Mükemmel Hapishane (English Subtitles)

Uploaded by conmech on 19.10.2010

The safest prison ever built is here.
Because in here, the prisoners don't want to leave the prison...
No bars, no barbed wire, no armed guards.
Anyone who wants can simply jump over the fence and go.
But they don't want to.
What's their crime?
Actually they don't have a crime.
Actually we shouldn't call this place a prison.
Let's think of this place as a... permanent guesthouse.
These guys, you know, were living in a neighborhood close to the beach.
And they never understood the real value of their neighborhood.
I mean, its touristic value, and... other kinds of values.
Most of them didn't even know how to swim!
Offering money to them was no good.
So we spoke their language.
Offered something better than money.
We took them to a place where they could ACTUALLY be happy.
Gave them whatever they needed.
But most important of all, we gave them tranquility.
Since these people know they will be rewarded for their misery after they die
these people have the tranquility which even the richest person doesn't have.
These young guys you see, they are my division.
You may think that since these guys don't know what's outside
it's easy to cope with them. But it's not true.
These are young people.
No matter how hard we try, they end up wondering
"What's out there?"
It's not an easy job we're doing.
You have to know human psychology really well.
Even the outfit I wear should remind
people of my authority.
In here, usually retired guards come to work.
I'm working here for 3 years. I haven't faced too many problems.
If there is a problem, they usually take care of it themselves.
And it doesn't reach us.
Be clever!
I'm working here for years now,
but I still see things which surprise me.
What's this?
You didn't like it!?
I can't tell if it's food or mud.
He's blaspheming our food! Infidel!
Be clever!
There are many ways to pass time here.
Some guys are interested in sports.
Some friends value their free time by
playing cards, backgammon, etc.
In fact, every time is free time in here :)
Some people get into religion to help
their patience until the day they are
rewarded. Meaning until the day
they're dead.
Some get into more dangerous stuff...
Of course our women prisoners... I mean guests are
positioned in a different facility with different activities...
Young people are more interested in objecting everything.
Whatever you do, you can't suppress their rebellious nature.
That's why you should take away some of their rights
to give them back a while later.
So you'll be blowing off their steam.
As you see, it's really important
to know who wants what.
If we don't do this, soon they will
find other stuff to demand.
Like freedom.
Another way to release their energy is to
group the guys and make them fight each other.
That way they can't get together and
direct their energy onto us.
You don't need any excuse to group them.
They get together and group themselves.
It's in the nature of the human.
Splitting into groups, tribes...
We only start the fire, and get out of the way.
Nevertheless, this kind of behaviour is against the rules.
So we need to give a punishment to make an example.
Like a "one-day handcuff punshment".
Of course you don't need actual handcuffs for that.
Mostly it's enough to make them believe they're cuffed.
Anyone who breaks the rule, punishes himself.
Out of fear, of course.
And of course despite all our attempts,
some wise asses may come out and sabotage our system.
They're doing nothing but getting people out of their way.
So in order to avoid these problems with minimum damage,
among the prisoners,
I mean, the guests
we treat some of them a little better,
so that they will be helpful in
dealing with these problems.
In here, we have everything we ever need.
Whatever we expect from life is fulfilled here,
we don't even need to get a job in return.
Some ungrateful people always want more, but there's nothing to do.
Some people have never enough no matter what you give.
People who aren't grateful, will lose everything in the end.
Alas, in some cases,
nothing we try is enough.
Some assholes think they're smarter than us.
Sometimes, even a single person may come close
to ruining our 50 year old system.
There's only one thing to do for them.
He disobeyed the rules, a stone fell on his head.
Is that a coincidence too?
We're getting offers from all around the world.
Every country wants to apply our prison to themselves.
For an appropriate price, why not?
Generally, I can say it's a good job.
Only, the outfit feels a little weird.
It's like Street Fighter...