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Now, we all know summer is swimsuit season, but who out there doesn't want a swimsuit
body, year-round? We all do, right? Well, it's just like our next guest, Jennifer.
Growing up, I was always super-skinny. Once I was in high school, I started doing swimsuit
competitions and swimsuit modeling. My favorite season, absolutely, 100% summer. I love warm
weather, I love the beach.
Then, when I got pregnant, which was wonderful, but I got a really massive belly, and no matter
how hard I try, my stomach just won't go back to normal. When I look in the mirror now,
there's this saggy, loose skin, with cellulite, on my stomach.
Now, I'm very uncomfortable being in a swimsuit. I look at the swimsuits, I still buy them,
I still see them and want to fit them, but you'll always find me in my mommy cover-up.
It seems like I've tried everything, done every diet. What I'm doing to myself isn't
Now, as we always talk about diet and exercise, obviously the most important way is to keep
your body toned throughout the year, but at the same time, there are some treatments that
can help you out.
We actually invited Jennifer to come here today. She's meeting with Dr. Ordon as we
speak, about to do a new treatment. They're back in our procedure room, so Dr. Ordon,
what do you have planned?
We're ready to go. What we have is called the Venus Freeze treatment. What we're doing?
We're freezing time. This is a new product, non-invasive treatment, to do a number of
things, to improve cellulite, to tighten your skin, to actually reduce volume and remove
a little bit of that excess tissue, excess fat.
Just a little caveat in general, to get the best results with this treatment, do six to
ten treatments, but before we start, let's take a look at Jennifer, before we started
a couple days ago. Look at that. She's had one baby and she has a little extra fat, doesn't
want to go under surgery.
What I'm talking about here is a completely non-invasive procedure. Are you ready, Jennifer?
You've already been through this. What we're doing is we're generating heat. That's also
the magnetic pulse, so I apply this on here.
I want to keep gently moving, like slowly waxing a car, circular motions, but then,
I also want to get a little fancy with some contouring, to get some oblique definition
here, right? I want to work up and down on those rectus muscles. Are you feeling a little
It feels very nice.
I'm working that in, so I need to work here for about ten to fifteen minutes, on this
particular treatment, but it's really cool. It's different and subtle, without surgery.
Well, Jennifer, you seem to be enjoying it, so we're going to let you finish up back there.
Thanks so much, Jennifer.
Up next: Did the stomach treatment work? We have Jennifer's results next.
We're going to look right here, at a before photo, if we may, and compare it with where
you're at right now.
Wow, that looks great!
I do want to get back to the results from the Venus Freeze treatment that Dr. Ordon
was doing before, on Jennifer. We're going to look, Jennifer, at your before photo, if
we may, and compare it with where you're at right now.
Wow, that looks great!
You can see we just did this for Jennifer. She's still red, a little bit of edema, but
that's a result of the treatment. All she needs now is a sheer tan on there. She used
to be a bathing suit model, I think. You're looking good.
And you're happy?
Glad you enjoyed it.
It's very fabulous.
Ideally, a few more treatments to get the best result.
Sounds great.