Deaf Reykjavik - Part 5 - Elsa - Reynisvatn

Uploaded by Lilienfilme on 21.09.2010


Hi, I´m Elsa, signed Elsa.
I´m here in Iceland, in Reykjavik.
Two of my children are also here with me.
They are playing over there.
I want to show you my favorite place.
This wood is located at the east border of Reykjavik.
We come here very often, because there aren´t so many trees in Reykjavik itself.
Only a few very small ones.
But here there are a lot and I love it.
I work as a theatre actress and I´m currently enroled the icelandic Filmschool.
I also run the Deaf Theatre.
Whenever I have finished my work, I come to this wood.
Come, have a look!

This is Reykjaviks Tivoli.
it´s a natural playground, without any metal, steal or plastic. Just made of woods.
Everything that is sewed or built is made of wood of this forrest.
The children of Sæmundarskóla themselves built this Playground.
Surely they were supported by grown ups.
who teach them a lot about the nature.
Later you´ll see what wonderful place this forrest is.

Ages ago, when there were no people living here and no houses built,
before the vikings discovered Iceland,
the whole land was covered with trees.
90% of the land was tree-covered.
This has changed: Now all the trees have been cut down and the forrests have vanished.
The is due to the vikings, who cutted the wood to turn it into huge ships.
Or to built up their houses, etc.
So the trees all have gone...
I want to play.
Over there!
Ok, let´s go!

What I like the most here at this place is to slide down this rope.
Within the last years there has been a change over here:
The Icelanders started to acknoledge the importance of trees for the Ozon.
So they started to change their minds and stopped cutting the trees.
Instead they starte to plant new trees.
This forrest has old and new trees.
The school always plants new trees and step by step this changes the surrounding.

Everyone in my family loves the nature.
We always drove around the countryside.
I never really liked it. I preferred staying in Reykjavik where I could see my friends and people,
The older I got, the more I changed my mind.
And now I love the nature like all of the other in my family.

Now that you have seen this forrest you need to come here.
Will you? Come!