Pro Tools® SE - Exporting your Mix - Windows 7

Uploaded by avid on 22.10.2010

Now once you've finished working on the Pro Tools SE Session,
you'll want to export it to a new file, so that you can burn a CD,
or encode it for your iPod.
So here we are back in our Session,
let's take a listen to you what we've got.
Let's hear it from the middle.
Now some instruments have echo, and reverb,
and you'll want to account for this at the end of the song.
So everything is silenced by about bar eighteen.
I'm going to make a selection from bar eighteen, all the way to
the beginning of this song.
And that will be the length of our exported file.
Now from the File Menu, choose Export Audio.
Our Mix will be CD quality.
If you've purchased the MP3 option it'll be available to you. Click Export,
and you see that we're in the Audio Files directory of our Session, check it out!
Documents, My MIDI Session, and there's the Audio Files. However,
I want my exported file to be somewhere else,
Music, and then right here. I'm going to create a New Folder called
"Pro Tools SE Bounces".
Double-click it and.....
I'm going to give it a name.
And then hit Save.
Your Mix will export in real-time.
Once completed, the file convert, and that is it.
You can now Quit out of Pro Tools SE..... There we go.
Don't forget to Save,
and now, we're back at our Desktop.
And if we come down to the Start Menu,
you can see that our finished WAV File is in Music,
Pro Tools SE Bounces,
and there's our File. WAV File.... Just
right-click and choose Play. Fantastic!