Kilian's Quest S4 E07 - The impossible, is possible

Uploaded by SalomonTrailRunning on 10.10.2012

I think it’s important to pay attention to the body
So many people they just, they want to run right after work, they just go
and if something hurts they just keep, push, push, push, through it
I think it’s important – you have to stop and think OK, how can I make my body better?
And I think prevention too, a lot of people don’t want to do the flexibility or the strengthening,
they just want to run…
I have a lot of friends – they just want to run because they love to run
And I think it’s all part of the big picture
For me I became a student of the sport
I have a desire to learn, like sometimes it’s good be in the moment…
with trail running we describe it as you’re in the zone, you don’t have to think,
there’s no science… you just go up the mountains or you follow the trail
But other times you need the science,
and I think for me it’s been important to always want to be a student of the sport…
How can I learn to move better? How can I learn to eat better? How can I learn to be stronger?
That’s helped me think of running as a big picture
I think happiness is stillness
Like being in the moment, and being happy because
I guess stillness, no matter if there are challenges in life or in the sport
A difficult moment happens, you have to be still inside
even though everything else around you might be chaos.
Running in the ultra it’s a vehicle to discover that the impossible is possible
That the sky’s the limit
And if you can believe that, I think it’s an amazing gift to explore life too,
Life is about believing that the impossible is possible