Best Proposal Ever

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Do I need to be serious?
Just be yourself.
I met her first day of school actually.
The first time I saw her I already have a crush on her.
We met in the same class where he sat beside me.
I find him arrogant at first.
We talked and found out he's a nice person.
When I saw her.
I asked if she's a transferee. Although I know that already.
Just to get her attention.
Then I asked...
If she were able to make our assignment that time.
Then I asked her name.
We were both members of a band "Drum and Bugle Corps" of our school.
After our performance somewhere in Pampangga.
On our way home, I held her hand.
Then I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said no.
She waited for January 1, 2007.
We also had a performance in San Carlos.
It's the formal date where she became my girlfriend.
When we became lovers..
He was very understanding because I was childish.
We fought for little things.
When she gets mad. She's really angry.
But when she's loving me. She's very lovable.
I salute his love for me.
They're with me.
Now I'm crying, it's embarasing to cry.
Why am I the one crying and not you?
See they're really good.
Why are you crying?
Why am I crying?
Yeah why are you crying?
I keep on crying.
Why? Come on smell it.
Eventhough before I didn't introduce him right away to my parents as my boyfriend.
He still doesn't get mad at me.
Like, why are you not introducing me?
He's still there for me.
None. We're actually like negative and positive.
I actualy don't know why we collided.
Do they really sing here?
I also ask him "why are you crying?"
Guys can I have your time for this?
Why? Why are you crying?
Here it goes...
Will you marry me?
Because I know that will make you very happy..