[Eng / CN Subs] Hello f(x) Ep04 100508 Part 4

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Being with me for a long time, I feel so grateful but sorry at the same time, so I wrote I love you
also wrote forever friends and twin sisters
Luna unnie wrote, we've known each other more than 4 years
In these times I'm greateful that you're so considerate and always took care of unnie
Even after 10 years 100 years or 1000 years our friendship won't change
Until million years it still won't change
Victoria unnie, big umma and my roommate
We're so smiliar, even blood type are the same
she wrote "habit" wrong
Victoria unskilled Korean but makes her more charming
habit and personality is similar so it's good
although we had little arguements
which makes us more closer, our friendship is different from other people
no matter how close there are still times where we don't fit, right?
But you're always beside me like a mother
Thank you
I'll start from Amber unnie
(Amber who is feeling embarrassed) Seem like something's going to explode
How should I read this? It's written separatedly
(Half English half Korean) Half in English and half in Korean, what country language is this?
Seeing Amber's message it's easier to see the separation
No, even I don't understand it
Although I can't freely say out the deepest impression
I always feel grateful
Isn't usually there's 3 which is written?
When there's difficulties I'm here to pray for you, no matter who
If you don't know say there's me, that way things will leave
it sounds so crooked
Our Sulli sslsslssl Sulli
when I'm frustrated you'll be there to help
thank you for always helping me
without saying you'll know what my heart feels, right?
It's really Sulli's style writting, I know
Krystal really put feelings to it, Luna~
our friendship is special right?
Unnie if there's difficulties you have me and when I have difficulties I have unnie
for us who don't have a boyfriend
very, no, when unnie is stuffering
it seem like I can't do anything for you
it's painful and I'm sorry
trust your little sister
I'm really grateful, I love you, that's what was written
(As expected from our Krystal, our friendship is special) As expected from our Krystal, Our friendship is special
Krystal, shy, shy
Next is Victoria unnie
No matter how I read it I feel
Victoria's unnie hand writting are better than mine
after practicing hard it's like this
I always want to say Thank You
If you weren't there what should I do as a leader?
What should I do? What should I do?
You gave me a lot of confident and advise, do you know you're really important?
Since you wrote this I feel like crying, members I love you all
All the members wrote words like I love you, thank you and sorry
honestly I'm the one who really need to say thank you
since I'm the leader but my Korean are very unskilled
but the members are by my side giving me their help, during interview
or variety shows where I can't express what I want to say
the members will help me say it
during that time I'm really touched , always feeling touched, I feel very grateful
Luna's is, we worked very hard, so this time we must success
towards unnie there's a lot of times where I feel grateful and sorry
as the leader there's a lot of responsibilties
even there's difficulties you can't express them out, I love you
espeically when I heard from another member
words like I love you, sorry
(Luna who gave lots of support to leader Victoria) I feel especially touched and want to cry because I'm so touched
Also Amber who wrote in Chinese
Please look
Chinese words that Chinese people can't even understands
Chinese words that Chinese people can't even understands
Unnie you know that I love you right?
Let's work hard together
unnie smile every day, don't be sad, there is always me
actually the unnie don't be sad there's me
It also had similar words to what I wrote to Amber
unnie is by your side, let's work hard together
That's what I wrote, it's actually similar to mine
maybe there's me so it's more sad
Actually because of Amber I have more energy
and doesn't feel that lonely
Thank you
Our Sulli, Ssul
What members wrote is similar to what I wrote
It has been 2 years since I lived with unnie
so it's more convenient
and would think for unnie a lot
I'm so grateful that unnie is always beside me helping me
the long dorm life living I've heard a lot of unnie's nagging
and also tired of it
but now I really thank unnie's nagging
I also want to listen to Victoria's nagging
we now understands each other even only looking at each other eyes
I always feel so grateful
even without saying I know, trust
it's true we've lived together for 2 years
whatever both of us did
it's true that one look we know what each other thinks
like... I know I know
Unnie where are you going?
unnie let's do it together
even without saying we know it
f(x)'s thank you video message
(Sulli's thanks to message) I feel grateful to my brother who is serving the army now
and thanks to my 2nd brother who is seriously learning the guitar
(Sulli's important friend Jiyoung) S: also thanks to Kara's Kang Jiyoung
(No matter what Jiyoung stood by her side) So grateful that she always stood by my side as my friend
Also Super Junior's Heechul sunbae, Heechul oppa
We are HeeLine
(Heechul who always look after Sulli) Thanks for always protecting me
Also SHINee's Key sunbae, Key oppa as well
we are the frivolous siblings, thank you
There's a lot of people to thanks, to those people
thank you for always caring me
I also think they're very important, will always by my side
thank you so much
(Krystal's thanks to message) I also need to thanks my family first
My father, mother also sister, Jessica unnie
Unnie was always by my side and listening to my suffers, thanks for always by my side
also manager oppas who worked hard because of f(x)
[names of the oppas] Thank you so much