Дай =} [Mine]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Sep 20, 2011

Avast ye landlubbers! I’m capt’n Stas Davidov, anchor in me arse!
Oh yeah, Talk Like a Pirate day was yesterday... [hope you had a good one, yarr!]
Too late-too late-too late-too late
Let’s watch a vid of a guy awesomely riding a motorbike in his house!
[!!!Do not try this at home!!!]
It's fake! [FAKE!]
[and this is the Cap!] People can’t be this big!
[sudden godzilla]
Gawd, [duct tape] why [WHY?] is our brain so easy to fool? [-t-o--f-*-c-k-]
Of course, everyone can immediately [immediately] spot that the bike is fake and we’re being fooled
But only on the second time
Indeed, notice right away!
What a shame
I was hoping that he’d bring half the house down [or up %)] or at least break his leg
He didn’t break anything on purpose! [Stay safe - be a badass!]
What a talent! Shot only one vid but had sex with 900,000 brains [916,924 views]
High-level troll
Ultra-thin, like a sanitary pad
No, really, when the camera got up my brain got completely wasted
[Stas's brain] I feel raped
[The way it is :(]
And this is Horosho!
And now, a vid where it seems as if nothing’s happening
[nothing indeed]
I can almost hear him crying deep inside
Master, you’re a good dog trainer but it’s unlikely that you’ll die of a natural cause
Try getting in that dog’s shoes!
But maybe the dog has african ancestors
I want a dog like this
Imagine you don’t have a laptop table
I bet this dog can drive
Unlike women [sexist mode]
And argument his opinion
Unlike women [sexist mode]
Cats have nuthin on this one!
And if you REALLY need it, you can go awww on this dog as well!
BTW, master kicked it up a notch
[a notch]
I wonder what’s his next level-up!
["Master, i’ll get the money, please don’t!"]
By the way, let me give you a master course of shooting a vid with the cell phone. [shooting a vid with the phone]
One simple tip
[okay :( ]
And this is Horosho!
Third vid was sent by NevvyGreench
Seagulls again
But this time they’re being trolled not by an escalator, [still getting trolled though] but by people
Good job gals! You proved to the world that you’re smarter than seagulls. [achievement unlocked]
Something to be proud of! [and tell your grandchildren]
Laugh-laugh, seagulls prolly had their revenge on the hood later [white vengeance)))]
But it said in the description that no one shat on the car
Where’s the justice! [WHERE?]
Have your fun till the birds break your window and gouge your eyeballs out
There are many kind of birds, you know
But i don’t think that seagulls thought of anything more than
Just like any girl window-shopping during the sale
Know what? This one has smth to it! [seagulls, for instance]
Maybe even better than pulling a condom on pigeon’s head [Some hobby, dude %)]
Guess i’ll try it out sometime
All that’s left it to buy a car [details-details]
Gotta love the boss-seagull, that fences out all the others
Get out, i’m the food-boss! [Food Baws!]
Remember kids, don’t troll a rhyno like that!
And this is Horosho!
And the question was sent by mrLogan00001
What will you do when a maniac comes out of the bushes?
Ok guys, now tell me what will you in this everyday situation when a maniac comes out of the bushes? [What will you do when a maniac comes out of the bushes?]
Leave your answers here on Youtube
That’s all folks, I’m Stas Davidov, subscribe, thumb up, send your vids right here to the “На Обзор” section [thisishorosho.ru]
So, how long must she wait?
I can wait for you as long as my favorite ketchup flows
Just a bit longer, rhyno has you second on the list
No hot water from September to April
WHAT A GIRL!!!... ill go grab smth to eat
Yarr ye landlu....