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SHEENA: Todrick Hall and Lauren Gottlieb recap Dancing
with the Stars, Lil Mama scrawberries, and Footloose
dances towards the big screen.
You're watching Just Dance for September 22, 2011.
What's up guys, it's me Sheena, and we may be having
some precipitation issues here in New York City today.
But whatever, I still got to bring you the dance news.
What's happening in dance this week?
Dancing with the Stars just dropped its season premiere.
We finally got to see our cast show us what they got, what
they've been waiting for.
I have to say, I wasn't overwhelmed by the talent, but
it's still early.
All of the contestants have a lot of room to grow.
They really need to be hitting up that dance camp.
DanceOn has a new series called FYI, where every week,
new celebrities will be bringing you the highs and
lows of Dancing with the Stars.
This week, it's American Idol and YouTube sensation Todrick
Hall, and also Lauren Gottlieb from So You
Think You Can Dance.
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We all know and love Lil Mama as the fashion-forward judge
on America's Best Dance Crew.
LIL MAMA: You know what, I want to wear a cone.
You know the cones that dogs wear around their head?
And she said, really, a dog cone?
I said, yes.
And she said, I love it.
The crew that has the best chance of winning this round
tonight is The ICONic Boyz.
Hands down.
SHEENA: Well, now Lil Mama is coming out with her own music
video, her new track, "Scrawberry".
The dancing in the video is fierce.
It kind of reminds me of a Fly Girl, throwback '90s video.
It has a really cool vibe.
Well, I thought Lil Mama's lip gloss was popping.
But let's see what MissP thought when she
watched this video.
MISSP: I just got done watching Lil Mama's new video,
"Scrawberry." Not strawberry, but scrawberry, like a scraw.
I don't say straw, I say scraw.
The best part about the video to me was actually the little
girl breaking it down.
I was like--
get it ma, get it.
She was doing better than Lil Mama and the backup dancers.
I really enjoyed the song itself.
And her lyrics were really good.
I was feeling it.
But at the same time, I was like-- dinit, dinit.
She could have broke it down or something.
Lil Mama, Lil Mama, Lil Mama.
SHEENA: Calling all Gleeks--
it's no secret that season three of Glee finally
all went down this week.
Let me know what you thought below.
Were you impressed?
Let's find out, was it worth the wait?
I think it was pretty amazing.
As usual, we expected some amazing singing, dancing, the
start to a whole new season of drama.
I had to say, Blaine's performance of "It's Not
Unusual" was super adorable.
Kurt and Rachel sang "Ding-Dong!
The Witch is Dead." Didn't see that one coming.
And also, the entire cast nailed that rockin' number
from hairspray, "You Can't Stop the Beat."
The biggest surprise of all was to see Lindsay Pearce bust
on to the scene-- the Glee Project contestant--
who just came out and rocked her face off, singing
"Anything You Can Do" and "Anything Goes." Pretty
amazing way to start off the season, Lindsay.
I think I smell a cat fight coming on between her
character and Rachel Berry.
We can always count on the Emmy Awards for a fun night of
TV celebrating TV.
That's exactly what that opening number was, starring
Jane Lynch and some fierce choreography
by Marguerite Derricks.
It was so cool to see Jane running around through the
sets of all those TV shows.
Especially loved the Mad Men part, that was hilarious.
I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed to see
that our two dance shows didn't win Outstanding Reality
Program, but they didn't go away empty handed.
So You Think You Can Dance took away best lighting, and
also, Dancing with the Stars took best hairstyling.
So we were all super stoked to find out who was going to take
home that coveted Best Choreography Emmy.
And in the end, it was a tie between Mia Michaels and
Nappytabs for their So You Think You Can Dance
I mean, I've never seen that happen before.
Are ties common?
Do they do that?
Madonna is on a serious hunt looking for one lucky dancer
to tote around the country with her as
part of her 2012 tour.
Now, dancers from all around the globe have been uploading
audition videos of themselves like crazy to smirnoff.com,
all as part of the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project.
To make this competition more interesting, Madonna's
choreographers themselves, Rich and Tone, held a live
audition here in New York City at Broadway Dance Center.
Hundreds of dancers came out and strutted their stuff, but
only one was selected to move on to the finals, which will
be held November 12 in New York City.
Congratulations to Hurrikane for winning
the spot in the finals--
and can't wait to see what you bring out against the other 10
finalists from around the globe.
The remake of the cult classic dance movie Footloose is about
to drop in less than a month.
I just got my hands on a sneak preview of a full scene of
dancing from the movie.
And you might want to click here to get in the mood.
Kick off your Sunday shoes.
When Minnesota representative, Michele Bachmann arrived at
the California Republican Convention, she was greeted by
a flash mob.
And this was no ordinary flash mob.
The Flash Mobbers are part of the Courage Campaign and
danced it out to Madonna's "Like a Prayer." Who knows?
Maybe the power of Madonna will reach Michele Bachmann's
heart and soften her negative views of homosexuality.
All right, guys.
That is a wrap.
That's all the dance news I got for you.
Love it when it's done raining exactly when I'm finished.
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