[ENG] 090110 SHINee 100% Entertainment (1/5)

Uploaded by eizel10 on 22.04.2012

I follow their MV
Fan Meet Gathering!
For today's guest i seriously say that they are really cute
really cute! they are also very sweet and smiling!
XZ: A while ago at backstage it was really funny XG: what happened?
I stood up and they said 'Hello everyone!'
And I said 'eh i'm only one person' and the translator said just say 'ni hao'
and they went like 'ha ha ha ha'
because it's their first time learning chinese
XZ:They did learn before. XG: really?
They can say things a little bit
Then maybe later we all can have conversations.
XZ: I hope I can voice out all my worries.
I follow their music video
XG: I know
Noona you are so pretty MV
so cute
their average age is 17 only
their youngest is 14 years old
that's 6 years younger? isn't that too much?
what I mean is..
When I stood beside them just now
I felt like I'm 18
Are you saying you with Shinee?
a little bit slower
I'm scared that the translator will ended up hosting the program
then we will be at the side and doesn't know what to do
we should just speak Taiwanese
then the translator will get a headache
then will go crazy
then will just run away
Let the 5 of them give their greetings.
Hello everyone! We are Shinee
SHINee is really shiny
they were really synchronized!
they are so young but their dancing is way beyond their years
1 second is like 3 moves
How many years have they been learning dancing?
since young right?
let me ask..What did he say? how many years?
He said 2-3 years
2-3 years you can be that good?
Onew: where? where?
XZ: here! here!
it's their first time to come to Taiwan.
it's also their first time to see a lot of their taiwanese fans
XG: what did he say? XZ: I don't know!
I was the same age as them when I debut. I was 15.
yeah.. but that was over 10 years ago
he only had one album after that there's no more
you don't have to say that! it's ridiculous!
she really did translate!