Jason "Mayhem" Miller - Post-Fight Interview - DREAM.16

Uploaded by DREAM on 25.09.2010

Jason "Mayhem" Miller
Can I ask a question? How is everyone? 
──You tapped him out beautifully. Tell us about the fight.
I didn't want to hit Sakuraba in the face. But since he hit me, I hit him back and I won in the end.
──How do you feel about destroying the dreams of the fans tonight.
Doesn't bother me. Not a bit! I just wanted to show a glimpse of what I do in the ring or the cage, or in the parking lot.
I'm much stronger than before. I've taken the first step in becoming a legend like Sakuraba.
──In the ring, or cage, or parking lot, or in DREAM, or Strikeforce? What will you choose next?
That depends on my manager, Ryan Parsons. If he says to fight his 3-year old daughter, I will.
──Who would YOU like to fight?
Anybody! I'm having fun! That's why I do this!