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So Roardan and I are going to read Buzzy the Bumblebee to you tonight, and we're going
to dedicate it to Mister Pedri
because he's a very inspiring man and he loved Buzzy the Bumblebee
and so if you had Mister Pedri
and thought he was inspiring
be sure to leave a comment
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video to know how much his work is appreciated.
so anyway let's get started
Buzzy the Bumblebee by Denise Brennan-Nelson
and illustrated by Michael Glenn Monroe
one sunny day in a beautiful garden there set a bumblebee named Buzzy
His stripes were black and yellow
and his coat was rather fuzzy
Buzzy liked to fly like all bumblebees. He danced with the flowers and swayed
with the breeze
he also liked to read and thought himself worldly and wise so Buzzy was startled
when he read
bumblebees wern't made to fly. He read it over and over.
Bumblebees wern't made to fly?
according to studies and research... and it went on to explain why.
their wingspan is wrong and their bodies are too big
Buzzy was confused. He thought
"I am not a pig"
Buzzy couldn't believe what he had read
and kept thinking can these facts be true?
I've been flying all this time, and I shouldn't have been able to?
He tried to make his wings work by pumping with all of his might
but the words he had read were stuck in his head
and now something wasn't right.
Buzzy was stranded on top of a flower longing to fly away. His heart still
Knew how
but his head had forgotten the way.
Buzzy was scared.
How will I get down
now that I can't fly anymore?
I'll have to climb down he decided something he'd never done before
with book in tow and little heart pounding
Buzzy tentatively took the first step
then very very slowly
down the flower he crept
Buzzy's foot started to slip and he felt himself letting go. "oh noooooooooooo."
Thank goodness for a leaf.
It helped cushion the blow
Dazed, Buzzy slowly sat up thinking
What should I do now. My home is so far away I've got to get there somehow
Two dragonflies saw Buzzy walking and they asked
what's wrong with you?
Buzzy sadly told them, "My flying days are through."
They didn't understand his problem because their wings worked just fine
"Would you like to walk with me" Buzzy asked
"No thank you," they declined
feeling very envious and even a little mad
Buzzy had a funny feeling inside. He wanted what they had
Heavy hearted, he trudged on
anxious to get home
Buzzy needed his family. He felt so all alone
Just then Buzzy saw a stream
and cried out in frustration. Now that I can't fly anymore will I ever reach my destination?
Every problem has a solution,
his mother always said.
Buzzy had to find an answer. He'd have to use his head
at that very moment a flower petal drifted by.
It gently floated to the river's edge as Buzzy let out a sigh.
Buzzy had an idea!
I need something that will float.
Looking at the petal in the water he thought,
"That could be my boat."
He picked up a blue jays feather
and cautiously pushed himself out
When Buzzy realized the petal would work he gave out a joyful shout.
as he safely reach the other side, Buzzy was filled with relief
Until he saw the tall tall grass
and was suddenly overcome with grief
sadly he remembered the days when above the grass he would soar
once again he thought what will I do now that I can't fly any more?
peering through the thick green grass
Buzzy thought, "This just isn't fair."
About to give up he heard a voice say,
"Don't stop you're almost there."
He looked to see
where it came from
but his eyes met only the sun
mustering all the energy he had left Buzzy began to run
Buzzy burst through the door with a tear in his eye. Mom and dad why didn't you
tell me bumblebees wern't made to fly
Why Buzzy, they said
you certainly can fly
until now that is and do you know why?
you're doubting yourself. Fear is blocking the way. Listen to your heart Buzzy not to
what others say.
ignored labels and limits. They seldom do good.
They make you think you can't
when inside you know you could
Buzzy thought about what they had said
and knew his parents were right
its belief in ourselves
That helps us take flight
Quickly Buzzy ran out the door and looked up at the sky bursting with confidence
and desire Buzzy shouted, "I want to fly!"
Buzzy's wings fluttered and spirit began to soar. Buzzy knew he would be
alright. He would fly once more
and sure enough Buzzy flew
and do you know why?
By believing that he could
Buzzy was able to fly
so that's Buzzy the Bumblebee, dedicated to Mister Pedri
For all the work that he has done for
all of us students. So like I said
if you were inspired by Mister Pedri as much as i was
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leave a comment saying how you were inspired
and uh...
We'll show Mister Pedri the video
and show him how much he really
impacted all of us still to this day
And that's all I have
and so bye.