Bill O'Reilly Makes Bogus Comparison About Muslims & Italian Mafia, Peter King Hearings Bizarre

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David Pakman: Welcome to the show. I'm David Pakman, and Louis, I really couldn't be more
thrilled that our audience is with us today. So much to talk about. We're actually going
to talk, of course, I know our audience knows about what's been happening in Japan, and
we're going to talk to Arjun Makhijani, who's president of the Institute for Energy and
Environmental Research. We have been hearing so many conflicting stories, Louis, about
exactly what, you know, is there nuclear fallout, is there radiation, could it reach the U.S.?
He's going to tell us everything, hopefully the truth, even. He'll tell us a lot, and
I'm hoping even most of it will be true.
Louis Motamedi: We're looking for the truth. We don't always get it, but we're looking
for it.
David: We'll also speak with David Morey, who says he has five strategies for progressives
to win. And I'll tell you right now, at least two of those strategies I think are completely
bogus and he's going completely the wrong way. So I will tell him, you know I will tell
him, and we'll see what he has to say, you know?
A lot of emails have been coming in, Louis, about a couple of different things. Number
one is about Louis's hair, and I got an email from Kyle Bittle, among others, "What did
Louis do to his hair? It looks terrible! Stop that! Go back to the old look." You know,
Louis had his hair longer than ever, and then, I don't know, you just cut it. I thought you
were going to keep it going.
Louis: I couldn't. It got too annoying, it was getting in the way, it had to go. But
in about six months...
David: Right.
Louis: It will be back to the way it was.
David: Well, that's good. And also people asking what on Earth was going on with me
last show and that the whole thing seemed weird. You know, we had an issue at the beginning
of the show where if you were watching live, you know that we had basically a complete
technical breakdown here. And microphones didn't work, lights turned off, and we ended
up starting the show 10 minutes late. Now, if you listen to the podcast, never would've
known the difference. And I think it just had me... it had me kind of rattled, you know.
And plus, you know, I don't usually talk about personal stuff on the show, but as you know,
Louis, certainly having a little bit of trouble with my girlfriend situation, and, you know,
things may not be going well there, and as a result, I was probably off my game on Thursday.
You know, as Louis knows more than anybody in this room, those situations can be pretty
Louis: Yeah. They can, but we're hoping that Dave gets back on track here and doesn't throw
anybody off. So far so good.
David: Thank you. Thank you, Louis. I appreciate that. Let's talk... there's so much to talk
about, and I'm wasting time on Louis's hair and the breakdown of my private life. So let's
get into the Peter King hearings. OK, we talked last week about the Peter King hearings, I
said they sounded like the Muslim un-American House hearings, whatever, I don't even know
what name I called them, but I think our audience got the point.
Louis: McCarthy.
David: They reminded me of the McCarthy hearings, and they continued to basically be a complete
circus. Now, they led to something which I met with just a, not so much surprise, but
maybe incredulity, which was an interview between Bill O'Reilly and one of the two Muslim
members of Congress, Keith Ellison. And Bill O'Reilly tried to make a very specific comparison
between what the hearings were and previous hearings in order to make the hearings seem
not bad, I guess. Here's the comparison he made. I know most of our audience will realize
right away why the comparison is completely bogus, but indulge me, allow me to tell you
Bill O'Reilly: I asked this question to Alan Colmes and he couldn't answer it, so I'm hoping
that you can. 1962, Robert Kennedy was the Attorney General of the United States, and
they did a big, big exposition of organized crime centering on Italians in America. Now,
at the same time, there were other crimes committed by other ethnicities, but the hearings
and the focus was on the mafia, Italian organized crime. I think this is just about the same
thing in the sense that one ethnicity, one religion, is being singled out for investigation,
absolutely right on that, OK?
Keith Ellison: No, you're wrong about that, Bill. I'm sorry, you're incorrect.
O'Reilly: How am I... how is it wrong?
Ellison: Well, it would be similar if an Attorney General said we're going to investigate Italians
and radicalization or criminal acts among Italians. That's not...
O'Reilly: Well, that's what Kennedy did.
Ellison: No, that's what he did. What he did is he said we're going to investigate a specific
criminal organization. And today, here...
O'Reilly: That was made up of all Italians.
Ellison: Well, that's not the point. The point is if Peter King said we want to do an investigative
hearing on al Qaeda, you would have no argument with me, I'd say absolutely, go get 'em.
David: Exactly. So this continues, OK? The argument Keith Ellison is making is perfect.
Now, listen to what Bill O'Reilly throws in there.
Ellison: ... have recommendations on how you did it...
O'Reilly: Well, maybe he should've.
Ellison: Maybe he should've. He should've.
O'Reilly: You know, if that's your feeling, maybe he should've targeted down and just
do what I'm doing, we're going to investigate the Jihad in America. All right, now, look...
Ellison: Well...
O'Reilly: Frank Gaffney, you know Frank Gaffney? Do you know him and his group?
Ellison: No, I'm not familiar with him.
O'Reilly: OK.
David: All right. So why isn't he familiar with Frank Gaffney? Why is Bill O'Reilly bringing
up Frank Gaffney? Let's take this in two parts first. Number one, it is not the same as investigating
the mafia, which may be heavily made up of Italians, and saying we are going to look
at American Muslims as a group because we already think that the American Muslim group
itself is the problem. Mafia is one thing, the other issue is this... you see where the
difference is, Louis?
Louis: Of course.
David: It's completely different. But then to bring up Frank Gaffney, who is Frank Gaffney,
OK? Should we be going to Frank Gaffney when it comes to relations between races, when
it comes to Muslims? We should not. Here's what Frank Gaffney has said. In 2003, Frank
Gaffney called on the U.S. military to, quote, "take out" the Al-Jazeera news network, OK,
that's nothing. That's nothing.
October 2008, Frank Gaffney questioned whether Senator Barack Obama is a natural-born citizen
of the U.S. and questioned his eligibility to be president. A birther. Bill O'Reilly
is going on his show and saying you know what, Keith Ellison, Muslim congressman in the United
States House of Representatives, elected, you should be looking up what a birther thinks.
You should be taking lessons from a birther, Louis.
April of 2009, Gaffney appeared on television, he accused President Obama of using "coded
language" to indicate that America would submit to Sharia law. Obama is talking in code to
show he loves Sharia law, Louis. This is the guy Bill O'Reilly wants Keith Ellison turning
Louis: This guy's brilliant.
David: June 9th, 2009: "With Mr. Obama's unbelievably ballyhooed address in Cairo Thursday to what
he calls the Muslim world, there is mounting evidence that the president not only identifies
with Muslims but actually may still be one himself." Very reasonable that if you're Keith
Ellison, you should take Bill O'Reilly's suggestion to look into what Frank Gaffney has said.
OK? So this is what the Peter King hearings are leading to. Lovely, isn't it, Louis?
Louis: I'm pretty sure Ellison had no intentions of taking any of Bill O'Reilly's advice or
suggestions before coming onto the show.
David: I certainly hope not.
Louis: Yeah.
David: And in the meantime, by the way, when we're investigating American muslims and bringing
people in and doing the entire big show, the big charade, another isolated incident. Because
of course, all right-wing terror, non-Muslim-related incidents are isolated. There is no pattern,
there is no necessity for a hearing.
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