PLAN V, Temporada 2, Capítulo 7, "Almejas a la provenzal". s02e07

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Hold on Laura! Can you please talk to me!
Did the cute little couple break up? Shut up!
You are so sensitive.
Laura, wait a second! Can you talk to me!
What am I doing? Forgive me!
No! I can't. I can't trust you anymore! Why did you lie to me?
I was scared I'd loose you!
Oh come on! You were scared of whatever it is you feel for Deborah!
What? Laura! Not at all! Think about it!
Ana? Who knows? She's not talking to me
Yeah, but no one asked you to get in the middle of things!
Ok, from now on I won't open my mouth to any of you - You, Ana, everynone!
And what do I have to do with all this?
Hey! Hey ... HELLO
Can you two please talk to each other?
I have nothing to say to this one
Did you just get here? The girl for the campaign is here already
Yeah, Im sorry Eze.
She is ... smoking hot! Let's see!
Ok Ok, lesbians! Where's Florencia?
Don't you all know? Know what?
Didn't she tell you about the convent
What convent?! She sent a lovely email. Here!
Son of a bitch!
Look, it makes me really happy!
Are you kidding me?!
Sister Florencia will now read a a sacred fragment, and this is how
we welcome her to the house of the lord.
Do not give way to your passions, or they will hunt you down, like a bull
and destroy you! They will eat your leaves, and reduce you to a dry tree
Sorry! I'm still in contact with the western world.
Its my boss! Just a second! Hi Ezequiel.
But I sent you an email! and to Dario, who is like your husbund.
I'm only going to say that I don't want to see you here again!
It's no joke, ignorant! The lord is calling me!
Crazy dike! What is wrong with you? BYE!
Ezequiel ... HI! Sorry, I was just speaking with
... Can you believe the girl that does the make-up is in a convent?
If you want we can hire ... Hire? No no. Girls, one of you!
Me, me, me, please! me, me!
It's cool, I can do it myself!
Really? You can do it yourself?
Not that I think you need make up. You look amazing like this already
Honey, do you want to come with me? I'll set up a changing room in 2 mins
Can you stop acting like retards? Plus, she doesn't play for your team?
What do you know!?
She is too feminin! There is no way! She's not dry like you either.
AND how she looked at me?!
Hold it there! We are feminin too! Totally!
But she is a mountain of feminity! Pato!
Stop being such a wanker! Because you ... you are a saint.
Drooling all over the place!
Shut the fuck up! She can hear everything!
She's coming!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Sister Florencia! Get up!
Don't ask me for forgiveness, but to the Lord and your sisters!
You interrupted a divine moment! A momento of sacred connections.
And with what language! Give me the phone!
From now on, I'm keeping this!
But ... Nothing! What vows are you making?
Ehh, I thought that ... Vows, sister! Which one?
The silence vow? Well done! Starting now please
Sshh. It started already.
Perfect! Make love to the camera!
Can we stop for second? Pick up!!! Yes my captain!
You see, he admires me so much that he calls me captain, teacher ...
Are we stopping again? However you prefer. You are the star!
Thing is that my girl is waiting around the corner. Rather go with her
Bye! Bye Mara.
I thought it'd be for the office. So, I open it, BUT it was for me!
What is it?
And you gave you that? Ramiro!
Who's Ramiro? Eze is jelous!!!
I'm not! With all the "captain"'s I didn't realize there was Ramiro.
This guy is so in-love You think?!
YES! Dah!
Mara, "Aqua-Mara" made it to the Montevideo Festival.
What's Aqua-Mara?!
The Documentary/Short that Pato filmed about me in the water!
Yeah, the Documentary/Short I filmed of her in the water made it!
Nice one man!
I'm sorry!
Ok, ok , ok! Congratulations Pato!
Are you guys going to Montevideo? They gave us two tickets. Wanna come?
Of course!
What?! You always do whatever you want, you need to work!
Ezequiel, it's a festival! I'm telling mum!
Mum will let me go!
Are you sleeping in the same room?
If there was smoke ....
I live with my girlfriend, retard!
Come on! You wanted to fuck the ad-girl!
So? She was a model! That's allowed!
Ah!!! Deborah! Where there was smoke!
Hi Consuelo! Hi Sir.
Sir?! Just call me Martin! That's not what the lady said
The lady would be ... ? Lady Natasha
Ok. But I say you call me Martin and lose the formality!
Tell me. The 'Lady' is home? No, the 'lady' went out.
Martin! Can I get you anything to drink?
Ehh, a whisky. Do you want some too? Me?
Nacho, check out what he texted!
"I love you, I love you, I love you. Sorry, sorry, sorry!"
What he did is not that big a deal! Forgive him!
Go on! Call him! I'll be right back, I'm going to the toilet.
Hey Mara! Can you put me with Anita?
She's at a meeting with Pato, Eze and Debo ...
and Debora. I'm really sorry Lau!
Its cool! Don't even tell her I called! See you.
Fede, do you want to grab dinner tonight?
Really? Yeah!
Yeah! Awsome!
Cool. We can make plans later.
What did I miss?
So the idea would be to film the music video on the beach.
The reference would be Caraiba, Brasil. Ana and I went together once.
Do you remember? It's very romantic
We won't find a place like that here. Let's limit this to plausible ideas.
Plausible is the argentinean coast!
I think it's important to get carried away from what's plausible.
The argentinean coast, Patricia? Shall we film the sea lions too?
Don't mock me asshole!
Do something about your sister? Patito, step it down a notch!
Yep, yep. I stop. But the same goes to her! I know you too well!
That's all for today. Revise what we talked about, and ...
Can you stop smoking in my class. Last time I tell you!
When are they going to pass a law against smoking in classrooms?!
What are you all waiting for?! Bye!
Patricia, can we talk for a second?
I've been thinking because I like how you've been woking lately
The way you deal with people ...
I'm working in film-production now, maybe you'd like to join me.
What do you think? interested?
Yes! Of course! I'm in! Great! Stop by my office later then.
Thank you so much Prof! Don't thank me!
One thing. Your girlfriends name? Ana
Stop by my office with her. I have something for her too.
Thanks Prof! Cool. See you soon!
Love, three months you're leaving? Yeah, honey. Its a great opportunity.
Girls, I brought something to eat.
Thanks!!! Enjoy it!
You're mum is the coolest!
Diego, can I give you a hand with anything?
No, thanks. Just sit there. Deborah just said you should sit there.
Please pick up!
Ana, I'm still working. I just wanted to say I love you.
and ... don't take any decisions without me, please.
Wait for me. I love you Ana.
Looks like your sister has trouble concentrating, Ezequiel.
Shut the fuck up! Calm down Pato.
You too Ana! What the fuck is wrong with you?
Nothing! Get out, I'll kill you! Calm down King Kong!
Don't fucking call me King Kong. Bitch !
Go get some fresh air please! No! Fuck fresh air, wanna know why?
This retard has shit in her brain. She screw me and you over already!
You know what? I'm off I'm going to find another agency.
I think you are all really talented, but I'm not used to working like this
So, thanks, but I'm off. Wait Deborah!
YEAH! Get the fuck out of here! Whats wrong with you!! Ana, find her!
Are you off your mind!? Stuff your mouth and shut up King Kong.
What I'm saying is that she's gay, she didn't leave you for another man.
I know, but for a man its hard. It's like you lose half your ego.
Your girl friend leaves you and for another girl!
But you need to be happy and proud, that you are so sensible that a girl
who likes other girls choose you! Because you are sensible!
Now with Natasha, you jumped to the other extreme though!
She has a heart of stone!
Noo! She's insecure. I can see why her character can be ... shocking.
But, deep inside. Deep inside? But waaaay deep inside!
Careful there! You are speaking of my girlfriend!
You need to sort things out with your sister. She loves you a lot !
I love her very much too. You need to forgive her!
Looks like someone has been reading about the revolution.
Hi honey. Hi Miss.
Is this what I pay you for? I was leaving already.
Remember Consulo. Deep down! But veeeery deep down!
I'm only saying I don't want to be always dealing with King Kong.
If she has problems, get her checked.
She doesn't have problems. It's only normal she hates you.
Look. I'm going to stay, but because I like working with you.
But the next scene she puts up, she's over!
I'm only putting up with her because I want to be close to you.
That's not the idea of working together, I'm with Laura and you know that!
I know! And I get it, but only time will tell!
The only thing I know is that I love you! Deborah!!
What?! Can't I say what I'm feeling?
Its Laura!! Hi honey! Kisses Lau!!
Deborah. We are at a business meeting!
What are you doing today? Your mum is going to be really happy to see you!
She hanged up! I'm going to kill you Deborah!
What did I do now?
How's it going man! There's a couple of girls there asking for you, man!
What's that all about?! You had to be my son!!
Go get them! The coffee, Ramiro!
Look at this shit!
That was easy!
I love things with Passion fruit. It's kind of a trend, right?
Hi Lau! Hello
What a surprice! Mora, Mara, my boss.
I'm Fede. I'm her boss, but also Federico.
What are you guys doing here? We came to have dinner with Mara.
And you two? Same, we came to grab something to eat.
We were looking at the menu.
Ana? Did you sort things out?
Yeah, everything is good. I was going to her house later.
Ok. We let you eat! Let's go!
See you guys! Bye !
Your friends? Yes.
You have lesbian friends. Yes.
Very modern!
And ... Who's Ana? A friend.
I think I've made my mind up! 'Almejas a la provenzal'
Are you having dinner with me, or them?! Wait man, can you keep an eye on them!
This whole thing with her boss doesn't look good!
I know! Go over there and talk to him! We need to find out if its a business thing!
Yeah ... Mara, are you crazy? What's wrong with you!
Pato would have done it!
Then ask Pato!
Hey Ana!
That's so weird she told me she was going to her parent's house.
Ok ... see you. kisses.
Nothing, nothing.
You don't understund! Loads of people are going to be there.
Are you going with her? Yeah! Mara has to go, she's part of it!
I don't think its good for our relationship that you to go away with Mara now.
You can't tell me what I can and can't do.
I can tell you what I accept and what I don't
It's my carrer ! You should trust me.
Perfect. Take your decisions, but deal with the consequences.
Should I let you out?
I had a really good time! Yeah! Me too!
Really good?
No! No Fede. What's wrong?
Ana! Wait! Ana!