[REAL JJ] JJ Project - EP#4 Magazine Episode

Uploaded by JJprojectOfficial on 28.06.2012

Try to drink it, drink it.
What what what’s wrong~
It’s pretty cool to try something I haven’t done.
This will make our relationship closer…
lol so awkward now
Yeah~it’s awkward~
we’re still awkward
we’ll be closer from now on
Their songs are good.
dance is cute
Dance, dance. Isn’t it this one? No?
Yet’s it is. Yes
Also, I saw them practicing really hard.
It made me to look forward to see their debut.
I am glad they had a successful first stage
and that we got to work together for the magazine.
Good luck for your work! Fighting!
Yepp, fighting. JJ fighting!
This is JYP's style ? awkwardness!
It looks good on the screen.
And I make it better lol >_<<< <
What a hottie!
JJ, Project, JJ Project
Do they mean something together?
This is our hand signature.
They are taking photos of JB bro.
Stalking x3.
Wow~looking good oppa.
Oppa you are hot x5
Make a sound!
Do I need to make a sound??!!!
Yes, we’re trying to add some sound in it.
Laughing sound~
How should I do?
Just hahaha~ hahaha~
Man, that really doesn’t make sense!
Seriously! That’s insane!
Hey, come here! Lol lol
Thank you for your nice work. Thank you for your nice work.