Kidd Discovery Lab Part 1

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That's beautiful. See these were not meant for export. These are really -

The best pieces were not made for export.

Here is one. It's like a chrysanthemum.

[inaudible] Here you can see some fishing man. [inaudible] Classic landscape.

There's been a lot of studies on the Ming Dynasty and we have some information

at the Lily Library. It would be really fun to get one of our botanists to look at

some of the flowers. Yea, rabbits.

[voices over walkie talkie]

[boat motor]


The bow area you can also have [inaudible]




[inaudible] Give us a couple minutes to get things started and then you guys

can back up [inaudible] Alright. Okay

[breathing and bubbling noises]

[more breathing and bubbling]

[breathing and bubbling]

[continued breathing and bubbling]

[more breathing and bubbling]

continued breathing and bubbling sounds]

[a yell through respirator]

[breathing and bubbling]

Did you do the restoration? Me? Yes. Excellent


This is excellent


So you really did a nice job.

Do you know why there is so much symmetry in their work? There is a lot of

sort of duality. Twins are important. [inaudible]

And that's fairly common in native [inaudible]

Nothing is ever just one thing. And frequently if you look at [inaudible]


Oh yeah yeah yeah


So you think there's