Tezuka Lion Book series -The Green Cat (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Tezuka Lion Book Series
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Lion Books
If I am not with him, all I can do is die
I was waiting for you, Sango Yuno. Why didn't you try to meet me?
I am Ban Shunsaku from ___.
Sango, the Green Cat that you are looking for is in this building
Wait! Before you go in, listen to what I have to say
Kill the Green Cat. I need to save you, and the only way to do that is to kill that cat
Only you could go close to that cat. Come on have courage
No way, do you think I can do that?
Green is my one and only friend. But you guys are...
Hurrry up and go inside, stupid.
Since I was little, Green was a friend who made my dreams come true
Green! Are you in here?
The Green Cat
Mr. Ban, is the Green Cat really in that building?
I surely saw the cat go in there. I just made the boy go in there to stop it.
Stop it? That ridiculus and impossible
That boy and the Green Cat have a deep relationship
Green, its me
Green blood
Green! Are you hurt?
Sango, you have to do it. I know it will be hard, but after that, you feel better
My mission for the last 20 years has finially finished
There is only two people in the store
Gang's Susan!
I will borrow your store for a bit
Wait! -Be quiet!
Please I beg you to stop.
Little boy, are you okay?
Ban, my son is in your care.
Yuno! Yuno!
It looks like it didn't go well
If you go away, then I will..
Don't leave me!
One year later, I closed the laundary shop. I decided to go back to Japan, so I headed to Los Angeles.
Little boy, you need to go to the bathroom? Okay, okay.
No, really, I saw an UFO.
Did you hear him? He said he saw an UFO!
Be quiet!
Really, what do they think I am?
Treating me like an idiot. Right Sango?
When did this cat climb in here?
What a weird cat. I am going to throw you out
Okay fine I will let you keep this cat like a toy
Hopefully this is not Susan's cat
I went on a boat from San Fransico around Australia to go to Japan
Please find him. He is a two-year old boy.
Little boy! -Sango!
While being apart from him, I reached Japan.
since then 13 years has past.
All day he is hugging the cat.
He must be in love with the cat.
We have to escape quickly
Its okay. If you believe in me, anything can happen.
I will help you fight them.
Even if you say you are..
Its going to be okay. Leave it to me.
You are?
The cat talked!
Somehow I am getting stronger.
Yeah, as long as I am with you, you can do anything.
This cat could be good.
3 years later
At Monte Carlo, there is a Japanese boy who is winning a lot of gambles.
An unknown boy with a green cat.
If he is with a green cat, then it has to be him.
If he is with a green cat, then it has to be him.
Number 34. The winner is Sango Yuna
Him? He is the Yuno boy, and a Green Cat
Wow! Again Mr. Yuno wins
Why are you copying me?
You are also copying me.
He is the child I am searching for.
I am studying that cat. It looks like a cat, but its not a cat.
It could be a space cat.
Please stop joking.
Hey you, wait a second.
I am busy.
I need to go to the Green Cat's and the boy's house.
Excuse me.
He is sleeping right now.
Please don't meet him.
I wanted to meet Sango.
Don't meet him.
This is not an ordinary cat. I..
You left Sango on the ship without even looking for him.
After he became rich, you wanted to see him.
That's not my intention. I wanted to find him, but I just didn't have any way.
I will not accept that reason. Since I looked after him all this time, Sango only needs me.
Please let me...
Yes, you are right.
I shouldn't be able to come here. At least, please give this to Sanbo.
Its Sango's toy and childhood photo.
Good-bye. Please give my regards to Sanbo.
Listen here, that isn't a cat.
Always it would be attracted to children, and do anything they wish for.
I wish I can use him too.
But then, the children do evil things.
And because they depend on the cat, they lose themselves.
Why is the cat doing that?
Watch this.
What is the meaning of that?
The original form is probably like this.
What is that?
I don't know.
Probably it came from space, and turned into a cat because of its similar shape
Anyway, it is true that it is a dangerous creature.
You don't feel that this is dangerous.
3 years later, I went to Paris to teach judo to the police there.
Hello, Mr. Yuno. You came. I wanted to meet you.
Don't smoke in front of me.
We promised to talk with just the two of us.
Be careful. He might be after you.
Don't bring him in.
Don't be mad. That was the promise.
Hurry up.
What did you want to talk about?
Go to the newpaper company, and tell them to stop the article
I will do whatever you say, so don't abandon me.
If you have courage, then why don't you test out my invention.
I am going to put this in the boy's and the cat's room.
What does that mean? Ah what's that?
Okay, let's try it.
Be careful. -Leave it to me.
I am counting on you Ban-kun. My son also was controlled by the Green Cat.
Don't trust anyone but me.
What would you do if someone came and said that he was your father's friend?
If there was someone like that, then I would love to meet him.
Idiot, those kinds of people are only after your money.
You only need to rely on me.
Green, whats going on?
You can't breathe? Thats weird.
Save me, save me. I can't breathe.
Green, you can't die. I will call the doctor.
Be quiet. Hello. Green
In the end, Sango was taken away by the police
And I looked around for the Green Cat.
With a letter, I wrote to him that the cat is here.
But do you think that the boy will kill the cat? He might even save the Green Cat.
Alternately, the Green Cat can hurt the boy.
I am here Sango. You better be alone.
Green, I am alone.
Run away, this place is surrounded.
I will not run away. I am going to fight them here.
I was told to kill you.
I know. You are also a human, and you see me as your enemy
Green, we are tied with friendship, so thats why I am saying run...
Did you say run? Sango, can you live without me?
I thought we could forever get along together
Green, Green. I don't care who you are.
Please let me be with you.
That's right, but someone annoying came in
that mustache guy.
Come on, Green. That guy has nothing to do with this. However, if he does,
I have a plan.
Get ready to attack.
Don't fire yet. Do it when its closer.
Come on Green, there is no one that would be in our way.
Because of him, our relationship was messed up.
The same baby.
Don't trust anyone except for me.
If you want to be with me, then with that gun, kill him
Little Boy.
Who is this person? What kind of relationship do we have?
Why did you burn the picture? Who is the baby?
Sango. Please cheer up.
Mr. Ban, congratulations!
That? That is called a margaret.
Alright, let's go home.
The coffee that I make is really good.
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