BFF Q&A w/ Trish Nelson - 4/10/12 (FULL EP)

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BETH HOYT: Today's the day.
Today and tomorrow.
But today.
Stay with me.

Hi everybody!
It's Tuesday--
except in Japan, it's Wednesday there.
Those Japanese.
Just take a break you guys, let us catch up.
It's My Damn Channel LIVE with me, your host, Beth Hoyt.
Thanks for stopping your work to watch me work.
I'm going to work it.
OK, I'm still on a sugar high from Easter.
I'm trying to wean myself off of sweets, and I'm taking it
public because I need the pressure.
And I read recently that if you face your temptations, you
can teach yourself to delay gratification.
Here is my favorite cookie.
It's oatmeal raisin.

I'm basically asking you to suffer with me.
I'm not going to eat this until after the show.
I'm going to put it somewhere where you guys all have to
look at it, too.
This is like Hunger Games, get it?
So I'm going to put that right there.
If I break down and have that before the end of the show,
I'm a weak piece of crap.
If you get up and get a cookie during the show, A, why did
you leave the stream?
And B, you lose, too.
Or maybe you're as into sweets as I am right now.
Anyone else have a dinner of Hershey's Almond Nuggets last
night and justify it because of the almonds?
You were busy tweeting about how Instagram was bought by
Facebook for $1 billion.
That's cool.
Because I enjoyed reading your tweets.
I really want that cookie.
Here are my favorite tweets from yesterday about Instagram
and Facebook, OK?
Uh, I liked Rob Delaney's.
"Now that Facebook bought Instagram, The Social Network
2 will have to be directed by Wes Anderson." Zing.
Hotdogsladies says, "Facebook goes into a bar, then the bar
was ruined." Uh, Joe Berkowitz says, "have you heard of
Intergrams?" My mom, next weekend probably.
God, it's so accurate, so good.
Uh, and King Halvor, "Instagram [GERMAN]." Because
I was thinking that, but I was going to
Tweet with a [GERMAN].
ChaseMit, "if you're still making Instagram jokes, you've
officially put more thought into this buyout than Mark
We're not just still joking about Instagram, we're going
to take an Instagram of the tweets about
Facebook buying Instagram.
Like this.
Upload that to Facebook.
That'll show them.
OK, while I wait for that to hit the shelves-- what?
Check on another episode of Jon Friedman Internet Program.
Cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie.
THEME SONG: It's the Jon Friedman Internet Program on
your world wide web.
-And that's why I think this show needs an asshole living
in the garbage.
THEME SONG: It's the Jon Friedman Internet Program on
your world wide web.
-This is something we call Sneaky Tuna, where we sneak up
on some guys and open a can of tuna.

BETH HOYT: Friends, last week I started talking about my
intense desire to make a YouTube music video.
And I asked you to tweet me ideas for my Sasha
Fierce-type alter ego.
I'm still working on who I'm going to be, but today I want
to focus on how I want the video to look.
Because I learned from the new I Want My MTV book that the
first step musicians take before shooting a music video
is to say to producers, this is what I
want it to look like.
So I did some research, and I picked all the elements that I
absolutely must have in my future music video.
I'm going to want a guitar solo in front of some sort of
abandoned church in the middle of a desert.
I will definitely need the ability to move in and out of
a cartoon world.
I'm going to want a very difficult dance sequence that
will become a cult craze with people trying and mostly
failing to replicate.
There has to be a truly human element, one with lots of
emotions and extreme closeups.
And it's got to be controversial and have fire.
So that's just to get the pot stirred, as they say.
Who's they?
My aunts and uncles, for one.
And stay tuned in the coming weeks because this music video
is going to happen.
It's my spring project.
I always finish my spring projects.
Last spring my project was to get a show on My Damn Channel.
Also, I didn't eat that cookie yet.
Right now I want to show you a quick video.
And in about one minute and 18 seconds, I'll be here
answering your comments and your questions.

-Let's go, run it in place!
Let's move it!
Move those legs!
Move those legs and keep your hands high, hands high, hands
low, hands low.
Hang in there, Billy!
Hang in there!
-This game is awesome.
Respond, Billy!

BETH HOYT: Hi, you guys!
BETH HOYT: This is Trish.
TRISH NELSON: I'm so grateful to be here.
BETH HOYT: Um, she's one of my favorite people.
TRISH NELSON: That's true.
BETH HOYT: And, she happens to be my BFF.
BETH HOYT: She's a very special person, she knows me
really well, and I think that answering Twitter questions
and YouTube comments is just always better with a friend.
TRISH NELSON: I would love to do that.
I like being a part of everything you do, Beth.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, it's true.
And we're playing a game.
We're playing Jenga right now.
So, let's just look at a few tweets.
Thanks for sending things in.
This is from MrJotz.
"How did that PB&J cocktail taste today?" Trish?
TRISH NELSON: It's delicious.
BETH HOYT: How'd that taste today?
TRISH NELSON: I've had two.
BETH HOYT: She had two.
It's like a meal.
So was that your lunch?
TRISH NELSON: Well, that was my appetizer.
This would be my lunch.
And then I'll probably have that for dessert.
BETH HOYT: Mm, that's a three-way plan.
I think it was actually kind of not that bad.
Ah, I'm a big fan.
Next tweet please.
From kevhead1.
"Dogs in cartoons do a lot more hind-leg walking than
dogs in real life." That's, more of a
statement than a question.
TRISH NELSON: That's true.
But actually, I think that no, no, no.
I think in real life there's probably many more hind-leg
dog walkers.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, I think that Kev is right.
TRISH NELSON: Yeah, have you ever seen that one that
doesn't have any arms and he wanders around?
BETH HOYT: Yeah, that dog's name is Faith.
I went to the pet expo once, and I saw that dog.
BETH HOYT: Uh huh.
I think also, what if all dogs didn't have any arms?
I'm thinking what if all dogs had was arms instead of legs?
TRISH NELSON: Yeah, well they are arms.
Though I guess-- they're--
BETH HOYT: So dogs are walking on four arms?
BETH HOYT: Um, that's how we see them, right?
Next tweet, please.
"Suggestions for YouTube musician?
Find a song that moves you to the core.
Something that stirs within you an intense emotions." It's
from Xsuit.

What song does that for you?
God, that smells good.
TRISH NELSON: Jodeci's "Forever My Lady." I listen to
it on a loop track.
I love it!
I like it a lot.
BETH HOYT: Well, yeah, I didn't think of that song.
Actually, my favorite song that gets me moving inside is
really embarrassing.
TRISH NELSON: What is it?
BETH HOYT: It's Cher's "Do You Believe in Life After Love."
Even just saying it makes me--
TRISH NELSON: Do you believe in life after love?
But I believe that that song stirs
something deep inside me.
TRISH NELSON: Do you believe in love?
She doesn't.
BETH HOYT: This is, um--
"Good job, Beth." This is from PlagueofArathnus.
"Good job, Beth.
I could never keep a convo with myself for that long
unless maybe I practiced it.
But that's for the pros.
Oh, by the way, I clicked your Twitter link in the video
description, and Twitter said 'sorry, that page doesn't
exist.' Although they thanked me for noticing, and
supposedly they'll have everything back to normal
soon." Seems like a very personal
interaction with Twitter.
They're like, sorry dude.
TRISH NELSON: Twitter is kind of like a social security
number now.
Like, if you don't have a Twitter account that you can
access, I don't really know if you exist.
BETH HOYT: What's your Twitter handle?
TRISH NELSON: I don't have a Twitter handle.
I don't, I don't know what Twitter is really.
BETH HOYT: Uh, uh, PlagueofArathnus, it's
It should be working.
Twitter and I had a fight, and it wasn't putting my stuff up
for some reason, I guess.
Also, I can have convos like that with myself all the time
really easily.
What about you?
BETH HOYT: Do you talk to yourself?
Do you ever do like the fake--
I was talking to myself on my way over here.
And somebody stopped me and said, I don't mean to
interrupt you.
TRISH NELSON: It happens a lot.
BETH HOYT: And then did you tell them, yes, I'm getting
something finished?
TRISH NELSON: Well, it was important.
And I did actually have them pause for a moment so I could
finish my thought.
TRISH NELSON: And then I answered.
They needed directions.
BETH HOYT: Well, that is fabulous that you finished
that conversation with yourself.
And that's all the time we have for comments today.
TRISH NELSON: I have dirt all over my hands.
Why do you--
you couldn't clean yourself up?
TRISH NELSON: I Gorilla Glued dirt to my hands.
I did it yesterday in the garden.
BETH HOYT: This is Trish, ladies and gentlemen.
TRISH NELSON: Your turn.
BETH HOYT: So you Gorilla Glued-- that's like an
advertisement for Gorilla Glue.
It really works.
We're back again tomorrow and every weekday at 4:00 PM.
Are you guys getting so excited for Reggie Watts to be
on the show tomorrow?
He'll be here for the whole half an hour.
We have new videos to show you.
And I just launched my vlog.
It's at
Get it?
TRISH NELSON: More shows?
BETH HOYT: More of them.
TRISH NELSON: I think it's your turn.
BETH HOYT: Pick one?
TRISH NELSON: Yeah, do anything.
BETH HOYT: I'll do--
TRISH NELSON: Mm, I never lose.
BETH HOYT: Thanks for coming, Trish.
Thanks so much for coming.
Bye, you guys.
Don't forget to deprive yourself of sweets and then
cave and hate yourself.
TRISH NELSON: They're so good.