My Gimpy Life - Ep 1: Accessible

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Hi! I'm Teal.
Yep, like the color.
I live in Hollywood...
the place where dreams supposedly happen!
And I'm an actress.
You probably noticed I use a wheelchair.
But I never let my disability define me.
Not everyone sees the world from my perspective, though...
and that keeps things interesting.
This is My Gimpy Life.

Oh! Ha-ha!
Sorry to make you wait, Teal darling!
These stairs. Whoa!
- Hey! - Hi Charles!
Don't worry about it. I'm working on getting a ramp for you.
Well, not just for you, but me too.
Thinkin' about getting me a uh...
one of those Segways.
Possibly even a scooter.
Or maybe even a Hoverround!
A-ha-ha! Oh, you are so funny!
- You're really, really funny! - Thank you.
- How you been? - I'm good.
Yeah, yeah. How was the last audition?
It went alright, but I wanted to talk to you about that.
The part was called "Screaming/Running Girl."
Yeah, have a wonderful scream!
Thank you! But it was a horror movie...
and I think they really wanted someone who could do the screaming...
AND the running.
- Oh! - Oh.
Ok, yeah, I get it. Look, Teal, you gotta understand this.
When I see you, I don't just see a girl in a wheelchair...
I see the next...
Reese Witherspoon.
Who's in a...
And I appreciate that. I really do.
I just want to go out for the right parts...
not waste anyone's time.
Done! That has been and will continue to be my mission.
Thank you.
I have an audition for you!
You do?
Yeah! But I...
- I left all the information upstairs. - Oh no.
But I'll--I'll get it to you. I'll fax it to you.
Anyways, it's for Hope Hand Soap.
They are looking for diversity.
Got that!
But the most important part is the wave.
The wave?
See, you'll say, "There is nothing Hope Soap can't clean..."
And when you wave, a beautiful rainbow of bubbles...
will trail from your very delicate and graceful fingers.
Yeah, they were very specific in the breakdown about someone having beautiful hands.
And when I think beautiful hands, I think two things.
Reese Witherspoon, number two. Number one: Teal.
I've always thought my hands are kind of graceful.
And, uh, here's a little extra...

It's a national!
That sounds great! So you'll send me the info?
Yes. Yeah, as soon as I...
Climb back up this mountain of stairs.
I promise you this, Teal...
The next time you come here, there will be the grandest ramp you have ever seen.
Bye Charles! Thanks!
These stairs are gonna kill me someday, Teal.
You don't know how lucky you are.
Seriously, my heart right now? It's giving out.
- Ha ha ha! Oh! - Be careful, Charles!


Door's open!

Yes it is, thank you.
Top of the stairs, go down the hall...
You'll see more stairs.
Take those stairs, and then the office is at the end of the hall.
Um, is there an elevator? Or another way to--?
No. Is there something blocking the stairs?
No, the stairs are good.
I just can't use them with my wheelchair.
Okay, uh...
Shoot. You know what?
We can come down to the street.
No, no, that would be noisy. Um...
Okay, can you meet me and the director in the alley in ten minutes?

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.
Uh-oh! You better get Maaco.
Right. Whatever.
Ho-ho-ho, Green Giant!

Ew! Gross!
: Hi Teal, this is our director Milo. :
You gave me Asians, now I need MORE Asians.
Well, because they have great skin!
Okay, great.
Sorry! Hollywood.
- This is Teal for the Hope spot. - Of course! Teal!
Great, so...take your time.
Whenever you're ready...Go!
You know, Hope Soap makes pots and pans shine...
but it's also perfect for my pores.
Literally. No job is too rough or too delicate.
Even when grime gets mean, there's nothing Hope Soap can't clean!
Well, thank you very much.
Marshall, I'll see you upstairs.
Oh my god. Are you serious?
No, it was...
We have you on tape. Thank you for coming in.

Da-nuh-NUH! Da-nuh-NUH!