Garrymon Pilot Episode

Uploaded by SpawnThemAll on 30.01.2010

[Theme Song Playing]
Oh! And it looks like Combar was too fast for Radirhino!
What's this?!
Yes, it is! Combar is using his hipnosis!
Oooh! It weighed heavily on Radirhino!
Is this the end of Radirhino?
The trainer is calling back Radirhino!
Which Garrymon will he choose next?
Oh! Is Cubix!
This giant Garrymon is on the attack!
Oh! But Combar jumps out of the way!
Combar must have gone through some intense training!
Alright, Combar!
John Freeman is a young boy from the town of gm_pallet.
And now that I'm 10, I can finally get my Garrymon license!
Trainers can get a beginner Garrymon from Prof. Kleiner.
The town's Garrymon expert.
I promise. I will become a Garrymon Master!
I will...!
John Henry Freeman!
It's 11 o' clock and you need to be wide awake for tomorrow.
But tomorrow I start my Garrymon journey.
I can't sleep.
Well, if your going to stay up...
At least get ready for tomorrow.
[Rambling noise]
Gotta' catch them all!
[Rambling noise continues]
I'm Kleiner!
You gotta be ready for the next day!
[Rambling noise continues]
Go to bed when this is done.
That's nice!
I'm going!
Uugh! What time is it?!
[Gasping continues]
Watch where your going kid!
Are you Prof. Kleiner?
No, I'm his grandson, Larry Kleiner.
And you must be John.
Is kinda sad, isn't it?
Is your first day of Garrymon training...
And your already behind.
Now get out of my way!
I'm off to catch some Garrymon!
(lol k bai)
Uugh! I'll show that Larry!
I'll get a great Garrymon!
Hmm, there must be some sort of connection here.
Argh! That's it!
I have discovered the cure for Garrymon Cancer!
[Laughing hysterically]
Prof. Kleiner, I'm here for my Garrymon!
Well, let's see what we got in here!
[Laughing hysterically continues]
That's hot!
Aah! Here we go!
This one should contain a Torsaur
Alright! Come on out Torsaur!
No wait! That's not a Torsaur, That's a..!
Experimental bomb!
Does that mean all the Garrymon are gone?
Well the early bird catches the worm or in this case the Garrymon.
Oooh! Unless I find you a Garrymon, your mother will never let me sleep with her again!
Oh! Lamarr there you are!
Why don't you take Lamarr on your Garrymon adventure?
Uugh, what's a Lamarr?
Lamarr is an Headcrab, that's just the nickname I gave to him.
Uugh, Isn't Lamarr a girl's name?
Just take him.
This is the best Garrymon ever! Thanks Profesor!
You'll see!
Uugh, at least he gots a shocking personality.
Shocking, isn't it?
Alright, take these.
Your Garryballs and GabeDex.
Welcome to the GabeDex.
After 9 years in development, hopefully it has been worth the wait.
We better start training imidiatly Lamarr! To catch up with Larry!
This looks like a great place to start our training Lamarr!
I bet there's loads of wild Garrymons here! Huh?
Screech... >:(
Com'on slow poke. (c wot we did thar?)
Look! Is a Garrymon!
Lamarr! Use Thundershock!
Fine! I'll do it myself!
Let's see what Gabe has to say.
CityScanner, the bright eyed Garrymon.
A common Noclip type Garrymon that roams around open fields and cities,
its special power is flash which is used to blind attackers.
Hi there little guy.
Uuaaaagh! My eyes! My eyes!
[Lamarr laughing]
Oh great.
[Lamarr laughing continues]
That doesn't look like a Cityscanner.
Hackrow, the spinning blade Garrymon.
Stalks its prey from high places and uses its sharp blade to cut them up.
Less friendly than a city scanner, it will never let go of a grudge.
[Lamarr laughing continues]
Uugh, glad that's over. Are you okay Lamarr?
What's that noice?
Oh my!
[Screaming and gasping]
Oh my god! Are you alright?!
Well, I'm fine, I guess. I--
Not you! Your Headcrab!
You should get it to the Garrymon Center in the next town.
Hey, that's my bike!
I need this!
I'll return this one day!
Get in the Garryball. If you do, I might be able to save you.
Hackrows! Do you know who I am?!
I'm John Freeman of gm_pallet!
I'm gonna become a Garrymon Master!
I'm going to defeat and capture every single one of you!
Lamarr! Get in the ball, it's the only way!
This is only the beginning of my epic adventure!
I will not be stopped by the likes of you!
We show them, right Lamarr?
There is no data available,
there are still some Garrymon yet to me discovered.
This is just the beginning of the amazing adventures of John & Lamar.
Together, they'll encounter creatures of beyond your wildest imaginations!
And thus their story unfolds...
We'll unlock the secrets of this magical world!
The world... OF GARRYMON!