Batter Up!

Uploaded by soldiersmediacenter on 05.08.2009

The first day we were probably two teams out here competing against each other,
and by the second day it was one big team.
After 4 days and 100 hours of play,
this one big team met their goal of becoming world record holders.
[countdown] ...2, 1. [cheering]
It feels pretty doggone good to be a world record holder.
How many people can actually say they've broken a world record?
And not only one but a few different ones as well.
It's something I'm going to start signing my name with:
Samuel "World Record Holder" Ramos.
The game ended at 452 innings.
The Tomahawks won 1,160 runs to the Warriors 1,104.
That's a 60-second Army Now. [clock ticking] [♪bass guitar playing♪]