Iogear GCS24U 4 Port KVM Switch

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what you've got here it is a a very cool KBS which is targeted
more towards
home users for I have here and this thing is really great if you want to share
what modern one keyboard and one malice
we is saying multiple that stops or
a desktop and notebook right there in your office you can very easily share one keyboard
one monitor one else
with multiple computers
would this piece of gear for my own years that I am here for poor US be katie and switch
and one of the things that's really great
about this particular case the and switch
is it is incredibly easy to see
it ought to worry about finding a place to put up
box because really
it's all built into the cable wings the newscast stash everything behind gerdes test
and the kids
completely plug and play before Arkansas and any drivers
it simply
but this box in line with your monitor and keyboard and mouse
and it
you're all set and this one has a very cool feature
most the time that a TV and switch will have the switch right there on the hardware itself
mean you have to have
the hardware within arm's reach
mister fry a year actually has a remote switch on it so you can staff
all this stuff on your desk run this which up to near keyboard and very easily cycle
for up to four different computers and those can be any kind of computer to be a
of latex PC windows PC
a massive any of those
all share
one of monitor one key word and one now sees really really easiest set up to take a look
at this this is actually
the KMT and switch box right here this is the actual
this is the actual box
and from here
the plug and your monitor any part in your keyboard and mouse eleven operator would put
that in
well it's it's a rare easily to US be ports
an ABC a port on this box here
from their before leads coming off of the this block senate action up to four computers
that not the tests were the joints usually of three that's fine his room to grow
you simply run it needs to your computer right here you can see we have to laptops
and is it uses laptop the plug a cable into the BGA port and funding to of these US beef
or twenty four for the keyboard one for the mass
and it
you're done that's really a all you have to do plan to stop in here
but your monitor in your keyboard everything and over here
and then with this button here the simply push this button
and allows you to cycle through on your computer store right here you can see that we have
our stands a notebook
%uh %uh selected right here and in by simply cycling through real right over to our other
no book right here
immediately switch to that and use that with the same now say monitors and keyboards
really really
easy to do in fact incredibly easy no drivers no major set up you all you do is put all
this stuff in line
and I said because this is
started work towards consumers
it's designed to be used in a desk situation really stash all this stuff out of sight
and the only thing you have to deal with
is is by right here great solution for any but as multiple computer that when this doesn't
want to have extra monitors mister keyboards this'll take your word for it
very very easy thing up very cool stuff
from a high of years that i'll year for pork US the TV and switch
all right but I I don't year for pork US the caveat to switch to the remote port switching
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