My Voice Meme

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Hello everyone!
I'm Jeny! AKA
and I'm going to do a voice meme.
I already did
two but I deleted them because I didn't think they weren't as good.
Let's do this! haha! Alright.
Question from Doctorevil06
he says
"What scene in his Zelda series made you become a fan?"
You know i don't think any scene
made me become a Zelda fan.
What really happened is when i was thirteen-years-old,
I played "Super Smash Bros. Melee" as Link and I fell in love with him.
Ever since then I've been playing more Zelda games and
"A Link to the Past" was
probably the first one I beat.
...or maybe it was the very first Zelda.
I don't know but
I did play Wind Waker and it became one of my favorite Zelda games ever.
I don't understand why it's hated so much but...
I actually do like it. It has a good story,
even though the graphics are so silly and the cutscenes are silly as well.
But still!
Good game.
*sigh* even though
it has
flaws in it like
"Sailing is so
boring" and
OK! Anyway!
Yeah! I don't think any scene
made me
a fan
Just falling in love with Link in "Super Smash Bros. Melee"
I don't know... I don't know what to say about that!
I think we're gonna have to go with it.
next question is
"What cosplay would you like to do
that you haven't done before?" Hmmm...
I don't know...
I would like to
cosplay as Kefka from "Final Fantasy VI" because he is my all time
favorite Final Fantasy villain ever.
He's better than Sephiroth.
Sephiroth can go cry to his mommy.
Yeah that's all i have in mind for now,
I mean
I did do Princess Zelda from "Twilight Princess" but
I threw away the costume because
I didn't think
it looked right
I spent three years making it and I was like, "No this doesn't look right"
"It's not perfect"
"The details aren't correct"
anything but
Other than that, I'm thinking of Kefka so far.
Question from Ruben
and he says
"Other than Zelda
what is one of your favorite video games?"
I really do like to Mario games and my favorite is "Super Mario Bros. 3"
but my all-time favorite video game...
My absolute favorite is "Final Fantasy VI"
or "Final Fantasy III" for the Super Nintendo.
Either way! Whichever you prefer!
"Final Fantasy VI"
It has a great story,
it has amazing music,
and it's got the best Final Fantasy villain ever.
Go away Sephiroth!
Go and cry to your mommy!
OK! Anyway!
Why I like "Final Fantasy VI" so much because
it is a video game that I actually grew up playing.
I played it with my sister. We played it together and we've been quoting from it
(you know stuff like that)
I really do like the characters such as Terra
uh... and Locke. Locke is my favorite male
Final Fantasy character ever!
uh... and I really do like Celes.
The story in the plot is pretty good
It has memorable lines. Especially whenever they're said by Kefka.
"Son of a submariner!"
Yeah! "Final Fantasy VI" is my all time favorite
video game.
(I'll just say that.)
Next question!
"List some of your favorite anime."
I don't watch much anime to be very honest with you.
But I can list my favorite.
uh... Pokémon. Even though... I don't know if this counts as an anime.
(yeah...) Pokémon,
I loved it as a kid. I used to watch it all the time!
Same with "Sailor Moon".
When I was twelve-years-old, I always wake up early in the morning and turn on the
TV just to watch "Sailor Moon"
before I go to school.
Another anime that I like is "InuYasha".
Even though I never watched the whole thing but...
I like it!
The first time I saw it, I was like,
I like it!
It's awesome!
So it became a favorite. I like "InuYasha".
Pokémon, Sailor Moon, and InuYasha.
Next question is "What was your first cosplay?"
My first cosplay was Celes Chere from "Final Fantasy VI".
Why? Because she was always my favorite Final Fantasy character.
I spent two years making the costume
and I'm remaking it right now because some of the parts
on the costume weren't
shaped right
and i was learning how to sew back then
I wanted to remake this costume from scratch and...
Next question!
"What would you like to cosplay in the future?"
Well like I said before. I would cosplay as Kefka Palazzo from
"Final Fantasy VI"
(so yeah!)
Next question is
"How many conventions have you been to?"
I have only been to Naka-Kon
three times
and i'm attending
Motaku in a month.
Next couple of questions come from Scotty
and he says
"Have you played any Sonic the Hedgehog games?
If so
which Sonic games do you like the most?"
Let me be totally honest with you guys. OK?
I have never
played any Sonic games
And I'm sorry for you Sonic fans but...
I really don't like Sonic.
I'm sorry. I prefer Mario over Sonic any day.
And I prefer Link over Mario any day. OK?
so... yeah!
That's that
I really don't care about Sonic. I don't like Sonic.
I think he's overrated. (Anyway. That's about it.)
Okay! Next question is
"Do you want to be adventurous like Bartz?"
I want to be adventurous when it comes to cosplay conventions
but other than that. In real life uh... I am not much of a traveler. (Yeah...)
But anyway!
I think that answers your question, Scotty.
Cosplay convention? Yes! Real life? Eh... no!
Question from Carol
and she says
"Favorite all-time character
and why?"
Yes! Link is my all time favorite character.
Because when I was thirteen-years-old, I was introduced to
"Super Smash Bros. Melee"
and I used Link
and ever since the, I became obsessed with him.
So throughout the years is I've been playing lots of Zelda games and
Link was becoming
my all-time favorite character. I drew pictures of him
and now I'm cosplaying as him.
I will always and forever
be a Link fan.
and Link will always and forever be
my hero.
You're awesome!
Oh I wish you were real! Ah!
OK LOL (yeah...)
"Favorite book?"
you know? To be very honest,
I am not much of a reader.
But i have recently finished reading
"The Hobbit" and I love it! Now I can't wait to see the movie! EEE!
But anyway.
"Least favorite
(Oh jeez...)
Um... ...
Well? Just so you know.
I am a
picky eater.
One thing that I do not like
are bananas.
I don't like the taste
I just don't like them.
"What city would you never,
ever, ever,
want to visit and why?"
Well I am not much of a traveler.
I'll go to any city but there is one that I
don't wanna visit.
and that is Las Vegas, Nevada.
I just don't like it.
I don't know!
I'm pretty uncomfortable
you know
being there
I'm not a gambler
and i i would never
ever want to gamble at all.
I just don't feel comfortable going to Las Vegas, Nevada.
I think that pretty much answers your question.
But anyway!
Questions from Sean
and he says
"Why do you park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?"
maybe not
Next question!
"Why do you bake cookies and cook bacon?"
Because that is one way to attract dogs! BACON!!!
(I think dogs eats cookies.) COOKIES!!!
*bark* *bark*
Thanks Sean for the silly questions!
I did not know how to answer them. So...
(Um... oh man...)
Question from Josh
and he says
"Pokémon cosplay maybe?"
You know?
I might even do that!
I'm not much of a Pokémon fan but...
when i was ten-years-old, I was
highly obsessed with the Pokémon TV show.
I watched it like every day.
I couldn't take my
mind off it. I couldn't get it out of my head.
I have Pokémon
that I still have my room
And I have a little Pikachu toy that
every time you squeeze it, it says, "Pikachu!"
but it doesn't do that anymore
um... all of them came from happy meal toys so...
yes i might be
be able to cosplay as Ash Ketchum.
I used to love him when i was little.
It would be so much fun
just to walk around and
you know throwing your Pokéball saying, "Pikachu! I choose you!"
or even, "I wanna be, the very
like no one ever was
to catch them is my real
test to train them is my cause."
I would do that. That is the most silliest thing that I could do.
(Oh man)
Hey! Thank you for asking that!
(Yeah, um...)
I'll do it! I'm gonna cosplay as Ash Ketchum!
I'm gonna do it!
Question from Miranda and she says,
"If you ever see of cosplay or character persona that you like
but don't know where they are from
do you look it up and either play what the character is from or watch the show?
You know?
That is a really good question!
And my answer?
I don't. Um...
If i don't know who the character is, I'm not going to cosplay as that character.
only the characters that i know who
he or she is.
Another thing is uh...
if this character is cosplayed by a lot of people,
uh... I'm not gonna cosplay as that character.
like example
Hatsune Miku
from "Vocaloid"
She looks pretty good but I don't wanna cosplay as her.
I think a lot of girls are cosplaying as that character
Another example is Skyward Sword Zelda.
A lot of girls are cosplaying as her.
I mean I do like the costume
I may want to make it but...
uh... a lot of girls are cosplaying as her right now so I'm like, "No, I'm not
going to do it
I can tell you this
I want to cosplay as Aeris from "Final Fantasy VII". But...
I have never played "Final Fantasy VII"
and I don't care about "Final Fantasy VII"
uh... I only know who the characters are.
and that's it
so (yeah)
I think that answers your question
Okay! I'm gonna do something different
I asked my Facebook friends a couple of questions
and they answered them.
What I'm gonna do, I'm gonna know like third-place second-place and
first place because I want to do that.
First question I asked,
"If I were to be kidnapped by any video game villain,
who would it be?"
Third place was Vaati.
Second place was Bowser.
And first place was Ganondorf.
Wow! Ganondorf would kidnap me.
that is awesome
Yes! I would be kidnapped by Ganondorf
okay next question
"If I were to be rescued by any video game hero
who would it be?"
Third place was Sonic the Hedgehog.
Second place was Luigi.
And first place was Link. Ah yes! Link! Link? You're my hero! If I were to be kidnapped
right now
I would scream for Link! "Link! Save me Link!"
OK but anyway!
Next question!
"If I were in a video game
saving the world
which video-game character would be my sidekick?"
Third-place was Bowser.
Second-place was Fawkes.
Fawkes? Are you talking about Fawkes from Harry Potter?
Okay! Fawkes!
Um... And first place was Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog. ... OK!
um... Even though I don't care about Sonic but, alright...
And last question!
"If i could be best friends with any female video game character
who would it be?"
Third place was Zelda.
Second place was Princess Daisy. (Yay)
And first place was Samus Aran.
Samus Aran?
OK! Sure!
Alright! So that's it! That's all I did for Facebook.
OK! I think that's about it for this voice meme!
Thank you guys for asking me these questions! I really enjoyed answering
Wow! This was really fun!
I guess I should end this.
Alright so...
See you next time!