GUMI - Taking Shelter from the Rain PV (English Subs)

Uploaded by ghostsubs on 08.08.2010

Napping during class I was meeting you
It shouldn't hurt if we both have feelings
Will we be able to meet even after we graduate?
"Goodjob", typhoon that stopped the trains
Thank you for the excuse to break curfew
The two of us in the waiting room Tropical low pressure
Typhoon!, don't go away
Shut the two of us in here forever
Window glass I quickly erase your name that I write with my finger
This year too I came to visit Knowing that it's bad
Placing a flower in my hair to symbolize your leaving
Start to ask "Where are you?"
The MP3 player that we listen to together
The time when we entered the eye of the typhoon
Letting go of the umbrella You hugged me tightly
The waiting room A painful place for waiting for one's lover
Window glass "I don't love you" written with the finger Our fingers
Taking shelter from the rain
My chest's turbulence that I want to send with my lips
But, we can only write it together with our fingertips
Because you are no longer
Once I had awoken to your voice, the squall of daybreak
The station is rubble
Learning that it was torn down, I head for it right away
The waiting room The characters to be written on the broken glass
I mimic your finger that spells "Goodbye", tracing it
The love letter written on the glass that only the two of us can see
(With the towel you wiped my hair with Just like that, pull me closer) Pretending to accidentally ride too far on the train Just a bit more, by your side
(A second kiss with "Don't spread a cold") Lying that I forgot my umbrella I get under your umbrella
(At the teachers voice We hide behind the curtain in the library) The raindrops of those kinds of memories Tears mingling on our cheeks
(We cannot move Close our eyes, first kiss) "Is it all right to become happy?"
(We cannot move Close our eyes, first kiss)
With that line, wipe them away a little (We cannot move Close our eyes, first kiss)
(Ahh...The unforgettable blue of the sky, blue of love) Jealous of he who is smiling "You look beautiful wearing that dress"
(And, that I was in the world that you saw) Leaving the characters "Stupid" written with your finger on the stained glass
(I love you...I love you...Even if the clouds are torn apart) Acting angry, for all eternity You disappeared
(In the sky somewhere We will certainly meet again) Because I completely understand
(In the sky somewhere We will certainly meet again)
That that is your diploma (In the sky somewhere We will certainly meet again)