UNH in the classroom with Eberhard Moebius

Uploaded by UNHVideo on 01.11.2012


I have these two plates here.
Of course, if I pull this table cloth slowly,
they move and move.
I'm Eberhard Moebius, and I have been here
since 22 years now.
If I do that just--
I'm in the physics department and the space science center.
I'm teaching courses form discovery courses, first-year
introductory and upper-level physics courses and graduate
student courses.
What happened?
They hit at the same time.
This one is the Introduction to Astronomy, that's one of
our key discovery courses.
Since it's such a large course, I wanted to still make
it as much interactive as possible.
And when it goes down, it gains kinetic energy.
To do that, astronomy lends itself to a lot of nice
visuals that tie into the concepts that I'm teaching.
Now you pull them in.
See, she speeds up and she can nicely slow down when she
brings the weight out.
And there are also a number of interesting demos.
Stopped when it's so slow.
Thank you very much, Wendy.