Girl + Social Media = POWER! "Miss Nobody" (English voice + English subtitles)

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She died this morning.
Hello. Welcome to our country!
I hope you had a good journey?
I trust my assistant escorted you to your hotel.
You know your financial support will save countless lives.
Listen, get some rest,
and I will send a driver to collect you for our meeting in the morning.
Once again: Welcome!
Waiter! Whiskey and ice. Go!
Yes, Sir. Right away, Sir.
My mother died because we ran out of money for her treatment and care.
The difference between what they announce about affordable AIDS health care and treatment
and the reality that we went through is like night and day.
I'm going to find out what's going on, and I'm going to tell the world.
Like they say: 'Sunlight is the best disinfectant.'
I'll be there in the next few minutes.
The main roads are jammed, but I've taken a shortcut. OK?
Move it, damn it!! Who the hell do you think you are?!
You are nobody! You are nothing! You don't matter!
You are nobody.
OK. Hello, my dear friend, Google. I'm counting on you, now.
Show me where I can read about how AIDS money is spent around here.
You know, like official documents, reported budgets, expenditures…
No. Dead end. OK. Let's try….
Yes! Yes!
Oh, Google. You're such a wonderful friend!
Quick-witted and responsive to my every desire.
OK, umm, 'corruption' … 'AIDS' … in this country of mine.
Incredible! It looks like my family isn't the only one to have gone through what I did.
There's been talk for years about this guy
who makes his fortune by eating AIDS money like a famished crocodile
and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. He's still here!
It looks like he bought influence where it really counts.
He's going to find out that things have changed now.
I've got influence, too.
I know you don't like the snow, Sweetheart.
I know, but never forget:
You're getting the most prestigious university degree money can buy.
Nothing but the best for my little girl! OK?
Transparency. Activism. Youth empowerment.
Social media. Investigative … video … journalists.
Citizen Journalists for Justice. Right here in the neighborhood!
Open daily from …
So, that's what happened. Could you please do something about this? Please?
Well, what do you think?
But … why?
If you want us to do this FOR you, I'm sorry, the answer is no.
But if you want us to do it TOGETHER, then we're good to go.
But … I've … I've never done …
You can count on our support. Let's roll.
Fran, Steve! You two make a plan of interviewing AIDS clinics in the area.
Find people who have been through what Juliette has.
Listen up, please! We MUST emphasize that not everybody is corrupt around here.
There are excellent organizations doing honest work, yet they lack the funding they need. Why?
This is because they refuse to play the corruption game
and major funders often don't do the hard work that is necessary
to identify and support local groups of dedication and integrity.
You're going to sign here ... and here.
I want to assure you we'll use the money well.
Thank you.
… and that's what happened.
I believe my mother died because the resources destined for AIDS treatment were misappropriated.
Are you saying that you suspect corruption?
We're going to get to the bottom of this. I'm Gregory Nduko of Citizen Journalists for Justice.
By all accounts, this HIV and AIDS support center does good, honest work,
but they lack the funds required to help everyone that comes to them for assistance.
We appeal to the donor community to give them a close look.
How was that?
That was good.
Yeah? Thank you. ... Let me see.
Sir, we've got some information about him. Should we post it?
Oh, OK, good. Remember, don't post anything at all until you've confirmed and reconfirmed the facts.
We cannot and will not spread rumors about people. Only the facts! OK.
This is definitely it. There he is! Here he comes!
Excuse me, Sir. I'd like to ask you about your management of HIV/AIDS funds.
Leave me alone, you little rats.
Did you get that?
Yes, I did.
100,000 views on your interview video, Juliette!
I know. Comments are coming in fast and furious, Greg.
Leave me alone…
Some are in German. Anybody speak German?
And then, you know what? Three radio stations want me in studio today.
Two TV stations want me for interviews.
How are you coping with the cold, Sweetheart?
You have seen videos about me on the Web?
Ah .. you know, Sweetheart, these are just kids having fun. OK?
Hello! Can I speak to my friend, Gregory?
Gregory, please.
Oh, Greg! Please hold on for a second.
I think it's him on the phone!
Hello, Mister Gregory! I do admire the work that you all do,
and I would like to make a personal contribution to your organization.
A considerable contribution.
You know, we are brothers, and we should help one another, shouldn't we?
Thank you, but we don't accept donations from subjects of our investigations.
'Subjects of your investigations?!' Who the hell do you think you are?
You are nobody! You are nothing!
You don't know me. I can shut you down!
In the next few minutes, you're going to kiss your website goodbye.
Have a nice day.
Stand by to shift to our alternative website. Prepare the next one, huh?
Check it out. I just received another message
with a link to one of the videos those kids are making about you.
Getting nervous?
They're still doing it? I'm not worried. These are a bunch of nobodies.
I'm untouchable, man! I'm connected.
You! Get over here! Now!
What is it?!
Do you know who I am? You are relieved of your duties, effective immediately.
Uh, Sir. Excuse me, Sir, I ...
The reason is that you are a national embarrassment. You are an international embarrassment.
You are a criminal. And you are in fact a MURDERER.
Open the gate! Let us in!
We are Citizen Journalists for Justice. Let us in!
You probably don't remember me,
but, I'm nobody. I'm nothing. I don't matter. Right?