Step 1- HackMii - LetterBomb 4.3 - No Game Needed

Uploaded by RVLhacks on 16.08.2011

Today I will show you how to hack 4.3 Wii using the LetterBomb
which does not require any game disc to work
to start we're going to go to the Wii settings
as you can see this
is a 4.3U Wii
Then we are going to go to "Internet" Settings
in there we are going to click on "Console Information"
this is this Wii's MAC address
yours will be different
please be sure to write it down or keep note of it some other way
now we're going to go to the computer
and create the LetterBomb exploit. Now that we have our Wii's MAC address
we can create the LetterBomb exploit for it.
To do this you'll go to ""
and you'll have to select your Wii's System Menu version
for me it is 4.3U
and you'll have to enter in your MAC address
then you are going to want click "Bundle the HackMii installer for me"
so it will be checked
then you have to enter the recaptcha phrase
and you can click cut the red wire or cut the blue wire
they do the same thing
you will then download
now that we have downloaded ""
we'll have to
decompress it
and you will want to extract it
now that it has extracted there are a lot of files that we don't need
we only need
the folder named "private"
and the file named "boot.elf"
we will then take an SD card
and plug it into the computer

and we will copy those two files
over to our SD card
now they are copied over must simply eject it
and go to the Wii
now that we are back to the Wii
we're going to exit Wii
we will now insert the SD card that we prepared into the front SD slot on the
now we will launch the letter bomb exploit
this is done by going into
the Wii message board
and going back about a day
it may be a day or more behind
depending on how you you set your Wii's time zone
and simply click on this red envelope
it is done and the HackMii installer which is what we will use
to install the HomeBrew Channel
you have to wait a while before this loads
press one on your Wii remote to continue
now it will tell you if you can install the HomeBrew channel
you wanna click "Install The Homebrew Channel" here
and press "A"
you have to navigate with the D-Pad on your Wii remote
I already have the Homebrew Channel installed on this Wii
so I will not install it again
then we will go down to BootMii
and install that
if possible install BootMii as "boot2"
that is the best option
but that is not available on newer Wiis
also install BootMii as an IOS
and you want to prepare an SD card
I already have BootMii installed as both boot2 and as an IOS
so I will not do it again
so I'll just prepare an SD card
and hit yes
now I'll return to the main menu
and exit the HackMii installer
you now have the Homebrew Channel installed and can continue softmodding your Wii
follow the Step 2 video "Multi Mod Manager" to continue
before continuing on to step two
make sure you have
the HackPack
that I compiled
already downloaded
they can be found in the description of any YouTube video 0:06:27.400,0:06:28.410 we'er just gonna download it now.