WBAK ep. 1 - Joss Whedon fights a one-eyed monster in "Scary Smash"

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Jul 18, 2012

WILL BOWLES: So Brett, you're going to tell us a story
today, right?
BRETT: Yeah.
WILL BOWLES: What would the title of that story be?
BRETT: Scary Smash.
JOSH FLAUM: Scary Smash.

BRETT: Once upon a time there was a guy.
It was inside a truck, who goes to
houses to deliver milk.
And he's driving, but then a monster came out.
BRETT: The truck got smashed.
WILL BOWLES: What kind of monster was it?
BRETT: A one-eye.
JOSH FLAUM: What color was it?
WILL BOWLES: What happened when he flipped
the milk truck over?
BRETT: He died.
JOSH FLAUM: The milkman died?
BRETT: Yeah.
WILL BOWLES: What happened to all the milk?
BRETT: It was a stream of milk to the ocean.

Then a SQUAT team came.
When they come out, they fight for the battle.
WILL BOWLES: Was there a leader of the
SWAT team, a captain.
WILL BOWLES: What was his name?
BRETT: Gerald.
WILL BOWLES: What was he like?
BRETT: He's really fun.

Sometimes he has to tell them to do push-ups.
JOSH FLAUM: How does he say it?
BRETT: Do push-ups, ten hundred push-ups.

WILL BOWLES: So what does Gerald look like?
BRETT: He has a hat.
He was a shield, a sword, and a gun.
And he has a small gun.
And he got a belt to hang the stuff on.
And he got jeans.
WILL BOWLES: Did it take a long time, that fight?
BRETT: Yeah, it took seven days.
WILL BOWLES: Seven days?
BRETT: Gerald, he used his sword.
But the red-eye monster, it shoots fire at it.
And it breaks.

On day two, he goes to use his small gun, and shoot him.
But he sprayed water at it.
And it didn't work.

On day three, the same thing happens to the big gun.

JOSH FLAUM: What did Gerald say?
BRETT: I need to go back to the station
and get more stuff.
He shooted fire.
But then the monster maded more fire.
Then he ducked in, and five of his SQUAT team got hurt.
WILL BOWLES: So how did Gerald feel about that?
BRETT: He needs to hire more.
WILL BOWLES: He's needs to hire more men, sure.
BRETT: He goes to houses and asks them.

JOSH FLAUM: And how does he ask somebody to join his team?
BRETT: Can you just sign this, please, before you can join
the SQUAT team?
Then they go to the bathroom and change.
Then they come out and fight the battle.
WILL BOWLES: This is day five.
BRETT: Yeah.
WILL BOWLES: He's got the new recruits.
What happens?
BRETT: These use their shield.
But when they throw it at him, he throws oil on it, so it
didn't work.

On day six, they use the guns again.
And then he throwed more fire at their uniforms.
Then they had to go inside the shower for seven hours.
WILL BOWLES: And that put out the fire.
BRETT: Yeah.
WILL BOWLES: And what happened when they came back?
BRETT: They said, we're back.
BRETT: On day seven, Gerald killed him with a sword and
stabbed him in the chest.
Then he pulled it out.
Then he was dead.
WILL BOWLES: And that's the end?
JOSH FLAUM: Wow, that's a great story.
WILL BOWLES: That is a really great story.
That's amazing.
Did you feel good about that story?