How to be deaf

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Hello, this is Johnny.
He has suddenly become deaf and his world has changed
So, today, lets see how he copes with his day.
Silly deaf boy
That is an alarm clock
Nothing to be afraid of
It is designed for deaf people
A vibrating alarm which also has lights
So, Johnny has woken up
Now he plans to get someone's attention
What do you do in this situation?
If you picked A. Sorry, you're wrong.
If someone is far away,
You must walk toward them,
stomp your feet,
wave your arms,
or throw something,
but don't hit them, just throw to the side.
If you picked B. Sorry, you're wrong.
You must be gentle
Don't hit them, drop-kick them, or otherwise hurt them.
Just calmly go up next to them.
If you picked C. Sorry, you're wrong!
If someone is in the shower, you must either
Blink the lights a couple of times
Or wave your arm outside the shower
Don't grope them.
If you picked D. Yes! You are right!
You might want a band-aid for that one.
That akward attempt to walk through
is a little agressive.
In deaf culture, you can just walk right through
the people usually won't care.
Let's try that again.
Excuse me.
Back off!
Thats wrong to stand so close to the window and breathe,
and bang on it.
No! Thats creepy.
What you need to do is stand from a safe distance.
How far? 12 inches.
Okay? Let's try that one again.
I need to borrow a cart.
Now remember, not everyone is an expert at sign.
So you need to learn patience
There's a variety of ways to communicate:
If a person knows sign, but makes a mistake
That's fine, just help them out.
Or, writing on paper back and forth, gesturing
There's many different ways to communicate
But, what's important? Patience
I need to borrow a cart.
No, no, no, BORROW.
Oh! Borrow.
That's wrong.
Because in deaf culture we have something called DST.
Deaf Standard Time
What does that mean?
Typically, when two deaf people talk,
they talk, and talk, and talk until it gets late.
Let's see that again.
- Agh, I'm late, I've gotta go - Alright.
This is a VP. Short for Video Phone.
It's used so that deaf people can call eachother.
You just dial a number and you will be connected to that person.
Or, if you want to call a hearing person
You can go through a third party called the Relay service
They will call and contact that person for you, and you can use your tv.
Hey, turn here. Turn here!
Thats wrong.
That's boring right?
Thats not usual of Deaf Culture.
What deaf people usually do is talk to, and look at eachother.
Eye contact is very important.
So you need to use the buddy system.
And the other person will tell you when to look.
Using your knee is also very important
But remember people,
Use your seatbelt
Oh, whoops!
Now, we're here at Johnny's apartment
Where he's hosting a party soon
Let's see how it goes.
See, no one showed up.
The party was supposed to start at 11
He should have started it at 7 or 8.
Because deaf people typically arrive late.
That's DST for you.
You might want to try again tomorrow night
but don't forget about DST.
So you should start your party at 8 or 7. Right?
Come on in!
See, its a great party.
Because he started it at 7 or 8, people showed up at 11.
Perfect timing!
And the people showed up already drunk.
Its good manners in deaf culture to pre-party
and show up to socialize
Now you've seen and learned how to be a deaf person.
I hope you learned from this expierence too.
And I hope Johnny has learned too.
Don't forget to set your alarm.