Sixteen Candles (4/10) Movie CLIP - What's Happening, Hot Stuff? (1984) HD

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ś put arms around you ś
Well, well, if it isn't sammy baker...
Davis, junior. [ chortling ]
Hi, grandpa. Oh, I've got one for ya.
Knock, knock. Who's there ?
Who. Who, who ?
Helen, we've got an owl out here in the hall. [ chortling ]
Oh, fred, fred, leave her alone.
You'll make her tinkle. Oh, come on, helen.
Oh, sam, let me look at you.
Fred, she's gotten her boobies.
[ fred chortling ] I'd better go get my magnifying glass.
Oh, and they are so perky !
[ sighing ] I can't believe my grandmother actually felt me up.
[ gong clangs ]
What's happenin', hot stuff ?
His name is long duk dong. [ gong clangs ]
What ? Long duk dong.
He came down with grandma and grandpa baker.
He's an exchange student that's living with them.
Yeah, well, he's totally bizarre. He is not.
He is a very sweet boy.
I just hope you boil the sheets and mattresses after he leaves.
I don't suppose it makes any difference to you,
But there's a very weird chinese guy up in mike's room.
Ginny dumped rudy. He's her new fiancee.
[ brenda ] mike, stop it.
Sam, honey, do you think you could help the grandmothers with supper ?
Dad and I have to go to the club for dinner with the rice chex.
Rizczechs. Oh. Rizczechs.
Uh, do you think that there's any reason...
That I should possibly stay home tonight ?
Well, it might be nice if you'd visit...
With your grandparents and long duk dong.
Who ? [ gong clangs ]
The weird chinese guy in mike's room. Oh.
- I think I have a dance to go to. - Well, that's okay.
Oh, can you remember to turn off the stove in 20 minutes ?
I can remember lots of things.
[ chuckling ]
[ sighing ] this is the single worst day of my entire life.
What the hell are you bitchin' about ?
I gotta sleep under some chinaman named after a duck's dork.
Well, where am I sleeping ?
Sofa city, sweetheart.
ś [ heavy metal ]