Pandu Ranga Mahatyam - HD English Subtitles [Tripoders] Telugu Short Film Comedy

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Ranga ... Is that you ?
what a movie !!
I have lot of work to do, Please tell me what is the matter..
ringtone : check out Kondapalli Raja’s heart dude … brother Basava
Steve Uncle
Oh, is it because I donated facebook and twitter ideas to someone else?
Dude, what would you have done, had I given those ideas to you?
You would have prefixed “i” to “facebook” and “twitter”.
It doesn't sound appealing. Does it?
No worries, you need another app right?
iPlate … how is it
as expected you did not understand …
so let me explain
Keep touching me.
give me a peck and I will get back to my work.
If I knew that you need a peck to work,
I would have given you one every hour man ...
Woke up early in the morning,
Wore a lungi
Wore a Deo
while your disgusting mustache was poking all over my body ...
Man..what a nightmare ?
Why did I disrespect my manager?
How could I misbehave with Mahalakshmi?
This is disgusting..
what happened ?
Look at these headings in GreatAndhra news portal.
It reads “It hurts Namitha THERE”.
And I was so worried “Oh what happend to this poor healthy lady”
But as I read the article it was some unrelated junk news.
How can any gentlemen like us can go to these sites and read all this crap?
Why did Socrates take my CD drive?
Is it for the fruits in actress Ravali’s backyard?
Will Nayanatara marry atleast Prabhudeva?
Only Karan Johar and Sharukh Khan can answer it.
I don’t think blabbering will help control your temper.
Anyways, we are getting late for the Daily Stand-up meeting.
Get the car out while I wear some Deo and join you.
You picked me up from the temple in time
I pledged to god that I will break this coconut
if I make it to the Daily Stand-up
This where you lose me
If one can get a good spouse just by rituals,
then my would-be (whoever he is)
should be performing a ritual hanging upside down to get me
Brand new thread ??
But in chapter one it said
Brand new string ??
whats is this theads, strings confusion man ??
threads suck ...
In my village, any picture usually runs for 3 to 4 hours
By “Big Picture” do you mean it runs atleast 5-6 hours?
she did nothing yesterday
she is against revealing her plans for today
she thinks you are the main blocker for this project.
She has headaches because of you
Don’t worry sir.
I think she is on “Dumb Charades ritual”.
Even my wife never insulted me like this
so our wife also does “Dumb Charades ritual” ?
(puzzled) She was no dumb charades with me this morining !!
I have completed the coding last friday itself
But when I deploy it to the browser it does not display.
hey man.. can I get one tea?
one dollar madam
Why did I apply for H1 ?
To prevent memory leak ... ain’t it ?
But why is Bhagat Singh so confused ?
Does that mean Mayawati will join SAP?
Who knows, even then we cant milk the cow with iPhone right?
Scientists say we will witness a wonder in the sky
So what could this be ?
go switch off the TV man
Pandu Ranga Wonder
There is a pop up that says “Congratulations !! You Won !!”
Can you come over and help me to collect the prize money ?
Oh really !!
When similar incident happened to our colleague Prankajam,
she left her husband for Dubai.
I have never been to Dubai you know !!
Give me a min, I will drop by your cube.
Please come to the rest room, its an emergency.
dude, why?
When I lose my temper, my clothes vanish one after the other
shall we go ?
Jessi just updated me that its a fake.
but it could be real as well.
come on sweetheart,
I thought we both could go to Dubai together
Hell with Jessi. All she can say is “U silly”
Just ignore her and lets elope to Dubai dear ..
I did not believe you till I experienced weird things myself.
What is this mate, why don't we have a mug in any restroom ?
Unbelievable man ... he did not wash his hands right ?
I think you dropped your color pencil madam
Why these stupid gocchi watches. why dont you wear our timexi watches?
this is not gocchi, this is GUCCI
what is this you are applying ?
Let me warn you right now
All the guys in our office are like crazy dogs..
Innocent girl
I can make these dogs get me a cadbury chocolate.
What is the status of that CMC report?
Yesterday we had “Atla Thaddi” in our house
Alta thaddi ??
Oh, you don’t know what is “Atla thaddi”,
come here I will explain.
“Atla thaddi” means, first we invite all married women to our house
and we excahnge “Vayinalu”
I give you vayinam
Oh !! You should say. “I accept Vayinam”.
I accept Vayinam
Once you accept the Vayinam,
you should not utter a word and go back immediately
Gosh !! She gives me Vayinam and I aceept Vayinam ...
similarly, when I give her a task,
why doesn’t she accept the task ??
I am getting these dark circles because of work stress.
Time for relaxation !!
After the lunch, I will go shopping
What ?? You came to work at 11, now its 12
and you are saying that you will go for shopping again?
Aren’t you coming for lunch?
today I am fasting.
our colleague Lilly fasted for 6 months
and all that time, her husband was on the bench
what happened man?
She is fasting since morning
She should be weak so I am making juice for her.
aren’t you ashamed ??
Let me explain Swami
for every 1000 men, there are only 830 women left..
If everybody is after saving tigers,
who will save the girls ?
For suppose, if you want to go to a park,
do you take a tiger or a girl?
come on tell me ??
Whats this war room, Dude Ranga ?
Do we have to fight with swords like a Gladiator ?
Almost similar. At the end of the fight,
they will decide the scapegoat for this P1
Developers are in tons,
while most of them are bums.
How can I help you guys in your misery?
Fish Soup
dude, we don’t get Fish Soup here
For now, please order a pizza for us .. my king.
P1 just before weekend? how unfortunate ?
blah blah blah … are my coding skills !!
blah blah blah … are my debugging skills !!
What for ??
We shall all work hard over the weekend,
and destroy this monster.
Can we fill up our time sheets for the weekend?
Sons of Arya, can you please pass on the ketchup?
Who wrote this code in the first place?
Thats me.
Just as anxiety is inevitable with affection,
bugs are inevitable with code.
Chitti Babu reviewed this code
Please don’t blame Chitti Babu to protect me.
He did not do this on purpose
We are all just the victims of Karma in God’s strange play tastes good..!!!
Sons of Arya..
Can you please control the Air Conditioner
Oh bloody cloth ..
keeps slipping all the time. No wonder I was cold.
You defeated many quick guns and came all way from Ameerpet to America
You are our only savior !!
ME ???
I can even study the vector calculus,
but will never understand women.
I swear on my Ameerpet Java Coaching Center
this bug is out of my league.
Leaving Shirmp business like Samanta
and getting into Software industry like Sh****la
is my mistake
What a pathetic thing to say ?
Never had I heard an insult like this about software industry
in any of the Mahabharat episodes.
If you don’t control your temper,
they might hike up your medical insurance !!
To decide who should fix the bug,
we have our fair way, poker right?
awesome, I am the king in this game !!
I swear on my dried shrimp lake,
this ACE will never leave me.
what is this creepy feeling on my foot ?
The results are out.
Its Chittu Babu who become the scape goat
Thank god !! My head feels much lighter.
What is this inhumanity my King ?
Why chase a small fish like me while we have sharks around ?
We need to decide how many days to allocate for this fix.
Lets introduce the dice.
Did this guy go Nuts ??
Luckily, it rolled 4
What if it rolled 1 which was right next to it ?
What is this high tension war room drama, dude Pandu ?
It drove me crazy !!
After a few seasons of craziness
like every other store if we have to discuss the climax
Pandu and Ranga learn to control their emotions.
Swami gets fired and Pandu replaces him.
Ranga wins over goddess Maha Lakhsmi,
and then his alter-ego disappears.
If the girl is a rap chick,
who can control right?
Thats it !!
You guys logout of youtube now and go to bed.
Just a minute …
I forgot to tell you about Chitt Babu’s love story.
Damn !! I thought I was close to Pitbull !!