Mariusz Pudzianowski interview after Thompson fight ENGLISH !!

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You think about third fight with Thompson?
It is not dependent on me. I wanna train, train and train again.
Those who said that for three months I'm doing nothing, they learned that
I could safely go into the ring and fight two rounds and if it was needed extra time it would do next.
As from your point of view, this fight proceeded. There was no shortage of oxygen and condition?
there was no shortage nothing in the first round. I knew what I was doing and had full control over this.
Thompson could not do anything to me on the ground. His punches has blocked.
I started to attack him in second round. You can check that on his face.
not regret this that you didn't finished him after your punch went to his head ?
I was afraid of risk, because he has a hard head. I saw the moment when he got left, then right hand and legs buckled under him.
I was afraid that if I go all out and not finish it, it will be like six months ago. This whole time sitting in my head.
I could fight more actively, but it was fear. The former decision, that does not go this way. Common sense prevailed.
Earlier I tumbled five fights and has always had a problem with the condition. Was uncertainty.
You have to break, but it must be time. They train for twenty years.
I came from another sport, not at all associated with martial arts and now I'm going here slowly.
Step by step. The long road still ahead of me and a lot of work.
After this fight Mamed Khalidov said that you lost.
I dont know, I haven't seen this fight so hard for me to speak on this topic.
What with your plans, you want come back now to the U.S.?
Nothing has changed. I'm going to train in U.S
We'll see you on the KSW 19?
Most likely I will continue fighting for the KSW.
After the second round you were not afraid to have lost this fight?
I was not afraid of it. If I was thinking about something, it may be that extra time. Three additional minutes, which I knew that I'm prepared.
What you can say about your opponent behavior after fight?
I haven't seen this. I had heard rumors in the back about protests on his part and unsportsmanlike conduct.
Is James surprised you with something?
Nothing . I knew he would want to bring the fight to the ground and I was prepared for it.
After the first round in the audience could hear voices of the profession that "Pudzian" does not attack. But in reality you had for this fight very precise tactics.
Exactly so. Since the beginning of full control.
So we can say that no longer rushing like a Ferrari, but you prefer safe driving?
MMA is not running only 60 meters, it's marathon. Sometimes it can speed up and win the fight against time, but I still lack experience.