Stupid Game Show Answers Clipdown - Clips 30-21

Uploaded by stupidgsa on 04.04.2009

[SGSA theme music]
[Allen]: Sylvia Anderson, what do you do?
I'm a waitress and I'm also a volunteer teacher's aid.
[Allen]: You like to play Password?
I love it.
[Allen]: Would you like to do it?
[Audience laughs]
Play-play Password, that is.
[Audience cheers and applauds]
[Announcer]: Number one, what is your name please?
My name is Peter Agabanbi Polangen.
[Announcer]: Number two.
My name's the same as his.
[Everyone laughs]
[Bob]: What will your husband say is his very favorite kind of rodent? Georgie.
What's a rodent?
[Bob]: His very...
[Audience laughs]
...his very favorite kind of rodent.
[Laughs nervously]
His saxophone.
[Everyone laughs]
...something normally worn only by children. [Buzzer]
[Audience laughs]
Cassandra Dylan! Come on down! [The Price is Right Contestant Row music] [Audience applauds and cheers]
You're... [Cuckoo clock sound effect]
...the next contestant...on The Price is Right!
[Audience finishes applauding]
[Audience laughs and cheers]
[Audience laughs]
[Bob]: ...O is the generic word for any living animal or plant, including bacteria and viruses?
Orgasm. Oh...
[Audience laughs, applauds and cheers]
[Bob]: There...there are reasons...
...there are reasons, which I won't go into, that I can't accept that particular answer.
Number 2, one of my worst subjects is spelling. Could you tell me: How do you spell relief?
[Audience laughs, cheers and applauds]
[Bob]: Girls, where specifically was the busiest place you and your husband ever made whoopee? Sharon.
[Female contestant]: I'd have to say my apartment.
[Bob]: Your apartment. Alright. He predicted you would say it was at a drive-in movie.
Oh, maybe that wasn't you.
[Female contestant]: Yeah, it wasn't me! It wasn't me!
[Audience applauds and jeers]
Name something you feel before you buy it.
[Buzzer] Mike!
[Audience laughs and applauds]
[Roy]: Five seconds, here we go.
[Catchphrase tile revealed music]
[Audience laughs] £290, what do you think it is?
[Male contestant]: Tip the waiter?
[Buzzer] [Catchphrase tile revealed music]
[Audience laughs]
[Roy]: Sean.
Here comes the bonus!
[Buzzer] [Catchphrase tile revealed music]
[Everyone laughs]
[Roy]: Sean, you're gonna have to speak or you'll run out of time!
I've no idea, sorry.
[Roy]: You've no idea!
[Time's up sound effect] [Laughs]
[Audience laughs]
[Roy]: Sean.
Snake charmer.
[SGSA theme music]
[Audio is muted]