Sign Language 101: Alphabet

Uploaded by SignLanguage101 on 12.06.2012

So, Hi welcome to sign language 101
today we are going to be learning the alphabet
Which most of you probably already know
because you learned it in like elementary school
but we are going to go over it again
because with the alphabet you can spell anything
because with finger spelling you can spell things out
misconception of sign language is that it is not all spelling out
every single word
it is every word you sign instead
So we're just going to go over the alphabet
I know its boring so you can skip it if you already know it
but maybe you missed one or you forgot one
and with learning the alphabet
all you do if you dont know it at all
is just do it over and over
like when i first started learning
I would just sit in class and be like a-b-c-d-e-f-g
and just do it to myself
cause you be sitting there doing something else
and you could be signing
like you know on... i do it at work
i would sign the words to a song i was thinking of
so, just in your free time or when you're bored just start finger spelling stuff
its a good way to practice and just get used to the hand movements, movements
A, a is pretty basic
um, hand is just kinda a fist flat, thumb up, a
B, is just an open flat hand
with the thumb across...B
C, looks like a C
facing forward, curved hand, very exciting i know
Um, D, not to be confused with F
D, your 3 fingers are down and your pointer finger is up
D, and to me it looks like a D...D
E, its like a claw, it can also be done like this
where the fingers are more closer
But I like doing mine more spread out
because S is across the fist
so this looks really close to it to me
So I like to give it some like space
So that its more clear that its an E instead of an S
So that its more clear that its an E instead of an S
or some other letter because when people start spelling fast. I get confused
Um, F is the opposite of D, so D was this, F
So D, and F are just kinda like trading spaces
So F, it looks like a peacock to me for some reason
my hand, I don't know what I'm talking about
Anyway, F this is F
So, G and H, G and H
So G is one finger out pointing that way
Then H is two, so G and H
I, the thumb is pressed up against the you know fist
and the pinky is up...I
J, is and I with a swoop, so J
your making a J with your I...J
K is like a peace sign but your thumb is on your
um middle finger, so K
L, looks like an L
Loser loser double loser get the picture duh
um L
M, put your thumb under three fingers
so like if you made an M, M
you'll see it like this where the thumb is pointing out
and you'll see it like this where it's flat, where its like extended like this
so theres M and there's M. It's just a different way of holding your fingers.
and when people do certain signs
like it will be initialized with an M
so you will have it like this or like this, it will depend
N is easy, all you do is move your thumb over one so its
under two fingers, so N and it can also be like that N
O, I know its complicated, but you make an O
with your hand like you've done a million times in your life I'm sure so O
So P is basically a K with, but flipped upside down
so your v with a peace sign with your thumb on your middle finger
just do that, just go down with it
so P P-P its just an upside down K
Then we have Q
which is just, i guess you could say its a G
but with your thumb out and your pointing down
Q, your making alittle arc
I don't know how it's related to the letter Q but close enough...Q
R your first two fingers your middle finger and pointer finger
wrapped around each other...R
S, like we talked about so there's A
then there's S...S
your thumbs just going across your knuckles
T, we had M, N, and then we have T
T is the, under one finger
U, just think of it as a U
draw a U there and
V, is the K with your thumb down here
W, just add another finger
X, I like to think
it's curved like a hook
so i think argg pirate, but maybe that's just me
X marks the spot, argg I have a hook for a hand maybe, maybe, kinda sorta
Y, is an I with a thumb pointed out
so it kinda looks like a Y
and then Z is the best one
Z, you just draw a Z in the air...Z
Z..ok I'm done with that
anyway, so that's the alphabet
we're going to do it one more time through
X-Y and Z
Now you know your ABC's
next time you sign with me
haha anyway, hope you enjoyed that. practice it if you don't already know it
if not then continue to practice cause sign language, i mean finger spelling is one of the most
important skills and you will use it forever
because there's not a sign for every single word in the world
and you're going to have to spell some things
just saying
anyway till next time, bye