[ENG] YG Family Habits Research

Uploaded by WeezingKoffing on 31.03.2011

With a swift pace Taeyang is the first to appear
And the rest of the members wait beyond one corner
A flock of good looking males follow
As Daesung comes down the stairs
Taeyang once again takes the lead
This time Taeyang waits for the members on stage
Seungri rubs his butt area
He is either tucking his shirt in or is scratching
As he continuously touches that area
All of Big Bang is showing off their expressionless charisma
As G-Dragon says "look up front"
Daesung answers "yes sir~"
He presses the shutter like a camera man
Seungri looks a different direction to the 4 hyungs
He gives out a rebellious air
Left. This way~
"Look left please". With one word from the reporter Seungri's rebellious phase is over
We will continue with group shots of YG family. Please wait patiently.
This is Big Bang waiting for the rest of the YG Family members
The members are reserved amongst each other
It is currently 11AM. Since it is early it is understandable that they're not energetic
Then, the Taeyang (Sun) rose
He is showing off a cool performance using the camera
Taeyang's sunspot must have exploded.
G-Dragon is welcoming and
Taeyang becomes Sandara Park's paparazzi
What is TOP doing? Is he shooting a sniper rifle?
Seungri guides Sandara Park to her spot
G-Dragon bows politely
I think an important person has appeared
As expected of the leader, he is strong on the business side
They are sorting out the positions
Taeyang sets an example with a sensual mermaid princess pose
Two women are enjoying Taeyang's kkab
Director Se7en's avatar play starts
The important person looks at Se7en with an amused expression
That guy ha~
With one word from director Se7en, YG Family become kindergarteners
The important person leaves
G-Dragon politely does a folder bow
We'll go once with YG Family only
Comfortable expressions...
We're not really on comfortable terms
On this day, this was the only thing TOP officially said
And that was how the early morning photo time ended
As they leave, Taeyang leads once again in first place
Those empty seats are where YG Family will sit
Taeyang rides the rhythm and enters first as expected
The rest of the family follows
TOP sits on the chair
He pulls back cross his legs and pushes forward again
As soon as he sits down he drinks some fresh water
CL fixes her fringe as she claps
Seungri elegantly has a glass of water
Slowly~ It seems he's willing to drink the water overnight
TOP drinks water with his right hand and puts the glass down with his left
CL keeps fidgeting with her fringe
G-Dragon starts his butt gymnastics
Bump on the spot~ Bump to the right~
He is relaxing his butt muscles
Taeyang points and bursts out in laughter
What could it be?
Seungri uses the intermission to say "Taeyang hyung~ Peek-a-boo"
He acted cute
Taeyang is happy~ And pointed in amusement
Se7en-shi what are you doing? Are you drying your armpit sweat?
What could Se7en mean with this action?
Se7en looks at Daesung and points out his shoulders
Taeyang also touches Daesung's shoulder
Let's see
It looks like he has the shoulder pads from Uhm Jung Hwa's Disco
Seungri yawns for approximately 3.5 seconds
Se7en says something to Sandara Park
As if he has heavy eyes, Seungri rubs his eyes and checks the results
Scratching his right head
He plays piano on his shoulder
Scratching the top of his head
He scratches all over
Park Bom tells on Seungri saying he scratched two, no three times
Sandara Park takes a picture to upload to her me2day
It's time for Daesung to take his meds
G-Dragon's watch looks expensive
There are 3 wrinkles on TOP's forehead
He rocks his head with folded arms
"No~ It can't be~" What is Park Bom thinking?
G-Dragon politely nods to the important person
Seungri claps with a cocky force
TOP lipsynchs his claps
Taeyang says something to Daesung and he bursts out in laughter
It seems like Taeyang is quite humourous
TOP holds a knife in his right hand and scratches about
What could he be doing?
We checked later on
It seems like he cut the cheese into 15 pieces
Hello. Nice to meet you. I am Se7en
With their work sunbae's greeting two women are happy
G-Dragon is playing around "Go go Gadget All-Purpose Arm~"
Seungri and TOP is also looking brightly at Se7en hyung
The devilish man who captivated Park Han Byul, Se7en~
He is also popular among his company hoobaes
Se7en returns to his seat and asks "Did I do good?", and Minji responds positively
Park Bom and Gong Minji whisper and Park Bom stands up and leaves
She slightly covers her stomach
He leans his hand slightly on the chair
Se7en says one word and two girls smile brightly
It seems like someone is speaking badly of Seungri
Se7en and his conversation with the two girls continues
Shall we concentrate on TOP for a while?
He looks behind him with a disappointed look
Se7en also sadly looks in the same direction
The mighty YG Family is unbelievably being ignored by the reporters
With a gesture from Se7en
Sandara Park laughs intensely
It is stylish and charismatic Big Bang's TOP
After a complimentary introduction, he clears his throat with a glass of water
Look at TOP's confident and refined appearance
Taeyang cheers him on by saying "You look cool~"
Witty and multitalented Big Bang's Seungri
With the MC's introduction Seungri's face becomes brighter
With the "multitalented" introduction for Seungri, Sandara Park feels it through her back
And Daesung must have been embarrassed as he lets out some laughter
What pose will the Seungri that loves solo shots show us this time?
The 3 girls of 2NE1 seem highly expectant as well
Seungri freely enjoys his solo shots
G-Dragon sees this and claps and gives him the double thumbs up
Hyung~ Thank you~ He replies with his pink gums
All of YG Family has gathered
Director Se7en finds Taeyang and Daesung's spots and he stands at the very end
Sandara Park carries the camera alone and fulfills her duty as a model
Seungri is the only one to have turned his body 45 degrees and claps alone
YG Family leaves
Se7en walks seriously
Daesung with his magnificent shoulder pads follows behind
Taeyang is bumping to the beat
Seungri smiles with aegyo at the camera
TOP passes by swiftly...
And suddenly returns.
What could it be?
Ah he nearly forgot his sunglasses
All of the viewers should also check whenever they get off the bus if they've left anything behind