League of Legends - Orianna Champion Spotlight

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Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Orianna
Orianna is a completely unique champion with an all-new way of casting spells: All of Orianna’s abilities utilize The Ball, sending it across the battlefield as the main method of destruction and focus of her spells.
Using The Ball, she can deal plenty of damage as a mage or manipulate the battlefield as a support champion.
Orianna’s passive is Clockwork Windup. All of Orianna’s basic attacks deal bonus magic damage, increasing with ability power. Attacking the same target multiple times in a row will increase that bonus damage.
Orianna’s four main abilities are “Command” abilities, which cause The Ball to move or generate effects around it. None of Orianna’s abilities come from her directly.
Command: Attack sends The Ball to target location. Enemies struck along the path take damage.
This damage decreases as it hits multiple targets, so sending The Ball through a minion wave is less effective than hitting an enemy champion directly.
Command: Dissonance immediately sends out a charge around The Ball. On activate, nearby enemies take damage. For the next few seconds, an energy field is left behind.
Enemies who walk through this field are slowed while allies who walk through move faster.
Command: Protect sends The Ball to target allied champion, shielding him when it arrives. Enemies struck by The Ball along the path are damaged.
The Ball is then carried by the targeted champion, who receives bonus armor and magic resist until Orianna sends The Ball elsewhere.
Orianna’s ultimate is Command: Shockwave. After a short delay, enemies surrounding The Ball are damaged and thrown a fixed distance toward The Ball.
Note that because they move a fixed distance, they might move closer to the Ball or be shot entirely over it and farther away.
If Orianna walks away from The Ball, it will automatically return to her. Alternatively, Orianna can walk up to The Ball to pick it up.
Orianna has a great amount of damage early on with Attack, Dissonance, and Clockwork Windup.
I mess up early against Ashe, getting extremely low. Thankfully, as she dives me, I get some damage in with Attack and Dissonance, turning to face her and grabbing first blood right before dying.
And, of course, it was worth it.
Orianna has a great harass game, as I’m able to constantly damage Ashe behind her minions.
As she goes aggressive, I damage her while shielding myself with Protect, then chase her down as Shen comes to help.
Leading with Attack into Shockwave, I pull her back into us, grabbing the kill with Clockwork Windup and basic attacks.
I come to support Shen, who’s being chased by Xin Zhao and Ashe. Protect and Dissonance keep him alive and create distance, but we still get chased down.
I hit Xin Zhao with Attack, lining him up for the kill with Protect as he chases me to the turret, the shield barely keeping me alive.
Even without any Ability Power, Orianna can bully other squishy champions. I rush straight for Morgana.
As soon as I see her stop moving, I dodge straight up for Dark Binding, sending Command: Attack her way for damage. Note that I keep running toward her.
This way, I can always keep The Ball close and lower her changes to dodge.
Orianna is an especially great duelist midgame. I use Command: Dissonance to haste me toward Ashe, harassing her with Attack and shielding myself with Protect, barely missing the damage portion.
I try to keep up with Ashe as she runs, leading her movements with Attack and immediately killing her with Dissonance.
Here are two rules to remember: First, you can use Protect offensively by attaching it to an initiating ally. Second, your ally can be outside the range of Command: Attack without The Ball returning to you.
As Amumu runs in to initiate a fight, I tag him with Command: Protect. Once he gets up to Xin Zhao, Dissonance kills him while giving Amumu a speed buff to chase down Morgana.
I blast down Morgana with Command: Attack twice and use Dissonance to damage and slow Maokai. I pull him into our team again with Shockwave and finish him off with Clockwork Windup and Command: Attack.
A teamfight starts in the river. Immediately I push out on Maokai, timing Command: Protect so that it will hit him for damage while still protecting me from Arcane Smash.
I push onto Morgana, tagging her with Command: Attack and crushing her health with Dissonance.
I elect not to chase Maokai, as he won’t be killed easily while Ashe and Orianna are right behind. Instead, I push into Orianna.
I move The Ball onto Shen with Protect, but Shadow Dash makes The Ball return. Instead, I haste myself with Dissonance, chasing down Orianna with Command: Attack and Clockwork Windup.
As we continue to chase Maokai, I use Command: Dissonance to slow him, run in front so that Command: Protect cast on myself will hurt him, and finish the job with the rest of my team.
Amumu lands a long-range Bandage Toss and we start a teamfight. I blow all my offensive cooldowns immediately, giving us the kill on Morgana.
I throw Command: Protect onto Amumu as we retreat, which gives me a great angle for attacking Xin Zhao, slowing him down for the kill with Command: Dissonance.
I take magic penetration marks, mana regeneration per level seals, ability power per level glyphs, and movement speed quintessences. These runes give Orianna some nice damage output and the movement speed keeps her safe from harm.
My masteries are 9/0/21, utilizing magic penetration in offense while taking Ghost and Flash in utility.
I max Command: Attack right away, giving me the most secure damage and utility. Afterwards, Command: Dissonance is my other main damage ability, so I max it second.
Right at level 3 I take Command: Protect for the extra utility in moving The Ball around and shielding myself or teammates.
For items I open with Sapphire Crystal and two Health Potions. I rush Catalyst the Protector and Ionian Boots of Lucidity.
Immediately after I beef up my ability power with Rabadon’s Deathcap and grab extra mana with Archangel’s Staff.
My last few items are Void Staff, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, and Banshee’s Veil for a nice mix of damage, utility, and durability.
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