Семнадцать мгновений весны (Серия 02)

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Part 2.
After receiving such an order from his spy Center in Moscow,
Shtirlitz couldn't even imagine how to accomplish that.
6 days ago Stalin has read the reports of Russian intelligence
and then he called in the chief of the intelligence and said:
- Developments of any agreements or contacts of German fascists with
the Western intelligence must be considered by you as priority #1.
- Do you understand that? - I do understand that, comrade Stalin.
- Naturally, you must realize that
by the kingpins of these possible separate negotiations,
most likely, will be by the closest Hitler's friends or party leaders,
who have authority within the Nazi party and the government,
and over the German people who they have deceived.
-They, his closest Nazi party comrades,
must become the object of your closest observation.
It is indisputable that the closest comrades of the German tyrant,
in the face of the defeat, will try to betray him
in order to save their own lives.
Shtirlitz could not and did not know about any of that.
But, being an experienced intelligence officer and a smart spy, he realized,
that such an order of the Center is caused by some serious information.
The order that he received today from the Russian Spy Center, probably,
was received by other spy agents too, and not just by him alone.
He knew, that, whatever separate secret negotiations would begin,
they could not change the motion of events and relations,
prevailing as a result of this war.
Forces, courage, finally the victory itself were fully
on the side of his homeland.
But the order is received and Shtirlitz
distinctly understood its entire complexity.
At this time he couldn't even visualize as how to approach it.
He only knew that in order to carry out this task,
he'll have to get access to the top levels of the Reich.
Goering, Goebbels, Bormann, Himmler.
If such negotiations began,
they must have been initiated by someone of those four.
Whom from?
In his analysis of the situation, he must apply all his
experience that he has gained for all these years.
And he must consider all "cons" and "pros".
And he may not have room for a mistake in his analysis.
So, who could that be?
So, who could that be?
February 15, 1945 08:12 = 8:12 AM
Hello, how are you?
Perfect condition!
How many days you haven't eaten?
Three days. I understand everything. Work is work.
Now listen carefully to this.
You should concentrate your attention on the
involvement of the pastor in the Pacifist movement.
Whom he visited in Switzerland and what for, for example.
There lives a traitor Krauze, who once was a minister in our government.
The main thing that interests me is his attitude for you as a Communist.
Only you as a Communist.
That interests me the most.
Shtandartenfurer, the column of the prisoners is approaching.
There are some unexpected changes. The pastor isn't home.
He is inside his church. He is in his Kirche.
What is he doing in there? Doesn't he know that he's forbidden to serve any more.
-He is playing on the church organ. -The church organ?
-He is playing the organ in the church? -Is there a basement in there?
-It seems, there must be one. -Klaus, you do know, where his church is?
-I do understood everything right away with out explanations.
-Let's go then. It's the action time.
Help me please.
To the basement. Quick! To the basement.
Let's go back to Berlin.
Drive faster please
The line of life of yours on your hand is long, it is clearly
pronounced and promises a complete prosperity soon.
A Complete prosperity is coming soon.
It is important to hope that it will be even better
and brighter further on in life soon.
-Would you like some beer? -No, thank you.
-Hello, how are you, Mr. Bolzen.
-Good day to you, Frau Zaurich.
Would you please sit with me?
Mr. Bolzen, I have an idea.
OK. I am listening.
If anyone asks for me, please say that I am playing chess.
Gabi, if anyone asks for me, would you please tell them
that I am playing chess.
Mr. Bolzen, it is probable that today at last, I will beat you in chess.
Last time you did have the same assurance.
The last time I clearly was not in my best shape.
Even Gabi did talk about that.
And where is she now, by the way?
She is sitting, as always, quietly like a little mouse in the corner.
She is typing her articles.
It is so cold in our building.
You know, it seems to me that now it is equally cold,
no matter if it is winter or summer.
And it is especially cold in the room, which is occupied by Frau Nabel.
This room is a corner room in the building.
This was the room of my oldest son.
-Frau Nabel, the restaurant owner requested that you to re-type menu.
-Sure. I will re-type it a bit later. -The owner requested you to re-type it now.
Very well. I will re-type it right away.
Did Frau Nabel know your son when he was still alive?
No, she didn't have a chance. What are you talking about?
Gabi did not know him at all.
I will begin my play now.
We met for the first time, after her house
was completely bombed down.
What is this, a check mate?
No, this will not do at all. Let us play it again.
I will play chess the Karakan style. You just please do not interfere with me.
-What chess style will you use today? -The Karakan style.
A very good chess move of yours.
A veterans of Hitler party, the Reichsmarshal.
Future possible successor of the Fuhrer.
Married twice. Has two children of the second marriage.
Education- high school only.
-" Kill, kill, kill! You do not worry about the any consequences.
You just know, that for all of you I will answer alone".
Herman Goering.
In 1942 the Russian Army shattered the myth about
the invincibility of the German military aviation.
And when 800 allied planes, after breaking through air defense of Luftwaffe,
destroyed and burnt Kiel, Hitler publicly shouted at Goering for that:
You were promising that no enemy bomb will ever fall on to the Reich.
You promised this to the nation! You assured the Nazi party about that!
The job of a leader is in the precise correlation of the promises and their fulfillments.
And you deceived this nation.
Goering was considered the heroic pilot of the World War One.
After the famous Munich beer putsch
He ran to Italy and returned home only after amnesty.
Hitler advanced Goering into the Reichstag, the German parliament.
It was necessary to conquer trust of the common people.
But he felt more confident among the other fascists and the financial magnates,
who were supporting Hitler financially.
After the victory of Nazis in the election, He became the Reichsmarshal of aviation.
Then he became the Reichspresident of Reichstag, the German parliament.
Then the Reichspresident of Prussia.
Then the Reichsministr of aviation,
Then in charge of the 4-year economical program,
then the chief forest trooper of Germany.
In 1935 some Nazi party members started openly talking that
Our Goering ceased to be our good old buddy, Goering.
He no longer respects comrades of the Nazi party.
He makes them wait in long lines for a chance to talk to him.
He surrounded himself with too much luxury.
He ceased socializing with the common people.
In the beginning they were talking about that in a half voice,
but after Goering built for himself a huge castle Karenkhalle,
the leader of the Working Front, Mr. Lein, complained to Fuhrer:
"The manner of Goering’s behavior, he said, decomposes the nation".
Goebbels added to that: "Luxury has changed him, my Fuhrer,
we must help our good old Herman.
And Hitler rushed to Karenkhalle personally to talk.
-"Leave him alone!" -ordered Hitler, after having a talk with Goering.
-"Herman himself knows the best way to be presented to western diplomats".
-"Let the Karenhalle castle be considered as the people property."
-"We will officially acknowledge that Goering only lives here as a resident."
Not far from Karenkhalle was created a concentration death camp,
Where with the sanction of Goering were conducted experiments
on the old people and the children.
-This is required by the nation! said Goering, after visiting the death camp.
From Karenkhalle Hering sent an order to destroy Guernica.
From there he ordered to bomb Barcelona,
Warsaw, Moscow,
Krakow, Leningrad.
To here he returned after Hitler, for the first time, subjected him
to a humiliating criticism in 1942, after the raids of allied aviation.
Since then he began staying away from the political activity.
He broke away from old friends, rarely appeared at the Nazi party rallies,
although as before for everybody in the Reich he remained the successor of the Fuhrer,
and his closest party comrade and the Nazi # 2.
Himmler once said to Schulenburg:
-That is it! Done! Goering is finished.
Hitler will never forgive him the bombings of Germany.
So, Shtirlitz rejected Goering because, the Reichsmarshal Goering
lost that real authority, which he possessed in the beginning of the war,
and, secondly, because under a secret order from Hitler
he was under a constant surveillance by the secret service of Himmler.
-"No, - thought Shtirlitz, -in my fight I may not bet on Goering".
-He is the Colossus on legs of clay.
Who else agreed to your defeatist thoughts?
Who from your colleagues, subordinated, assistants, who else?!
Who else?!
All right. I will make you talk, swine. - Continue with the tortures.
February 15, 1945, 18:38 = 6:38PM
Top Secret. Personal file of Muller Genrich
Grupenfuhrer SS, Manager of the 4th Dept RSHA
Secret police - GESTAPO
True Aryan. Personality of a true Nordic type. Patient.
Friendly and honest with friends and co-workers.
Merciless to the enemies of the Reich. Great leader and manager.
Married. Incriminating relations never had.
I do not want to wake in you the malicious chimera of suspiciousness
with respect to the comrades of the Nazi party,
but facts speak about the following:
Shtirlitz, indirectly, but nevertheless is somehow responsible
for the failure of the operation in Krakow.
He was there, when the city as a result of the strange
confluence of circumstances remained unharmed,
although it had to be blown up into the air.
He was occupied by a missing FAU rocket (V-2).
The FAU rocket (V-2) has disappeared,
I pray to God that it sank in the swamps of Vistula and Vislagi.
He still is working with issues related to the weapons of the Retribution.
Although there are no explicit failures,
but also no successes at all. None!
We observe no perceptible victories either.
I would be very happy, Muller,
if you right now, without any waiting, before we get his files delivered to us,
could refute my suspicions. I do sympathize with Shtirlitz.
I would be very happy to obtain documented refutations of
my suddenly appeared suspicions.
- I have never had any alarming reports about or against him.
No one can be spared from the errors or failures
especially in our business.
Well, or do you think that I may be mistaken?
No, of course not, boss. Why would you even think that?
The suspicions naturally must be analyzed from all possible sides,
otherwise why would be needed my department?
And we all could be called as lazybones
who deviate from the military service at the front.
Do you have any more evidences or facts on him?
Well, what else shell I tell you.
I don't even know how to tell you this.
-Several days ago, I started secretly recording on the tape
his conversations with my people.
I unconditionally trust those people. They openly tell him and each other
about the tragedy of current position,
bluntness of some governmental officials, the cretinism of Ribbentrop,
about the stupidity of Goering
and about that terrible, which awaits us, if Russians break into Berlin.
And Shtirlitz answers: "Nonsense, everything is good,
the situation is developing normally".
The love for the home land and devotion to the Fuhrer
do not consist just in blindly lying to your friends.
Then I did ask myself: What if he is just a fool, a moron, like others?
We do have many dullards, who thoughtlessly repeat
the Goebbels's abracadabra. -No, he is not a fool at all.
But then why is he insincere?
Either he doesn't trust anyone or he fears something,
or he is up to something and wants to be crystal clear.
And what is he up to then?
All his operations must have an output abroad to the neutral countries.
And I asked myself: will he ever return from there?
Well, if he returns, could he then get connected there with
the oppositionists in those neutral countries?
And I could not answer to myself accurately.
Neither in the positive or in the negative aspect of it.
Will you take a look at his dossier yourself first
or immediately shell I take care of it?
You take a look at it first. I now must go to the Fuhrer.
What's wrong with you? Were you drinking a lot lately?
I didn't drink anything at all.
-And why then your eyes are so red? -I did not sleep all last night.
There was much work on Prague.
Our agents there uncovered access to the underground resistance groups.
It will be quite interesting there within the next few weeks.
Kruger will provide you with the necessary support there.
He's an outstanding officer, although he doesn't have enough fantasy in his work.
Have a shot of cognac, this should wake you up.
Thanks, but cognac, on the contrary, makes me fall asleep even more.
I do love vodka instead.
Well, not from this cognac. So, prozit! To your health!
This house is actually a secret spy meeting place.
Some time ago it was bought through some fake names.
And then some totally unknown bogus Mr. Bolzen,
an engineer of some unknown chemical company,
legally obtained the rights of that beautiful villa.
Then he hired a watchman for the high pay and good ration.
The unknown Mr. Bolzen was Shtandartenfurer SS Otto Shtirlitz.
Today he arrived here in order to meet his agent "Klaus".
A veterans of Hitler's party, Reichsminister of propaganda,
obergruppenfurer SS, a Gauleiter, the Mayer of Berlin ,
the creator of the new morals of the third Reich.
Married, has six children. Education - college. PhD.
-"You must be rough and merciless, when deciding fates of those,
against whom we war and whom we doom to the total extermination!
-In your hearts should be no pity or mercy to a Slav, a Jew, a Frenchman!
Remember that you are the future masters of world!" Goebbels.
He was the leader of the Berlin organization of Nazi Party and
Goebbels was known in the Reich as a speaker, the strategist of political fight,
he initiated Thomas Mann's expatriation from Germany,
He expatriated Albert Einstein, Berthold Brecht, Anna Zegers and others.
Per his order was killed remarkable publicist von Asetskiy.
He ordered the executions of the German journalists, who were Communists or socialists.
"Furious Nazi"- that's how was nick-named Goebbels in the Nazi party.
However, the department of Reichsfuhrer Himmler in its
secret reports was calling Reichsminister Goebbels differently.
He was passing under the coded name "Babelsberg's bull-calf".
Several times the Gestapo agents noticed him in
the boudoirs of actresses in Babelsberg during the night orgies.
But the real scandal broke out, when it became known about the Goebbels'
romance with Czech actress Lidoy Baarve.
Goebbels was called to the Nazi party main office, where during 4 hours
he was forced to give humiliating explanations about his love
affair with the inferior Slavic woman.
Soon after those event, that almost coasted Goebbels his career,
Shtirlitz saw the Reichsminister Goebbels at a book fair.
He remembered Goebbels's hands.
He remembered, with what great care Goebbels took the book of his own Goebbels's speeches.
The same very day per Goebbels's order, at night they burnt the books of Marx, Engels,
Hegel, Kant, Heine, Thomas Mann, Tolstoy,
Rolan, Gorky, Brecht, Zegers and many others.
He continued to expiate his sins before the new morals of the third Reich.
Myself and all of us, will prove to the Fuhrer our faithfulness, and
a readiness to die for him without a hesitation.
Hitler forgave him only on the day of the attempt on his life, when Goebbels, 316 00:38:45,240 --> 00:38:49,240 who was the only one remaining in Berlin among the Hitler's bigwigs,
who isolated the rebellious Army Generals and later has participated in their shooting.
Per his orders there were carried out mass arrests in Berlin.
During those days, people were executed by hundreds, without any investigations.
The Fuhrer awarded Goebbels and appointed him as Mayer of Berlin.
And then he started sending him to the most threatening sector of the front,
where the defense was held by the Volksshturm boys from Hitlerjugend.
And finally, in January of 1945, the Fuhrer visited Goebbels on his birthday.
On that day Goebbels said to the wife:
-With the Fuhrer I will rise from the ashes and I will perish
with the Fuhrer as well. The third option is not given.
Goebbels was diverted by Shtirlitz as a candidature for
the negotiations with the West,
firstly, because he was compromised and removed by Hitler
from the real political authority,
and such fact is never forgotten by either enemies or friends, 332 00:40:04,400 --> 00:40:07,400 Secondly, he did not have a connection with the army and the secret police,
and no one will ever be at the negotiating table with a statesman,
who is not supported by the real political and military powers,
And finally, he is fanatically devoted to Hitler.
London was transmitting some fun music. Orchestra of Glenn Miller
An American musician was playing "serenade of moon valley".
Himmler loved the movie, and, secretly, the movie was bought in Sweden.
Since then the movie was frequently watched in the basements of the Imperial Security.
Especially during the night air bombings,
when it was not possible to torture prisoners.
So, Goering and Goebbels are excluded.
Bormann or Himmler? But who could it be?
I am listening to you, Mr. Bolzen.
Today you may go back to the city and stay with your children over night.
You will return tomorrow in the morning by 6:00 AM, and you will brew me coffee.
The strongest one that you can make.
Shtirlitz was awaiting his agent. He was called Klaus.
He was recruited 2 years ago. He himself wanted to be recruited.
a former printing corrector wanted sharp sensations.
He worked artfully, disarming a victim by his sincerity and
the sharpness of his judgments.
He was allowed to talk about anything, as long as work
results were successful and rapid.
February 18, 1945 22:34 = 10:34 PM
-Well, here I beg to differ with you.
You are with such a conviction trying to assure me, that a man descend from monkey,
as if you saw that monkey yourself and it even whispered directly into your ear.
Well, perhaps God did whisper you in the ear, that He did create a man?
Existence of God is indemonstrable, it is possible only to believe in Him.
Here you believe in the monkey, and I believe in God.
- I believe not in the monkey, but in the man. -...which descended from a monkey.
What is that sound? Did he give food in there?
And where are you from...
You believe in the monkey in the man, and in God, who exists in each human being.
In each one? But where is God in Fuhrer? But where is He in Himmler?
Wow, you see how I hooked him! I am really good!
So why aren't you answering my question?
Where is God in the Fuhrer? Where is He in Himmler?
-That's a difficult question. -You had bad people in your jail cell, pastor.
But we have striking discussions in our jail cell.
I obtained my political education in prison. Word of honor, really, I swear.
And in our cell there were no easy topics discussed.
In my cell there were criminals and thieves, they just
don't care about politics or talking about it.
-I do see that you would love to have a political discussion?
-Well, I don't know how to tell you this.
Thank you for the food.
-Do you like it? -It is good.
And what was that?
And what is this now?
Those are the children of church organist. They are twins.
He teaches them music in there.
Well, it is not really allowed, but I did permit that to them.
One of them is faking. That must be Ludwig, he is younger than the other.
It is so wonderful.
It is so wonderful!
But nevertheless what about my question?
We indeed speak about nature of a human kind.
Of course even in each of these horrible people, like Hitler and Himmler,
it is possible to find the tracks of the fallen angel.
Their entire nature is so subordinated to the laws of cruelty, violence, lie,
that in fact all remains of humanity in them were removed.
And still, pastor, you deviate from precise answers.
That habit and skills to deviate from precise answers
repelled me from the church long time ago.
But still after you escaped from the death camp, you came to the church. Didn't you?
That is true.
And nevertheless I feel that I am right anyway.
Because if I was a son of God, why would I want to escape from the death camp?
I would simply die there, in the death camp, substituting another cheek.
What does this mean "substituting another cheek"?
You are projecting the biblical parable on to the real machine of the Nazi state.
Please try to think. The parable against the conscience of human and the Nazism?
A political machinery, which in its principle is deprived of conscience.
With the stone on the road or with the wall, against which you did hit hard,
you will not associate as with a being similar to yourself?
Great! You should go to Rome as a religious speaker. But
even in this case, I would catch you by the hand.
This means that revealing low and terrible in the man is possible?
Unconditionally. But this is not innate, but it is introduced.
OK now. Before my arrest I was working as a journalist.
And my writings were forbidden by the Nazis and the church at the same exact time.
Obviously, you erroneously were explaining a man,
-too realistic and too severe, I think. -I did not try to explain a man.
I showed the world of thieves and prostitutes. The Hitler people
considered this slander about the their highest race, and the church to the man.
-I do not fear truth. -Yes, you do. If not you personally, then your associates.
I showed those fallen, which were asking for help from the church.
The church repulsed them, because it didn't want to accept those fallen ones in the temple of God.
-A prist never goes against the rules of the church. -A prist can't go against the rules of his church.
But a pastor also should not blindly follow the rules of the church.
Indeed! But I condemn you not for the truth.
I disperse from you in the forecast to the future of man.
You in your reasoning sound more than a pastor, but a politician.
You see a politician in me, because you see a politician in every one.
It is like seeing in the mechanical calculator only an object for nailing nails.
You get so agitated, when you argue with me.
There is no need for that. You are with a friend now.
Oh no. I get agitated not because of the dispute.
I want to re-establish a connection with my underground comrades.
-I don't quite know if... -If what? Go ahead, finish your saying.
Well, I did save you, didn't I? And I will help you to find your comrades.
But you are still too weak yet.
You are not yet fully ready to continue your fight.
In your current physical condition you may not go any where.
You must get better first.
The pastor does not smoke? Right?
You are right. I suffered without the tobacco there.
The old man is a big talker, and I just suffered without smoking.
And how did you find out that?
Once you don't smoke, you begin to cough a little bit.
-Have you ever noticed that? -No, I never have noticed that yet.
So, are you convinced that the old man will fix you up with your comrades?
Yes, he will do for me everything and anything now.
The fact that he concealed in his house a fugitive from the concentration death camp,
already speaks about his relation to the regime.
You know, most of all I love to work with intelligent priests.
It is striking to see how a man digs his own grave by talking like that.
Sometimes I just want to shout to each of them: stop, you are a fool.
Do you have fish canned foods? I just love canned fish.
My nerve cells after this require more phosphoresces.
I will get you good fish canned foods. What exactly do you want?
-I love them in oil. -Whose production, domestic or foreign?
It might be unpatriotic, but I prefer food products,
that were made in America or France.
I will get you a case of authentic French sardines.
They are in olive oil, spicy with lots of phosphorus in them.
I looked through your dossier yesterday.
I would pay a lot in order to glance at it at least with one eye.
It is not as interesting as you may think.
It is a true art of deception when you laugh, talk, complain about your liver.
That is impressive, considering that you just conducted a puzzling operation.
But your dossier is simply boring. Lots of reports. Everything is mixed up.
Your denunciations, denunciations against you. No, this is uninteresting.
Amusing is another thing.
I calculated, that per your reports, because of your initiatives,
were arrested 97 people.
And they all kept silent about you. Everyone, without an exception.
In the Gestapo those people were sufficiently, dashingly processed.
And why are you telling about this now?
I do not know. I am attempting to analyze something, if you will.
Did you ever feel any pain, when the people, which gave a shelter,
were then taken away to a jail just to be killed there?
I couldn't really tell.
Probably, I felt myself stronger. It's like fighting them one on one in the combat.
I was just doing my job, and what was with those people later? I simply never cared.
-And what will be then with all of us? -That is also very correct.
No one cares what's after us. That's true. And after all, the people are coward,
baseness, greediness, denunciations is simply in each one of us.
One cannot be free among the slaves.
So it is better then to be the freest slave among the other slaves?
In those years I was allowed a complete spiritual freedom.
-Who came yesterday to pastor? -No one. - In the evening? No one!
-Not true. What about at nine o'clock? -No one, you must be mistaken.
-No one from you in any case. I was there completely alone.
-And you did watch his house, didn't you? -Certainly.
Yesterday no one came.
But the day before yesterday his sister came. He loves her so much.
He recognizes the sound of her steps.
-He has a sister? -Yes, a sister and even two nephews.
So, you are convinced that the old man will do work for you?
As you know, I never do my work without a good result.
The old man will certainly be helping me.
I do sense in me the God's gift of an oppositionist and a leader.
I suppress people by my pressure. By the logic of my thinking.
That pastor is very dangerous person.
You do think so. But why?
Someone made a big mistake by letting him free.
Very possible. Very possible.
You did a great job, Klaus. Only do not brag about it excessively.
Now let's talk about the business.
Next several days you will stay at one of our secret apartments.
And after that for you there is a prospect of serious work again.
And that time it will not be in my department.
Now take the sheet of paper and write the following.
"Shtandartenfurer, I am just mortally tired.
My physical strengths are nearly all gone.
I honestly worked for you, but can't do that any longer.
I need some little rest right now.
-And what is this for?
I do think, you will benefit from one week trip to Innsbruck, Austria.
There's a casino there and young female skiers are still rolling down from the mountains.
Without this official letter, I can't get you that one week of happiness.
Otherwise I will be accused of the liberalism to my favorite agents.
-Thank you. I do have enough money already. -Some extra money will not hurt.
-That's right. That will not hurt. They say, influenza treatment costs a lot now days.
Now try to recall once again, did any one see you at pastor's?
There is nothing to recall. No one saw me there.
Your letter we will send on the way to your new apartment.
Write a small note to the pastor too. So he will have no suspicions.
You will write it yourself. You know what to write. I will brew more coffee for you.
I am reading my third version. "Honesty implies actions.
"honesty implies actions, faith is based on the fight.
"Therefore I cannot forgive myself for not taking actions.
"Idleness is worse than the treachery.
I am leaving you in order to continue my fight. Klaus."
-Well written, isn't it? Right? -I must say- Yes!
-Did you ever try writing books for real?
-No. If only I'd be gifted in writing, I perhaps would not become...
Continue. You may speak openly with me.
You wanted to say that if you knew how to write, you would never work for us?
Well, something like that.
I think it is precisely what you wanted to say, isn't it?
What is the reason to be insincere with me now?
There is no reason at all.
Finish your cognac and let's go. You need to get to your apartment now.
- Is the new apartment far from here? - In the country, 30 miles from here.
It is quiet there, you will sleep through the night nicely.
Tell me, Klaus, what about the former Minister Krauze abroad?
Did he talk about the former minister Krauze?
Not a single word. I did write about this in my report.
He would immediately lock that in himself, and I could not press on him.
You did the right thing.
-What about Switzerland? Kept silent? - Nothing. He kept silent about it.
All right then. We will try to approach him differently.
The most important is that he did agree to help me.
What a silly guy is that pastor!
What an amazing smell!
I will get books now and will read all day long.
Books help me to get prepared for my work. Do you like reading?
-I just love reading. -Me too.
A good book makes a person clever. It sharpens his thoughts, and,
I would even say, it makes a man even more complex than he is.
Oh, it does smell so wonderful.
All prisoners sentenced to death, who were with me in the same cell,
would always talk to me about their love of nature.
And they were finding for that the most splendid words.
I would even say, the totally striking and beautiful words.
Well, it's so great out here... Shtandartenfuhrer, Oh...
The end of part 2.
Translated by Fooper01. Enjoy.