Ek Soneri Savar

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Good evening, gentleman. - Good evening.
As you are aware, due to our chairman Mr. Gandhi's ill health..
..we have set up the Board of Directors meeting at home.
But before starting the meeting.
I shall hand you the copies of the final reports of Trakone..
..for your reference. - Thank you.
Mr. Shroff, this is for you. - Thank you.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Hello. Good evening. Good evening.
I'm sorry you had to take the trouble of coming here for me.
Oh, not at all, Mr. Gandhi.
But how are you feeling now, Mr. Gandhi?
How do I look? - You appear to be well now.
When I visited you at the hospital, I thought..
You thought now Gandhi was going to die.
But what could I do, my name was on the wait list, so I had to wait.
Hello Sunil.
Mr. Gandhi, do you feel strong enough to attend office now?
I feel strong enough but you know these doctors.
Doctor Fakir has said I shouldn't take stress. I should rest some more.
That's why he's compelling me to go to Ooty this Sunday.
Anyway, sit down. Let's proceed with the work. - Thank you.
Kishor, please continue. - Yes sir.
Sir. Your file.
Well friends, you can see from the figures..
..last year our production was hundred and fourteen percent.
And now it is ninety-eight percent.
The reason for that is.. - Kishor.
I think we should leave the mumbo jumbo figures for the press.
What do we need these figures at a Board of Directors meet?
Sir please, do you know how long..
..it's taken me to prepare these reports? - I know.
At least let me ready the final page of the report.
But there is no need. I know you love figures..
..but I don't need them as I'm sure of one thing.
Trakone drug company is doing very well. It's healthy and kicking. Ok.
Sunil, you might not know this but our Company..
..ranked twelfth among the top pharmaceutical companies in India.
Sir, now it is thirteenth. - Thirteenth?
Yes sir. UV chemicals has expanded and gone ahead of us.
Oh, is it? - Yes.
So friends, I am trying to explain to you..
..that as per the demand of our product in the market..
..we could decrease the supply. - But why?
Kolkotta's National chemical company..
..cannot supply us with large quantities of trioxin.
Trioxin, what is that?
Trioxin is our basic drug. Trakone is made from trioxon.
Trakone is the scientific name.
But I thought we are the only ones..
..manufacturing Trioxin tablets from the raw material.
We don't manufacture them, Mr. Shroff.
Kishor, Mr. Shroff is new on our Board.
He has taken his father's place on the Board.
And I am happy, Sunil,
that you're taking as much interest in the company as your daddy.
I will explain. You know Trioxin basically is a drug.
Kolkotta's National chemicals manufacture trioxin.
This is the byproduct.
If we produce it then the cost will go up considerably.
Whereas they supply us the material at half the price.
National chemical company supplies us a small quantity of trioxin.
And I'm afraid within some time they might even stop the supply.
But Kishor, I don't understand this.
Why would National chemical stop our supply?
And when did all this happen?
Sir, this happened immediately after you were hospitalized.
And I was going to call and inform you but doctor Fakir prevented me.
I couldn't help it.
In these circumstances what steps did you take?
Under the circumstances I had to take the decision.
I had no other solution but to make some changes in Trakone.
Just a minute.
Are you trying to tell me, Kishor..
..that you've changed the basic formula for Trakone?
Yes sir. Instead of trioxin we now use salusilic acid.
Salicylic acid! But that's simple just plain aspirin.
I know sir; aspirin formula isn't as effective as trioxin formula..
..but we had no other choice.
I see..
And the tablets we used to dispatch in blue colored packets..
..now we dispatch them in this yellow colored packets.
This is a sample, sir.
All of you will be pleased to know the new formula is successful.
And the sales are on top in the market at this time.
If you wish to take the new tablets off the shelves..
..it's your wish.
No! No! No! It's not that, Kishor.
I am not the only person to decide to take it off the shelves..
..it is the Board that has to do it in due time.
Anyway, anything else on the agenda?
Yes sir; the second point is Saroj Pathak's case.
I have been thrashing it out with his advocate Mr. Raj for a while..
..but there is no solution.
What is Saroj Pathak's case?
A lady named Saroj Pathak is suing our company.
It is her contention that her eleven year old son, Deepak..
..died because of our tablet.
I think this is just a nuisance case.
No! No! We can't just ignore the case by calling it a nuisance case.
Mr. Gandhi, we should be careful.
Yes, you are right, Sunil, we have to be careful.
But what Mr. Kishor Desai is trying to say is..
..Trakone is a well-known drug and taking it won't kill anyone.
But as you know, many people sue such big companies..
..especially drug companies in hopes of making money out of it.
Well, what is the status of Saroj's case? How long has it been on?
And what has our legal department done about it?
Where is Mr. Dixit?
Mr. Dixit and Mr. Vyas don't get along well..
..so I have been in touch with Mr. Vyas.
I have even offered him fifty thousand rupees.
Fifty thousand. Wow! Then?
Mr. Vyas refuses to take the money.
Yes. He probably thinks this is a big company..
..so by pressurizing it he could get more money out of it.
How much money is he asking?
Fifty lakhs.
Fifty lakhs?!
Yes. I've invited Saroj's advocate Mr. Vyas to meet me here today.
Sir, at home?
Yes, at home. I shall have a discussion with him..
..and I shall try to conclude the case.
Anything else, Kishor?
No sir, not really. Anyway our agenda is complete.
Oh, that's good. Then I propose we dismiss today's meeting.
I have support. - I support you.
So, we're dismissed? - Yes sir.
Mr. Gandhi, when will you be returning from Ooty?
Well, I don't want to stay more than a week. Let us see.
How is your printing business doing?
It's okay. Since father is no more it will take some time to settle in.
No, but I know you are very efficient.
Pardon me; I was hospitalized..
..so I couldn't attend your father's funeral.
Mr. Gandhi, we are pleased you are back.
And now you are looking great and grand.
The credit for that goes to my wife Shiela and my daughter Sonam.
Would you believe..
..both were on guard outside my room twenty-four hours a day?
They wouldn't let me get up at all. That made me well quickly.
Goodbye Mr. Gandhi.
Okay, goodbye Mr. Patel, see you soon.
Bye. - Bye-bye! Bye-bye! Bye-bye!
Goodbye. - Thank you. Goodbye.
What's going on at the club?
Come back soon to the club, the bridge table is waiting for you.
Goodbye. - Goodnight. Goodnight.
Kishor. - Sir, I just wanted to say..
..you must be shocked because I changed the basic formula of Trakone.
Yes, to be honest..
I was very surprised.
But anyway, with the circumstances as they were..
..you took a decision on those basis. So, you've done your job.
Another thing. Since Mr. Vyas is coming here..
..perhaps I should stay here then you wouldn't have any problems.
No, I don't think so. I wish to speak with him alone.
You may leave. - Okay. Goodnight sir. I'll take your leave.
Goodnight Kishor.
Is that National Chemicals, Kolkota?
Ya. Yes! Yes!
This is Mr. Gandhi from Trakone drug company Mumbai.
Is Mr. Ratanshi there?
Oh, I see. He's gone to Singapore.
No! No! No! No need. I don't want to bother him there.
Just leave a message I will call him back. Thank you.
Hello. Hi papa.
Hi my dear. How are you, my girl?
How are you feeling? - Is the meeting over? - It just got over.
What's this, mother and daughter have been shopping?
WE brought you a sweater. - Sweater?
Papa, there was a scheme. A sweater free on three saris.
O Lord! Shiela, this means you had to buy three saris.
You are a tease. I won't speak to you.
And what have you brought? Sweets.
No papa. It's a surprise. Especially for you.
For me? - Yes.
Were there any other schemes going on?
No papa, sit here. Hurry up and close your eyes.
Why do I have to close my eyes?
Don't open them. Look, no cheating. - Okay.
No cheating. Okay. One second. Don't cheat at all.
You aren't looking, are you? Yes.
Wonderful! You may look now to see how handsome you look.
What is this? - Yes papa. See this.
You've put on a pilot's hat..
..but I think I look like a bandsman or a security guard.
But anyway, my dear, you've made me a pilot, right?
The pilot is ready. Fasten your seat belt. - Yes.
We are about to take off. Tell me, where do we fly?
Papa, I want to fly all over the world.
And for this we should buy a special aircraft.
I'm sorry. You bought me a hat worth four hundred rupees..
..and in return I have to buy you a special aircraft.
What if I were to pay half?
From where will you bring half the money?
You know my shares in our company. I'll sell them.
Very clever, my dear. This way you will make me bankrupt.
Papa, one shouldn't save money in a safe deposit box.
One should keep moving it.
You are right. Your mom and you do just that.
You keep moving the money.
Papa, we must buy an aircraft.
Look, I shall look after the small details in it.
And there's only one big detail that I need to take care of.
Write a check, right?
Papa, what shall we name the aircraft?
You want to name it? Name it flying saucer. - Wow!
Papa, medicine bottles, factory, laboratory, office, papers..
..there's lot to see in the world other than these things.
In the compound of our bungalow..
..just as you've made a research and development department..
..there should be a similar department in life too. - Yes.
Papa, there are so many amazing things on this vast earth.
I want to see them all. Know them. Believe them.
My girl. Take this. My dear, you want to see the entire world..
..but I can't show you the entire world by wearing this hat..
..because I am not Aladdin and this is not a magic lamp. Okay?
Papa, this is not fair. You're such a spoilsport.
Don't buy it, okay!
What happened? - Nothing.
Our flight tickets to Coimbatore have been reserved. - Okay.
And our reservation is also confirmed at the Ooty club.
You got Ooty club. They were refusing saying it was overbooked.
No. Everything is all set. How did your meeting go?
At the meeting as usual, Shiela, everyone was unequivocal..
..and agreed Mr. Gandhi, you are looking great and grand.
What else did you discuss at the meeting?
Second. We are all still entangled in a problem.
Do you mean the Saroj case?
Yes. Who told you?
Kishor mentioned it. He said a little kid had died.
And some lawyer is holding our company responsible. Right?
An eleven-year-old kid died..
..and his lawyer is suing our company for fifty lakh rupees.
Fifty lakhs?!
Yes. Well, I've called him here, now at our house to meet him.
Here? - Yes. And if he is punctual, he should be coming.
You haven't invited him to dinner, have you?
I would have invited him to dinner..
..but I don't think he will dismiss the entire case in just one meal.
Was everybody present at the meeting?
No! No! Our legal advisor Mr. Dixit couldn't make it..
..and as usual, Dadiba. Mr. Rathia wasn't there.
That rascal never attends the meetings.
Shiela. - Yes.
You know, I learned something new at the meeting.
When I was hospitalized..
..Kishor changed the basic formula of Trakone.
Without informing me. I still can't understand why he did this.
Didn't you say anything to Kishor?
No, I didn't say anything but let me tell you frankly..
..I am quite upset about this.
Don't say anything to him. I like that boy very much.
He is very hard working.
I don't disagree. I admit he is hard working..
..still he should have consulted me.
It'll work out. Everything will work out.
But I want to discuss something with you.
Have you noticed any change in Sonam? - Change?
Yes. I think she is in love with someone.
What are you saying? Sonam is in love. - Yes.
What do you mean yes? This is the age.
When will she fall in love if not now?
Didn't we fall in love? - Stop it!
It seems to be going for quite a while. - I see.
And she doesn't tell me and I don't like it.
Look, Sonam seems young to us but now she is all grown up.
And she has a right to take her own decisions.
Yes. But she stays out of the house for hours together.
So what? I stay out as well.
She's my daughter and she's taken after me.
Don't tease. You will speak with her, won't you?
There is no need. I'm certain Sonam will herself speak to me.
Why? - All right.
But, I am worried about her.
There's no need. Shiela, don't worry needlessly and become thin.
If you are worried, then call the priest..
..find out an auspicious time. And you've already shopped for saris.
You always joke about everything. Go!
Sorry! Sorry!
Mr. Gandhi, are you at home?
Mr. Gandhi, may I come in?
Welcome Mr. Dadiba.
Oh! Oh! I'm sorry. I hope I didn't disturb the husband and wife.
Shiela, what's happening? You look very good in this sari.
Thank you, Dadiba!
My dear, when you look at me, the surge of love that you feel..
..keep it under control or this old man will get another attack.
Dadiba, it would be good if you grew up.
My mama used to say the same thing; she used to say it just like you.
And the poor thing passed away talking.
Oh mother! You must have bothered her a great deal, right?
Bother. I bothered her a great deal.
She got tired of all this.
She used to say Dadi! Dadi! Why were you born to me?
I made a major mistake giving birth to you.
I used to say to her, mama, there's no way I will change.
Rathia, first tell me, why didn't you attend the meeting?
One minute. If you like I'll do hundred sit-ups right now.
But don't speak to me about your meeting.
Why not? - What do you mean why not?
Hey, you are on the Board of Directors.
So you should attend the meeting, shouldn't you?
Why should I attend the meeting?
Shiela, I still remember, four years ago I attended a meeting.
Your Mr. Dixit, the scoundrel starting reading a long report.
The party of the first part and the party of the second part..
..and now the party.. To hell with his party.
Even today. Even today when I try to understand these words..
..I feel like vomiting like a pregnant woman.
But today Mr. Dixit wasn't present at the meeting.
Yes well, I wasn't to know he wouldn't be present.
Else your other guy, what's the name of that fellow?
That rascal, scoundrel. Javed Merchant.
Whenever Javed meets me he keeps slapping me.
How's thing's Dadiba? How's things Dadiba?
But how do I explain to that fool..
..if he wants to find out about how's things with me..
..he will have to look all over India and it still won't be enough.
And the other guy of yours. That fellow. What's his name?
The one who walks around with a funny face. That Kishor.
Now what about Kishor?
He's a fool! A Fool!
Dadiba, let it be. Don't say anything about Kishor.
He is madam's favorite.
Dadiba. - Yes.
Now that you are here, you will eat with us, won't you?
You are asking me so lovingly. My stomach is already full.
Don't be too happy. I will eat.
You are very fortunate.
It is your good fortune you have such a good wife.
Shiela. - Yes.
So you have a younger sister?
I am asking because I am interested.
I don't.
I can't even kidnap her.
Now are you just going to keep laughing..
..or will you fetch me some coffee?
Dadiba, your habit of drinking coffee is very bad.
What can I do, my dear?
The doctor made me give up all my major vices.
So I make do with these minor vices.
Please don't send the coffee with that smelly servant of yours. Please.
Bring it yourself. - Okay.
Yes. Go.
Oh my mother!
How is your health?
First class. Hale and hearty.
First class. Hale and hearty.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself for lying to me?
It is clear from your face that you are thoroughly stressed.
What's the matter? Did something go wrong at the meeting?
No! No! Nothing. What about the meeting..
Did something happen with Kishor at the court?
With Kishor? Why do you ask that?
Look, when I see an employee working day and night..
..like an ass for this employer, I immediately smell a rat.
Nothing or the sort. You know. - Yes.
Where will I find a hard working and efficient man like Kishor?
Would I? I wouldn't find one. I'm telling you.
The way you talk is amazing.
You ask the questions and answer them yourself.
Anyway, do you know anything about Kishor's activities?
Excuse me.
Oh yes. Send him in.
Rathia, Saroj's lawyer Mr. Vyas has arrived here.
Oh, that nuisance fellow.
Please Rathia, I have invited him to hold some discussions.
So please speak with discretion in his presence.
One minute! One minute! Don't teach me facts at this age. Get it?
Please. - Go. Go and get him. Go.
Mr. Gandhi. - Hello Mr. Vyas.
My card. - Oh yes, of course. Please come in.
Advocate, this is my friend, Mr. Rathia.
He is a Director on our Board of company's.
How do you do? - Sam like you. By the way, sir, where is your office?
Charni Road. - All the way at Charni Road.
You must have had trouble in the train with..
..all the pushing and shoving.
Excuse me. I haven't come by train. I came in my car.
That's great. Sir came in his own car.
Please be seated.
Dadiba. - Yes.
Coffee. - Give it to me.
Shiela. Advocate Vyas. This is my wife, Shiela.
Hello Mrs. Gandhi. - Hello. Would you like some coffee?
No. Thank you.
Very good. If one doesn't have the habit of drinking coffee..
..one gets constipated.
Our Dadiba is an expert on social etiquette.
It's like this, Mr. Vyas.
When there are more than two people in the room..
..Mr. Rathia knows very well who should leave the room and when.
Yes. Certainly, why not? Why not?
Please, nobody leave the room on my account. I swear.
It's okay. I'm comfortable.
But I am not comfortable, sir.
I haven't seen a single good since morning.
Shiela, do you have in the house?
Why? - I want to put it in this coffee.
This coffee tastes exactly like coffee.
Oftentimes the coffee in my house tastes like tea.
That was a good one.
Mr. Vyas, you will have dinner, won't you?
No. Thank you.
Rathia, Mr. Vyas and I have to discuss something personal..
..if you don't mind?
Yes. Certainly, I don't mind. Go ahead. Speak openly .
I meant to say, go to the garden..
..get some fresh air in your lungs. Take a walk.
One minute! One minute!
Why don't you simply tell me, Dadiba go out?
Why are you speaking in circles?
Well, I'll go out for a walk. Go ahead and talk now.
Mr. Vyas, I presume just like I wish to conclude this matter..
..at the earliest, you too feel the same way.
Yes, Mr. Gandhi.
I too felt it would be good if this..
..case didn't get dragged into court.
Well then. In that case, why can't we conclude it right here and now?
Sure. I am ready.
As I understand, you plan to sue our company for fifty lakh rupees.
Do you think it is appropriate? - Yes.
I don't think it is appropriate, Mr. Vyas.
Well Mr. Gandhi, may I ask if you have any issues?
Yes, I have a daughter.
So, how many lakhs would you say your daughter is worth?
I get your point Mr. Vyas.
But let me tell you one thing.
Saroj's son's death has nothing whatsoever to do with our company.
Nevertheless I am offering you one lakh.
And mind you, one more thing. Trakone..
Trakone is a well-known drug. It's been in the market for years.
People know the benefits of it. And if it had been harmful..
..the drug control wouldn't have given us a clearance certificate.
Your tablets were faulty, Mr. Gandhi.
No, I don't accept that.
Saroj's family doctor is willing to testify to it in court.
The doctor knows nothing. I know the doctor and you..
..have cooked up a conspiracy.
You are trying to make a mountain of a molehill.
Excuse me, what kind of a person you think I am?
Look Mr. Vyas, I'm not interested in knowing..
..what kind of a person or who you are.
I have presented my offer to you.
Mr. Gandhi, we are not suing you five or ten thousand.
We are suing you for fifty lakhs.
Your company has murdered my clients son.
Mind your language, Mr. Vyas. My company hasn't murdered anyone.
Mr. Gandhi, I can speak louder than you.
Saroj's only child, her eleven-year-old son Deepak..
..has died from consuming your company's medicine.
And you have to compensate for it.
Mr. Vyas, your threats and blackmail don't scare me.
If my offer isn't acceptable to you, you may further your issue.
You may take it to court. But remember one thing.
You will lose the one lakh too.
Besides, I will sue you for defamation if this happens.
You may leave.
All right, Mr. Gandhi. You may do your worst.
You sent me to the garden for no reason, didn't you?
That lawyer was speaking so loud I could hear every word..
..you'll were speaking, out there in the garden.
Bloody rogue! He's a crook! Thief! Cheat! Blackmailer!
I'm not going to give in like this.
Hello Mr. Dixit. Saroj's lawyer had come here.
No, I tried speaking with him but he seems to have a big mouth.
Do one thing. Meet Saroj directly. Without having Vyas in between.
Yes, you..
To hell with you legal ethics.
No! No! No! If you cannot do this job..
..then put Kishor Desai in between. Kishor will manage this.
The work has to be done.
Gandhi. Friend you trust Kishor very much, don't you?
Yes. Why not?
Yes. Yes. Why not?
Then tell me one thing. Do you know..
..that fellow has been quietly buying up..
..our Trakone company's shares worth lakhs?
Would you care to speak plainly?
This fellow has bought shares worth lakhs on the quiet.
Shares worth lakhs? - Yes.
What do you mean? Did he approach you?
Do you think that fellow would have that much guts?
When you were in Switzerland.. Don't tell anyone I told you this.
When you were in Switzerland..
..he had set up private dinner with Merchant.
And perhaps at that meeting, Mr. Merchant sold him his shares.
I see. Still. Well, anybody can purchase our company's shares.
Have you gone mad? Are the shares freely available on the roads?
One has to pay hard cash to purchase shares.
Tell me, from where did this new chap get so much cash..
..to purchase the shares? Tell me.
Not only that. Let me tell you something else, Gandhi my friend.
You don't know this but Patel has bought out Unique chemicals.
What are you saying?
Yes. And I am certain something is definitely cooking on..
..between Patel and Desai.
No! No! No! No! Please I.. I.. I don't think so. No!
Really? Then do you want to bet on it?
Go on. Go on, let's bet on it. Not too much. Let's bet one lakh.
Rathia, I am not interested in rumors and lies.
Then do one thing, call Kishor and confront him to his face.
I don't need to call him. I will give him a chance to tell me himself.
And what if he doesn't take your chance, then what?
No, I am certain Kishor will speak to me.
I say. Sonam is going out.
You were going to have a talk with her, weren't you?
Please Shiela, not now. Some other time.
But we are leaving on Sunday.
Mama, I'm going out. I'll be a little late returning.
My dear, I wanted you to stay with us today.
Your father and I are leaving on Sunday, my dear.
Mama, please. Papa, it will do if I meet you tomorrow, won't it?
Yes. It's all right, my dear.
Oh, thank you so much.
Hi Dadiba. - Hello beautiful.
Where are you going wearing those lovely clothes?
Where are you going, my dear?
Papa, my friend Pooja is hosting a party at her house.
A birthday party. So all the friends are coming over to her house.
What time will you return, dear?
I don't know. In fact, if it gets late I'll stay there overnight.
That's amazing.
Shiela, you won't believe this..
..but nobody has ever invited me to stay overnight till date.
Good night Dadiba. - Yes. Goodnight.
Goodnight mother. Bye papa. - Bye, my dear. Bye.
Have fun! Have fun, my dear. - Thank you.
Take care and go, my dear. - Yes mom.
Now are you just going to stand there?
Do you remember what I said or have you forgotten?
I was sure you would forget. What happened to dinner?
I have rats in my stomach.
It's ready. Come on in.
C'mon! C'mon! C'mon! C'mon, I'm very hungry.
C'mon brother, why are you sitting here with a long face?
My friend, business talk is an everyday affair. That goes on.
And may I tell you a secret? The food in this house is A-one quality.
Do not be shy, think of it as your own house and gobble everything.
C'mon! C'mon! C'mon! C'mon!
You are coming to eat, aren't you?
Yes. Shiela. - Yes.
Do one thing. Cancel our ticket to Coimbatore.
We won't be going to Ooty.
Why? Is there a problem?
Yes. There is a problem.
Look, Doctor Fakir said you shouldn't take any tension.
To hell with Doctor Fakir, Shiela.
I've got much more important issues than my health on my mind.
And until I don't find a solution for those issues, I can't rest.
I won't find peace. Please. Please cancel the tickets.
Excuse me, madam, could I have a few words with you?
Sorry Mr. Desai, I'm busy. You will have to take an appointment.
That's exactly why I was here, madam.
In fact, I'm here to invite you to lunch.
I'm sorry, but I don't accept invitations in this manner.
Okay. Miss Gandhi, will you have lunch with me this afternoon?
Kishor please. You stop talking in Hindi. Eating!
Sweetheart, I'm in the mood to go to the Marriott today.
Then you should have said so in the first place.
I've arranged to have lunch with papa.
Oh, I'm sorry, papa just might not be able to make it.
Why? - Saroj Pathak is going to come.
The one who's suing us? - Yes!
Do you know I fixed his appointment with Saroj?
She is going to visit without her lawyer.
I must say, Kishor, you're very clever.
Yes, but you're papa should feel that way, shouldn't he?
Why do you say that?
Sonu, since yesterday your papa's behavior seems to have changed.
I'm afraid; he might be suspicious of our relationship, is he?
No, I don't think so. And even if he is, so what?
No. I think you should speak to your papa..
..before he goes to Ooty for a change of weather.
Don't you know? - What?
Papa cancelled his trip to Ooty.
What?! - I think he's tired of resting.
I hope that that is the reason.
Oh Kishor, I'm sure papa will be pleased that I chose you.
And what if papa doesn't accept?
No. I don't think so. Papa won't come between us.
Let's assume he does, then what?
I really don't know because I haven't thought about it.
Sonu, at this point you should think about it.
Yes. I strongly believe it. You..
Hello. - Hi papa.
My dear, I'm sorry but we wont be able to go out to lunch today.
Won't be able to go out for lunch today..
..because you have a meeting with Saroj, right?
Kishor told you. - Yes.
And I do understand, papa, it's very important. You carry on.
See how sensible my daughter is.
Papa, you finish your business, we shall go for a drive tonight, ok?
All right. That's a promise. - Thank you. Bye.
Okay Bye. - Bye. - Yes.
Kishor. - Yes sir.
Saroj is sitting in the waiting lounge. Send her in.
Sir, don't you want to know how Saroj agreed to come here alone?
Well, you have arranged it. Tell me.
Sir, yesterday I found out Mr. Vyas was out of town.
So I went to Saroj's house. I said I was the company's liaison officer.
And our chairman would like to meet you.
She called Mr. Vyas immediately. Mr. Vyas wasn't there.
So she had to come here alone.
Well, it is called being clever, but I consider it crookedness.
But anyway, it's business.
It's fire versus fire. So we have to do all these things.
Bring Saroj inside. - Yes sir.
Hello operator. Connect me to Dixit. Legal Department.
Dixit isn't there.
He hasn't arrived from Poona as yet.
Well, just see. Saroj has arrived here.
If he arrives then ask him to come here. Yes.
Come Saroj.
Let me introduce you.
This is the chairman of our company, Mr. Gandhi.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Please take a seat.
Here. Let me take your bag. - No. It's okay.
Just relax. Okay.
Saroj, you must be thinking, these big companies..
..are callous and heartless organizations. Right?
Perhaps that is correct.
Your belief is wrong, sister.
At least, in the case of our Trakone drug company..
..your belief is completely wrong.
Look sister, if no sound..
..then I am willing to reimburse you well on behalf of my company.
You may be certain of that. - Yes.
Kishor. - Yes sir.
You may speak with her.
Sister Saroj, I wish to ask you a few questions.
You don't have to answer every question..
..but if you do, our task will be simplified.
I will definitely answer you, sir. Why wouldn't I answer?
I have nothing to hide.
I had only one son and I have lost him.
Now what have I left to lose?
Sister Saroj, don't get upset, calm down.
How old are you? - Forty.
Yes. Your husband's name is Ramanlal.
Where is he? - He passed away three years ago.
Oh, I'm sorry. With whom are you currently living?
With my younger sister.
Your son's name was Deepak. - Yes.
How old is he?
This November he would have completed eleven years.
If he had been alive.
But God didn't even give me that much happiness in my life.
Then how could he have lived?
Sister Saroj, now I shall ask you a relevant question.
For how long have you been using Trakone?
It had been two to three years.
Oh, that means you found Trakone to be beneficial, right?
Yes. The medicine is good.
Sister Saroj, I must tell you, you're a very straight and honest person.
Tell me, why did you feel that your son died because of our tablet?
Our family doctor, Mehta, said that the boy had been poisoned.
But you just said that you had been using the tablet for a while..
..and it hadn't harmed you in any way.
And yet how could you believe doctor Mehta?
Look sir, we are ordinary people.
How could I not listen to the doctor where tablets are concerned?
You didn't answer my question, sister Saroj.
Sir, I truly don't know.
All I know is that doctor Mehta believes this.
And doctors have seen several cases, investigated them..
..so he would know the facts, wouldn't he? - Yes.
What were Deepak's complaints when you gave him Trakone?
His head was hurting, he was weak and he was vomiting too.
Did he have a serious ailment past.
Once he'd had fever. After that his kidney had become weak.
Doctor had used a particular word for it. Ne..
Nephritis. That's right. - Yes.
When there is a swelling on the kidney and one gets fever..
..it is called Nephritis. Anyway, anything else?
When Deepak was four years old he had rheumatic fever.
Then you must have had him hospitalized.
No sir, I couldn't afford it. So I cared for him at home.
Doctor said if I kept him in bed there wouldn't be any problem.
That means the last time Deepak got sick..
..you gave him these tablets, right?
No. Not I. My sister dispensed them.
How many? - I don't know about that.
Sister Saroj, how many tablets was Deepak given?
Perhaps he was given two.
Did he get better? - No, it didn't make much of a difference.
Then your sister must have given him more tablets.
It is possible.
Sister Saroj, totally how many tablets did your sister give Deepak?
Sir, do you think I've kept an account of all this?
I'd been waiting for my one and only son to get out of bed.
I was praying to God for it.
And do you think I gave him poison?
Still, how many tablets, sister Saroj?
Must have been five or six.
Is your sister educated? - Yes, she is educated.
Right. Sister Saroj, tell me which tablets are these?
Correct. And there is a paper in here with instructions.
Would you read this, please?
Sir, the words are very fine and I haven't brought my reading glasses.
No problem. I'll read it out to you.
Trakone tablets should be used for relief from pain.
Not more than one in four hours..
..and no more than four tablets to be taken in twenty-four hours.
Now let us read this. This.
You read this. It is in bold letters. You will be able to read it.
Warning. - Yes. Read on.
Without the doctor's advice, people with heart problems..
..should not consume these tablets.
Sister Saroj did you understand the meaning of what you just read?
Yes. I understand.
And do you know what rheumatic fever is?
Rheumatic fever means ailment of the heart.
Your son's heart had become weak..
..and yet you gave him those tablets.
Do you understand what you've unknowingly done wrong?
No sir. Sir, I don't think before taking the tablets..
..anybody must be reading these papers, sir.
Don't talk nonsense, sister Saroj.
We have clearly mentioned on our packets. Warning!
You do understand warnings, don't you?
But sir, I'm telling the truth. I hadn't given my son the medicine.
If not you, your sister gave it to him.
Sister Saroj, I do not consider this a mere accident.
It's a case of gross negligence.
I consider it a case of blind transgression.
But sir.. - Kishor, I think it's..
Sir. Sir, at the time my sister didn't know..
..this would be the result of giving him this medicine.
She didn't know but the fact is she dispensed the tablet.
And you yourself said.. - Enough!
Enough, sir! Enough!
I.. I didn't give my son and kill my son.
Didn't kill my son. Didn't kill him.
Sister Saroj, your denial doesn't change the facts.
You are going to go to court. Good. I say you should go to court..
..so people will know that our medicine wasn't responsible.
Now you must have understood you will not win the case in court.
I'm sorry I had to deceive you with my questions.
But my basic intention was to find out the truth. Which we did.
Instead of learning the truth in court..
..don't you think it's better the truth came out in a closed room?
Sir.. with my own hands I..
Please forgive me; I wasted your precious time.
Now I shan't climb the steps of the court, sir.
Sister Saroj, I am pleased you accepted your mistake.
Please sit outside for a short while. I'll bring you a file.
There are release papers. You will have to sign them. Please.
Sister Saroj, one minute.
Look, as the company chairman, all I want to say to you is..
..with all the discussions we had over here..
..I am just as hurt as you are. Please believe me.
Sister, you one and only son, your only supporting son died..
..this really hurts me terribly.
If you wait outside for a short while..
..I would like to give you a cheque.
There no need, sir.
No, sister Saroj, there is need. Please. Please sit outside.
Kishor, prepare a cheque for five lakhs in favor of sister Saroj.
Five lakhs?! - Yes, that's right.
But sir, everything is over now.
Why do you need to give her money?
There is need only now, Mr. Desai.
You are very well aware that this..
This is an old packet of Trakone.
We don't print the warning on our new packing now.
Yes sir, I know that but you said we had to fight fire with fire. So..
Now I first have to face my conscience.
Desai, prepare a cheque for five lakhs right away.
Why are you sitting in the dark?
You are feeling all right, aren't you? - Yes.
What happened? - Shiela, look at this.
What is this? - It's a cheque for five lakhs.
The cheque I gave Saroj Pathak yesterday has returned.
It has returned?!
And then it's been torn into four pieces and returned.
Oh, was there any note with this? - Nothing. Nothing at all.
But you said Saroj had signed the release papers.
Yes. Kishor has acquired her signatures.
By law we are in the clear.
Then what?
But my conscience isn't clear, Shiela.
My mind isn't working.
The more I think about it the more I get confused.
I don't understand.
I called Saroj's lawyer four to five times since morning.
His steno said, he would come visit you. He will come visit you.
It's past noon and he still hasn't come.
I see. So you've been waiting for him? - Yes.
Hi mama. Hi papa. - Hi, my dear. You're back?
Yes papa. Papa, we will go for a drive today, won't we?
I little while later, my dear.
My dear, Mr. Ratanshi, the owner of Kolkota's National Chemicals..
..I am waiting for a call from him.
And for two days I've been waiting for an appointment from you.
You guys talk. I am leaving.
Okay. Sit down, my dear. Sit! Sit!
Sonam, my dear, tell me how are things in your life?
It's normal. - It's normal! That's very bad.
My girl, at this age you should be like clapping thunder..
..like cyclonic gales, and a downpour of showers.
Your mummy complained to me.
She said these days you appear to be lost.
You stand alone next to the window and hum songs.
Actually papa, what can I say?
I don't know how to say this.
Don't worry. Look, my dear, you are all grown up now.
So we're more like friends than father and daughter.
And so if my experience might be of any use..
..I could offer you some advice.
Okay? - Yes.
Well, tell me, what is your love, your romance like?
What do you mean? There are numerous types of love?
Of course. You see, your generation doesn't know it, we know.
Child, there are three types of love? Three types of romance.
The first type is light romance. Light. Light romance.
In it a boy and a girl fall in love at first glance.
Then both feel they can't live without each other.
But as soon as there is a slight problem..
..they both go their separate ways and they spend their lives happily.
The second type is a chance romance.
Chance romance? - Yes. Chance romance.
In this the boy and girl feel, if I don't have him or her, I shall die.
Or if I can't have him I'll be destroyed. But there's nothing to it.
It's all zeros. There's no number in front of it.
Oh, I see.
And my dear, the third type is true love..
..The real love.
My dear, in this romance the boy and girl meet..
..and they suddenly turn into a selfish pair.
And Lord knows where they both find the courage..
..they don't care about people nor do they care about society.
Any snags that come their way, they uproot them and move ahead.
To tell you the truth, my girl, such romance is dangerous.
Such a romance scares me. Really.
What type is your romance?
I mean whom do you love? Well, I won't ask you the name.
You tell me the name when you feel like it.
Do you want to marry him?
Yes. But not immediately.
Look, my girl, without giving your mummy, me, or anyone else..
..any reason, you are sensible enough to take your own decision.
That much your father knows.
Papa, you have so much trust in me, don't you? - Yes.
Many times I feel I don't deserve your love at all.
My girl, let me make that decision.
Remember one thing in life.
Never take advice from tired, defeated..
..because they will give you wrong advice.
And one more thing. As a father I shouldn't be teaching you this..
..because the world's smart people would point fingers.
But I am like this.
Papa, not only are you smart but you are very understanding too.
Excuse me.
Mr. Ratanshi, where are you?
You're back from Singapore. Yes.
Well, I'd called to find out, Mr. Ratanshi..
..National chemicals and Trakone are an old alliance.
Why did you stop sending us the consignment of Trioxin suddenly?
No! No! I..
What are you saying, Mr. Ratanshi?
No, I am not aware of this.
Who had called?
Kishor Desai did.
I see. No! No! I wasn't feeling very good..
..so I had been hospitalized for a short spell.
Perhaps during that time..
No, I will find out. I will look into the matter.
Meantime, do one thing. Send us a consignment of Trioxin.
That's all. As soon as possible. Yes.
I'll send you a consignment letter today.
Thank you Mr. Ratanshi. Thank you very much.
What's the matter, papa?
Sonam, this is most surprising.
Mr. Ratanshi claims he didn't stop dispatching Trioxin to us..
..rather he had been told that we don't wish to purchase it from him.
And it was Kishor who told him this.
Kishor called and informed him to stop the supply.
Kishor. No papa, I'm sure there's some misunderstanding.
Even I wish I have misunderstood but if it isn't..
No papa. Do you suspect something else?
Now I have to get to the bottom of this matter.
I have to find out everything. Something is cooking.
Hello. Miss Banker.
Where is Mr. Desai?
Send Mr. Desai inside. It's urgent.
Sonam, mummy and you go ahead and have your meal.
Papa, are you mad at Kishor?
Please, my girl, you go and have your meal.
No papa, I shall stay here.
Sonam, I want to speak to Kishor privately. Please.
No papa, I am not going to go from here.
In don't understand, Sonam..
..why are you being so obstinate about staying here?
Or are you interested in Koshor.
Papa, if you are going to accuse Kishor of anything..
..then I am not going to go away from here.
I see.
Sonam, a short while ago I asked you who is the boy of your choice..
..let me know the name. But I think I don't need to know now.
Yes. Okay.
Papa, Mr. Vyas has come to see you.
I am going.
Sit down. Sit here.
After I conclude my discussion with Vyas..
..I have something important to converse with you.
Please be seated.
Good evening, Mr. Gandhi.
Hello, Mr. Vyas. I called your office a few times. I'm glad you came.
Please come in. Mr. Vyas, this is my daughter Sonam.
Hello. - Advocate Vyas.
Mr. Vyas, the cheque for rupees five lakhs that I gave Saroj..
..I will take it you ripped it and sent it back to me. - Yes.
Do you know yesterday Saroj gladly spoke of withdrawing the case?
She even signed a release before she went.
Yes, she told me. But right now I'm not here to discuss that.
I want to talk about something else.
If you are trying to tell me..
..that Trakone's tablet was faulty or the packet..
No, Mr. Gandhi, that's not it.
Actually the packet Saroj had used wasn't faulty.
I think I was mistaken.
Oh, that's wonderful.
I'm glad you have realized your mistake, Mr. Vyas.
Gandhi, you aren't manufacturing faulty medicines..
..but rather a very toxic medicine.
What are you trying to say, Mr. Vyas?
Just that Trakone is a toxic medicine.
Mr. Vyas, if you try spreading this to the media..
..you will see I shall sue you for millions of rupees.
Mr. Gandhi, I am offering you a chance at this case.
But for now, I have the analysis report of Trakone..
..which I specifically sent to the lab for testing.
I will tell you about it if you are willing to listen.
Please go ahead.
Trakone is a lethal toxin.
After consumption it splits into two parts.
One is ammonia oxide and the other is diantro glycon.
This glycon affects the kidney.
And if there is a swelling on the kidney or any other problem..
..then the medulary pyramid gets disturbed..
..and due to excessive absorption of urea in the blood stream..
..the patient dies of uremia.
Nonsense! Saroj's son died of Nefritis..
..and there's no sign or mention of toxin in the medical report.
Trakone is lethal for patients with kidney problems, Mr. Gandhi.
This is rubbish! Nonsense!
Mr. Vyas, you may further your complaint. Go! Go to court. Go!
I gave the cheque for five lakhs. You should have kept it..
..but now listen to me. I won't give you a single penny.
Do what you can. You may leave.
And one more thing, Mr. Vyas. Understand one thing.
You can't scare or threaten me. Get it?
I very well know lawyers like you and such quacks.
You are using a widow as a pawn to extort money from me.
You should be ashamed of yourself. Shame on you!
You are right, Mr. Gandhi. I am ashamed.
Despite being a lawyer I cannot ignore the law..
..that's why I am ashamed of myself.
The law can only listen, it cannot see.
When Saroj told me what she went through, my heart shuddered.
When her son was breathing his last breath..
..this lady, this widow was at the doctors fee..
..begging him to save her son. Save my son.
Take my life but save my son. But no. His life was over.
The liability of this goes to your medicine, your company..
..and above all you, Mr. Gandhi.
I am only sorry that I can't thaw your hard heart.
By giving a charity of five lakh rupees..
..you want to cover up the murder of an innocent child.
But no. I will not allow you to do that, Mr. Gandhi.
I will not allow that.
Oh yes. Humanity isn't dead in every lawyer.
Remember that.
I can't believe it. I don't know why but Mr. Vyas sounds true, papa.
It would sound true, my girl, Sonam.
People like this always sound true. His is pretending.
That's the a boon to his dishonest business.
But it is a pretense! A pretense!
If that lawyer were true he wouldn't come here trying to convince me.
He would have been in the courts long ago.
Damn it! It's a conspiracy! A conspiracy!
I must find out about this.
Hello. Doctor Dalal. I just received a report..
..that says Trakone is toxic.
It is lethal. It has side effects. Well, I want to know, doctor Dalal..
..what is the minimum toxicity in Trakone. Begin the experiments.
If the facilities at our laboratory aren't enough..
..then make use of other laboratories.
Don't worry about the expenses.
But I want this information as soon as possible.
Are you listening? You are listening, aren't you?
Sir, the contents of the report are true.
What are you trying to tell me, doctor Dalal?
Trakone is truly lethal.
Three months ago I had used it on mice. Two of those mice died.
When I spoke with Mr. Desai..
..he said he would personally discuss this with you.
I thought you were aware of this.
Doctor Dalal, you haven't mentioned this outside, have you?
If this were to get out, what would happen to the company?
What would happen to the lakhs of consumers?
I understand this very well. You may keep complete faith in me.
I know that, Doctor.
Thank you.
Excuse me, sir.
Sir, there are certain papers you need to sign.
I just spoke with doctor Dalal.
Oh! - He just told me something very shocking.
Right sir. Sir, when I came to know about Saroj's matter..
..I called Mr. Dalal and told him to test the tablet.
Kishor, after experimenting in the laboratory two mice died.
Why didn't you inform me of this?
I've been home since so many days..
..and yet why didn't you inform me of this?
Sir, I was going to tell you. - You were going to tell me. I see.
What else were you going to tell me?
We stopped purchasing Trioxin from National Chemicals..
..this decision has been taken by you and concealed this from me..
..were you going to reveal this as well, Mr. Desai?
Actually, yes sir. I was waiting for you to return from Ooty..
..before I would inform you of this. - Kishor, if you think..
..I cannot learn what's happening around me..
..that I am so stupid then you are a fool!
No! No! Desai, you aren't a fool, you are sly.
You are playing a dirty game. And I want to know what it is.
Right here, right now, in Sonam's presence..
..because she too is interested.
More than the company, Sonam is interested in Kishor Desai.
Speak up!
Sir, when I learned that Trakone has a side effect on the kidney..
..that Trakone is lethal. The first thing I thought of..
..was to call and inform you, but when I thought some more..
..I felt that wouldn't be right. - But why, Kishor?
Sonam, you know your papa very well.
We were afraid that you might disclose this.
Mr. Dixit and Mr. Patel also explained this to me.
It was my job to find a solution, so I made a scheme.
To withdraw the toxic tablets from the chemist..
..I supplied him new tablets. And that too at half price.
And you will be surprised, this scheme worked.
Sir, I wanted to wrap this up before you returned.
In short, Desai, you were trying to protect me.
No! No sir! Not only you. Everyone.
Everyone in the company, the company and myself as well.
Sir, this company is everything to me.
There's something even more significant too.
What do you mean?
You have been purchasing shares.
You have been covertly purchasing Trakone's shares. Is it true?
Sir, I knew you would misconstrue this.
Mr. Desai, I am misconstruing this at this time..
..and I want you to help me understand.
Exactly what would you like to know?
Just where did you acquire the money to purchase so many shares?
I took a loan from the Bank.
From the Bank! Which Bank gave you such a big loan?
Could you show me the papers?
I cannot show them to you.
And you will have to believe what I tell you now.
No, Mr. Desai, you are lying. You are lying!
If you think I am lying then there's no point in any discussion.
All right! Would you mind telling me what's going on between you..
..and Mr. Patel, the director of this company?
What are you talking about?
Other than our company relations..
..what are your private business relations with him?
Mr. Patel offered me partnership, which you never even considered.
I see. He has offered you partnership. In what?
Well, you know, Mr. Patel is starting several business ventures.
You are going to start several businesses.
You have come up with great schemes.
And one of those schemes is to take over Trakone pharmaceuticals.
You want to take over this company. Right?
What were you thinking, Mr. Kishor?
I had so much respect for you, Kishor.
Not only I. The entire Board. Even the members of my family.
I was partial to you in many ways, boy
Just like a fatherly concern, that's how I cared for you.
I groomed you.
And you prepared a scheme to topple me.
Anyway, you have a very big opportunity standing in front of you.
You may catch it.
Tonight. Tonight you will begin your new life..
..your new career.
Miss Banker, Tonight at 8:30 at my house..
..I want to hold a Board of Directors meeting.
It's urgent. But they will have to attend. Tell them it's my order.
Sonam, your papa thinks he's discovered a big secret.
He thinks I am big sinner. I'm difficult.
But let me tell you, Mr. Gandhi, you have always used me.
You haven't helped me; in fact I have always helped you.
And the office staff knows this only too well.
And everybody except you knows how valuable I am to you, Mr. Gandhi.
Kishor. - Sonam, do you know..
..my father drudged his whole life for one company.
He slogged for the company.
And when they felt there's nothing left that he could do..
..they handed him a gold watch and told him..
..Mr. Desai, stay at home henceforth you are not needed.
Mr. Gandhi, I learned a great lesson of life from my father.
I shall personally buy my gold watches.
I shall see you at the meeting tonight.
Papa, I know you feel..
..Kishor has kept aside all the principles of life.
He doesn't have business ethics. No value.
But I believe that man has a fantastic capability.
My girl, a wild cheetah also has fantastic skills..
..but nobody goes and sits next to it.
Papa, the attributes..
..the good qualities that he has, you aren't aware of them.
Yes. He has good qualities. He is talented.
He is talented enough to realize that which he sets his mind on.
In that case you have been unjust to him.
I have. I have been grossly unjust to Kishor. You are right, Sonam.
For him to have succeeded in his schemes..
..for him to have toppled me, so he could have sat in my chair..
..for that I should have died at the hospital.
Papa, please. You are getting unnecessarily emotional.
Seeing that you think emotions are unnecessary..
..I feel you have changed a great deal.
Kishor has toiled day and night for our company.
He is very hurt by this behavior on your part.
Traitors never feel hurt, my girl. Kishor is a traitor.
And there is nothing more shameful than betrayal in this world.
You wouldn't understand this right now, Sonam..
..because your viewpoint has changed now.
A rift has come between your thoughts and mine, my dear.
A very big rift.
Friends, I have called today's emergency meeting..
..to take a decision on our business as well as ethics.
Mr. Gandhi, don't mind but I thought..
..today's meeting was only for the active shareholders.
Mr. Patel, you are referring to my daughter's presence..
..I can understand, but let me inform everyone..
..that Sonam Gandhi owns a large portion of shares. Ten percent.
That's right. But she hasn't been present at any meeting previously.
I think I should go.
No, my dear, you sit here. Your attendance is essential. Sit down.
Excuse me, gentlemen. Excuse me, I'm sorry.
Sorry for being late once again.
No problem Mr. Rathia, at least you have turned up this time.
Hey, it wasn't possible for me not to attend today.
Please keep calm. Listen to me carefully.
I want to inform you of a serious and confidential matter.
This morning an unidentified person informed me..
..that our Trakone is a very lethal drug.
And that man has the evidence.
What are you saying, Mr. Rathia?
It's a fact, boy.
Mr. Shroff, Mr. Rathia is correct. Trakone is a lethal drug.
You know about this? - Yes Rathia.
Hey, Mr. Merchant, aren't you shocked to hear this about the drug?
Actually I heard about it this afternoon.
From whom? - From Mr. Patel and Mr. Desai.
Well, it isn't as serious as we think it is.
Albeit Mr. Kishor has solved the problem.
And on those bases he withdrew the drug from the market.
On more thing, a drug that kills mice might not be as harmful to man.
But if people come to know that Trakone is lethal..
..there will be a queue of people suing our company.
Yes. You're right, Mr. Shroff.
Hey, our company will be faced with great problems.
There is no direct poison in the drug, Mr. Rathia.
And then, the matter isn't as serious as Mr. Gandhi considers it.
All right, then all of you believe that Trakone isn't toxic..
..we will conclude this and return to our homes to sleep peacefully.
No gentlemen, I don't agree to this.
Even now there are millions of Trakone tablets in the market..
..which is hazardous to people's lives..
..and especially hazardous to little children's lives.
Are we supposed to ignore this?
We aren't supposed to take any action?
Well, I have been consuming Trakone for a long time.
It hasn't harmed me. What do you have to say about it, Mr. Merchant?
My family and I have been consuming Trakone for years.
And yet I am sitting here alive and kicking in front of you..
..which is solid proof after the fact.
Exactly. If Trakone isn't harmful to us, then Mr. Gandhi..
..why are you needlessly creating problems?
Mr. Patel. Here. Take this.
This contains a six-gram tablet of Trakone.
The normal one is one and half gram. This is six grams.
Would you like to take it with water..
..or shall I give it to you just like that?
I don't want it.
Why not? You said that Trakone isn't harmful.
Then what problem could you have taking it?
Please go ahead, Mr.. - Stop this! I don't like this.
You are bothering me, Mr. Gandhi.
I'm surprised, Mr. Patel.
This is the first time I've seen you so disturbed.
Well, I don't feel the need to bother anyone any longer..
..because what I set out to prove has been accepted without a word.
Now my question is, that there are millions of shops..
..with a stock of millions of Trakone tablets..
..what decision is our Board going to take on it?
And that's the reason I've assembled all of you here today.
Are you trying to say, Mr. Gandhi that you want to disclose this?
I will take my decision based on what you all decide.
I think that if you disclose that ..
..then you will bury every one of us here.
What about the company? What about the employees?
What about our shares?
That's right, Mr. Patel. The most important thing is..
..what about our company shares?
Mr. Gandhi, we have no choice but to be entrepreneurial.
If thousands of people sue our company..
..then we will become bankrupt in trying to resolve the matter.
This means, so that we don't become bankrupt..
..we should not open our mouths about our stock in several shops?
We should maintain silence. Is that it?
Mr. Gandhi, are you trying to send us all to the death row?
This is exactly what we are doing to our customers at this time.
Mr. Rathia, what is your opinion on this matter?
Look brother, my opinion is..
..that these days there is no integrity left in the world.
If you are the least bit kind to another..
..even then the people are going to say you are thick and a fool.
So Gandhi, if we disclose this now..
..I am sure, out of the millions of people..
..not a single one will send us a thank you note.
I am willing to bet on this.
You are right, Mr. Rathia. When a business is competitive..
..at such a time, Mr. Gandhi, one doesn't hold on to principles.
Mr. Gandhi, what is you opinion on this matter? Your opinion counts.
Yes, my opinion counts the most.
That's why I've decided, tomorrow I'll invite Saroj's lawyer..
..advocate Vyas over here once again..
..I shall have a conversation with him..
..and I will resolve this matter on his terms.
You mean papa, we will pay fifty lakh rupees?
Yes. If need be I will pay fifty lakhs.
Yesterday, in my presence..
.. the manner in which Mr. Desai had been threatening Saroj..
..and the manner in which he was questioning her..
..I have seen it all personally.
He cajoled and coaxed her into consenting..
..that she was personally responsible for her death's son..
..and not our company. Whereas he knew that Saroj was correct..
..and that we were wrong. He showed her the old box.
Well gentlemen, in my view this is deceit. It is fraud.
And on this point..
..I propose to dismiss Mr. Desai from the company.
Wait a minute, Mr. Gandhi.
Mr. Desai tried to protect us from distress.
That is right, Mr. Patel.
And now you are trying to protect Mr. Desai. Why not?
After all both of you are partners, you have generated new schemes.
And one of those schemes is to usurp Trakone drug company.
Well, I am a majority shareholder in numerous companies.
I have to further my business plans.
Mr. Patel, there's no need to clarify.
All I want to say is Kishor has plotted ..
..against my company and me.
As the chairman, I have the right to dismiss or retain him.
Still, Kishor Desai's issue is the Board's issue..
..it's an issue of the company's policy.
Therefore, I would like to put on the agenda my proposal for..
.. Mr. Desai's resignation to the Board of directors for their vote.
Mr. Gandhi, I shall take for granted that you know what you are saying.
But if the result of the ballot is against you ..
..then your position as the chairman of the company..
..will be difficult and you will have to hand in your resignation.
I don't mind. If handing in my resignation will expose the facts..
..then I will consider it a victory for humanity.
I will consider it a golden morning.
Mr. Gandhi, if you don't mind..
..I would like to say something to the Board of directors.
My friends, I changed the basic formula of Trakone. I agree.
But by doing so..
I had been trying to get us all..
..All of us out of a difficult situation.
I thought that I would be appreciated for this effort.
Mr. Gandhi would offer me a promotion.
But now what can I say about how stupid that belief was?
Anyway, there's a huge risk to our company at this time.
And that risk is not Trakone's but Mr. Gandhi's..
..or that of the chairman of the company.
Now we can't rely on him. And he is incapable of taking the burden.
It's not as if he can face the situation..
..nor can he stick with the issue and perform his responsibility.
And in that case, I'm not the one who has to defend myself..
..Mr. Gandhi has to defend himself.
That's all.
Friends, I've said everything I had to say.
I think there is no need for further discussion.
We should begin voting.
In accordance with the company's constitution..
..the shareholders will be able to vote..
..as much percent as the shares he holds.
Mr. Shroff, this is the list of shareholders..
..and against it are the figures of the percentage of shares.
You have to match it when you vote. - Yes.
First and foremost, I have twenty percent.
I vote for my proposal that ..
..Kishor Desai should resign the company.
I have twenty percent.
Next is Sonam Gandhi. Ten percent.
Papa, in the past you have voted in my place.
That's because you were absent then. Today you are present.
Then I am absent even now.
And in my absence you are free to do as you please.
Excuse me.
Well, Sonam Gandhi. Ten percent.
In favor of the proposal.
Mr. Merchant. Fifteen percent.
Well, Mr. Gandhi, I can't totally accept your proposal.
But the manner in which Mr. Desai has tried to protect us all..
..seeing that, I oppose.
Mr. Merchant is against the proposal. Fifteen percent.
I'm sorry. There is a slight change in the position.
I have sold my five percent to Mr. Kishor Desai.
Mr. Merchant. Ten percent.
My name is next.
Sunil, you father had ten percent shares in this company.
Today you have to vote. Please go ahead.
Mr. Gandhi, I am in favor of you. But I only hold five percent.
Mr. Desai has purchased five percent.
So my five percent is in your favor.
Next is myself. I have ten percent of my own.
And five percent each of Mr. Merchant and Mr. Shroff.
Twenty percent in all. Against the proposal. Obviously.
Rathia. It's your turn.
Well. Well. To tell you the truth I'm totally confused.
I don't understand anything here.
One moment there's talk of a change in the drug.
Next moment there's talk of protecting.
Look. I.. I.. I.. I abstain.
What is the position now?
Thirty-five percent is in favor. Thirty percent is against.
And fifteen percent is abstaining.
Mr. Patel, now it is your turn.
And you are very well aware that your vote will be the deciding vote.
Well, before I vote I would like to say a few words.
Mr. Gandhi, we have never had any disagreements previously.
Ever since you took over the reins of the company..
..I have stayed away from you.
Because of your acumen this company has progressed.
And today.
Well, even today I am with you.
Mr. Patel. - Yes.
I vote in favor of Mr. Gandhi.
I see. Well, in that case, Kishor Desai..
..should hand in his resignation to the company..
..this proposal is resolved by majority votes.
I adjourn today's meeting.
Gandhi, friend, I'm sorry.
Why sorry. Friend, rather than give a wrong vote..
..it is better not to vote. It is appropriate.
Look, I know you are very hurt by abstinence.
But you know, don't you.. I can't stand the sight of that scoundrel.
That Kishor Desai. Still I let you down.
Try to understand, Gandhi.
I have invested my entire life's savings into this company.
Every penny.
I don't understand one thing..
..that Patel who is in partnership with him. He voted in your favor.
Hey Rathia, Patel isn't as forthright as you.
Patel is playing a game. Double game. Double game.
Today he voted in my favor because the situation is difficult.
If I remain the chairman in this situation..
..then Kishor Desai will be safe. But I know, very soon..
..Patel will put forward a proposal to oust me from my chair.
That is for sure.
May I tell you something, friend. Today I learned a lesson in life.
True and courageous people like you aren't appreciated in this world.
No. Destiny too doesn't appreciate such people.
Such people simply die in incognito.
Whereas undeserving people like him escalate.
And even destiny.. Even destiny supports them.
Friend. I'm sorry about it. I'm sorry friend.
Thank you.
Have you decided what you want to do?
I have taken a decision but..
Shiela for the first time in my life I am feeling quandary.
Even I deliberated all night.
And after due consideration..
..I felt that Kishor's plan is practical and safe.
Your company would be sealed..
..how could you expect your friends to support you on this?
Look. Is Sonam your enemy?
Am I your enemy? No.
Now you aren't alone.
You have a family.
When the people will sue you for millions of rupees..
..how many people will you pay up to?
That's why I'm telling you to keep this under wraps.
Otherwise we'll get back to where we were.
You are right.
But I feel we could live with our heads held high.
No. We won't be able to live.
This house, this affluence, this prominence..
..how will we live after sacrificing it all?
I admit.
I admit that I am weak. woman.
I don't have the strength to begin life anew.
Nor are we young enough to start life all over again.
That's why I am telling you..
..in the list of the victims of this toxic drug..
..it would be best if our name didn't appear.
Excuse me.
I'd like to meet Sonam if you will permit me.
Please sit down. I'll send her.
Hello Kishor. - Hey! Sonam. Darling.
You know, I'm very happy.
You truly showed courage at the meeting today. I'm proud of you.
What courage? I fled.
C'mon. Where did you flee? You opposed the situation in your way.
Kishor, what papa said about you was entirely untrue..
..you will have to convince me of it.
Sonam, I didn't intend to hurt your papa.
He proposed that I hand in my resignation..
..so I had to face it as a participant. That's all.
Sonam, now you will have to be strong.
You have to help me. You have to speak with your papa.
If you speak with your papa, it will be the support of our life.
Only then will be able to salvage the company.
And if we salvage the company..
..only then will we be able to lead an comfortable life.
Please Sonam. Or my entire life will go down the drain.
You don't care about my papa. You don't care about me?
C'mon Sonam. I am thinking about our future.
No Kishor, you are only thinking about yourself.
Whereas I am thinking about that evening..
..when you said I love you, Sonam, for the first time.
We were sitting at Juhu Beach.
It was raining.
You touched me for the first time and I trembled.
And suddenly built a hole in the sand around me.
And you said, Sonam, this is a magical hole.
You are imprisoned in it forever.
You belong to me, Sonam.
And like a little girl, I started living in a fairy tale.
But today that fairly tale is ending.
Now I don't trust that magical castle.
I don't trust you, Kishor.
Walking in that sand castle I have arrived at today's sad situation.
Sonam. Sonam, you are upset.
No, Kishore!
My castle was a castle of cards.
How could it stand up to blowing winds?
It fell.
Go away, Kishor. Go away. Please.
My dear, I can understand your pain, your quandary.
Even I know when a person is in love..
..he thinks from the heart..
..and experiences with his mind.
But you are faced with a moment, when your heart and your mind..
..come to a single conclusion, that's what you must do.
I have come to a conclusion, papa.
I've realized that the feelings of my heart were like a.. waves.
That's why it wasn't difficult to come to a conclusion.
My dear, I know you love Kishor.
Yes. Undoubtedly.
But I love my papa more than him.
Papa, do you recall, years ago you told me..
..child, you are young now, but when you grow up..
..with your eyes open and..
..you will have to drum up the strength to make decisions.
You stood me in front of a big mirror.
And you told me, look Sonam, look your face.
Look at it carefully.
Save your dignity at all times.
No matter what the circumstances, you shouldn't hesitate.
Papa, if you hadn't taught me this golden lesson of life..
..then I would have compromised with Kishor.
My dear..
..man moves about with a mask on his face.
The mask looks very pretty.
But to take off that mask and stand in front of the mirror..
..that is the strength a person should have.
Today it is your turn to stand in front of the mirror.
Today, in front of you.. In front of you, there is such a big storm.
Are you going to shut your eyes at such a time?
Are you going to go in front of the mirror with a mask?
And if that is the case, if you lose courage..
..then where will I go? Where will you go?
Where will this company go?
Where will a man's honesty and his principles go, papa?
You are right, Sonam.
It is my duty.
Instead of letting the truth hang,I will have to seat it on a throne.
I have to do that.
Hello. Times of India.
Editorial department.
Mr. Gandhi speaking from Trakone pharma.
Yes, I am the chairman.
I have to divulge something very shocking about Trakone.
Trakone is a highly lethal drug.
Lakhs of people are in jeopardy because of it.
Especially the lives of small children.
And I accept total responsibility for this.
It will be my moral duty to pay up all the claims made.
A written statement will be sent to your office.
Thank you.
Papa. - My dear.