Texas A&M Leaders of Character - Bryan Trubey, '83

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Our mission: To find and understand Aggies who are shaping their world.
I'm Bryan Trubey, class of 1983, and I'm the architect for the Dallas Cowboys stadium.
The scale of the building was really one of the most fascinating things about it.
Statue of Liberty, Arch in St. Louis, the Empire State building, are all smaller structures
than the stadium is itself. The interior of the stadium is the largest
column free room in the world. This is the world's largest video board.
It's sitting 72 feet high, 168 feet long, high definition, best picture in the NFL.
The reason I love sports & entertainment world is because it's such a diverse portfolio of
buildings. I didn't know a soul at A&M but I got into
the Singing Cadets and within two weeks of being in A&M, I had 60 best friends.
That really shaped my entire social life and it was also a big lesson in working with a
team and not necessarily shining individually. It was really in architecture that I realized
you could actually do something phenomenal as a group of people and create something
that was better than what only one person could do.
The type of people that you collect around you when you're doing work like this really
has to do with what you can get done at the end of the day.
I think you don't get loyalty unless you can display a certain amount of integrity to those
that you work with and I think you get that back from the people that you work with over
time. What I try to do, is to make sure my values
are expressed in the buildings that I did; that they're clear, honest, have integrity,
they're great, memorable places for families and others to have a great time.
Bryan creates buildings that are reflection of his values, proof that a spirit of leadership
is instilled in every student. Who will you lead?