Le Meridien Dahab Resort - Underwater Art - Egypt

Uploaded by StarwoodAFIO on 19.01.2010

I think in order to become an underwater videographer,
you have to be a very proficient diver
you have to have an eye for photography
or an artistic eye to some degree definitely
lighting is essential, the colour composition
is also very essential and movement within the water
I find that when I am in the water I don't feel like I have a camera in front of me
it actually becomes one and
I am quite inspired by the marine life around me so I try
follow the marine life and study what they
are actually doing
I think that being in the water is a little bit like having
an orchestra taking place in front of you
when I first started filming
underwater I looked
at an artist called Luc Besson
I was very inspired by his movement and his creativity
I think any form of filming and photography
is an art form
especially underwater
you lose your horizon line underwater which you are somewhat limited to on land
so you can actually push your artistic talents a little bit further
Diving in the Red Sea is quite unique and
the way the mountain formation touches the coastal line and
continues underwater
so you actually have
what's recreating all the mountains around you
underwater with a vast amount of
corals and marine life on it
when you are transferring
from one diving site to another
we tend to use pick-up's in Dahab
this gives you the opportunity
to drive along the coastal line
a little bit
off the beaten track
it's quite an adventure when you are driving along to see
camels passing the opposite direction
and it's quite an exciting story, it's an adventure. My life is an adventure!