,
the place where Burako is
a far away place where you have to take a train.
It's not easy for a kid to go.
Even if it's not easy for a kid, it's okay for an adult, right?
Then, it's fine!
It's right over there.
Excuse me!
You really aren't well.
It's a group of elephants.
Is this a picture of Africa?
Good afternoon, I came here to take care of Burako.
That is...
Burako isn't very well.
She's feeling lonely.
She's going through a puberty.
I was thinking that I should send her back to her school.
Sir, what is puberty?
How come it makes one to want to love?
Humans also go through puberty.
It's a borderline between a kid and an adult.
A baby becomes a kid,
then a kid becomes a teenager,
then becomes an adult.
From then, he/she keeps getting older.
Whether it's an animal or a plant,
such process is the same.
A thing called puberty is
takes place when a person is around the age of middle school student.
When one is a kid, kids all look almost the same
whether a boy or a girl,
when the puberty comes,
a boy gets taller and his shoulders widen.
His body becomes like an adult.
Also, his voice changes and he gets Adam's apple.
And as for a girl,
she starts getting round body
and becomes pretty,
and her breast starts getting bigger.
there is a feeling
that a boy wants to be
with a girl alone and a girl with a boy.
Do they get to love?
it's still only about liking each other.
However, it's not a shameful thing.
It's a sure thing for a person of that age.
Burako also wants a friend of her age.
That's why she's feeling lonely.
Even if the world changes, Burako is an elephant.
She wants an elephant boyfriend.
She wants to go back to Africa, but...
To Africa?
Even if I were to take her back, it costs a lot of money, and she's too big.
Then, Mister,
I'll take Burako back to Africa.
Little girl,
Africa is a place far, far away.
Also, Burako is too big to carry.
You have to keep this a secret.
I'm going to turn Burako into a kid now.
How did you?
Burako is a kid again!
Don't be surprised.
It's this candy's power.
Now, let's eat one more.
This is the elephant egg.
An elephant becomes an egg?
Did you use a spell or something?
This is called Miracle Candy.
It makes you older or younger by 10 years.
Now, you will be like that until we get to Africa.
Stay in this bottle.
With this, we can take Burako back to Africa
and make her bigger there.
That is true, but...
Hold on!
I don't understand what is happening!
When we arrive in Africa,
I'll send a picture of healthy Burako.
Take care of Burako!
Don't worry!
It's like a dream...
Be careful, Burako.
What are you doing here?
This is the line for people who are applying for a flight attendant test.
It has nothing to do with a kid.
I'm taking the test as well.
Are you?
My gosh!
I forgot about turning into an adult!
Passed! Passed!
Just hold on for a while.
You've waited long.
Man, it was so close.
It was so close.
So close
Hey Miss!
Come here!
Bring me some drink!
Like this!
Thank you!
Stop it!
Don't drink this!
What are you doing?
No way!
It's not my fault!
You just drank an elephant, sir.
An elephant?
That's my bottle.
Yours is here.
What's wrong?
Hold yourself together!
Take me to the place where there are many elephants.
Thank goodness.
What are you looking for?
Ah, you are hesitating because you are without a courage.
there are tons of friends!
Go ahead and join them!
There's no snow
in this place.
Stop it!
What are you guys!
What's so funny about making fun of your friend?
That's right!
I brought Burako all the way here on purpose!
Why are you being so mean?
You guys are the worst elephants ever.
Do you understand?
I'm going to take Burako back.
I'm sorry, Burako.
We went all the way back to Africa, but...
Such situation...
Let's go back to that uncle in Tohoku.
I'm really sorry.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the number one of our circus,
the elephant has got a lover!
And in this place now,
I, the director of this show,
would like to congratulate that!
The bride is the Tohoku beauty which grew up in snow,
Elephant Burako!
The two of them met yesterday coincidentally,
and fell in love at first sight.
Do you
swear of an eternal love?
Be happy!
Live a happy life!
Come visit my place some time!
I'll be waiting!