Alejandro & Diego - 044 (English Subs)

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Tomorrow I leave for work H├ęctor, I want to thank you for evething you have done for us.
Thank you, Hector. I assure you we won't give Mauricio any motive to get upset.
I only did my job as a doctor. Believe me that as a parent I understand you perfectly.
I will have to work really hard to support my home and surely enough I will have to drop out of Cervantes and leave my schooling.
No, honey. I'll help you out. The only thing I ask you, is to come to dinner with my parents.
Look, my dad in the hospital is hero, but with me he's kind of tough. So if we want to go through this we need him on our side.
Diego, you're the only one that knows what is going on with me.
I ask you, I ask you now more than ever to stay by my side and to not leave me, yeah?
Hon, hon, I'll be at your side, now and forever.
Mauricio has changed a lot since that day. -Yes, I don't even know anymore what he thinks or what he wants.
Sooner or later he could end up choosing the literature career. That's why he's Ms. Miranda's favorite.
Yes, of course, because of that.
Well let's see if in today's party some of the ideas I have cool down that are driving me crazy.
Yeah, that makes two us now.
Don't you think it's strange that Elizabeth isn't here? -Well, I don't know. She's probably with her boyfriend, Gonzalo.
I don't know how she can be going out with that monkey.
Well, let's see, you're his best friend.
Hey, I think Gonzalo must be blowing up because I'm working in this party, right?
So I'll leave instead so Elizabeth could celebrate with her mom.
What about that food? -Oh no, I already left everything ready.
I would just prefer to leave before that asshole does something to your friend.
Can you help me with what's left? -Mhm
Where are you, Elizabeht? My brother left already.
Hi. -Hi.
Where are you going? -Well I already prepared the dinner. I'm finished.
Too bad you didn't arrive any sooner, but hopefully you'll like what I made.
Ohh, uh, well do you me to give you a ride? If you want I can- -No, no, no. There's no need to, that's fine.
No, no, no. Look, I'll give you the ride, and I'll come back, because I have to make a good impression with Ricardo, because...
...guess what? He's my new boss, and I'm going to work with him.
He and the guy he presented to me today. -Yup, yeah.
Well, you know what. Do give me the ride. That way we can talk on the way, yeah?
Where are the keys!?
Everyone is waiting for you.
Look for me. I'm locked in and Gonzalo's passed out. Don't tell anyone.
You know what? I'm going to go put make up on. If my mom looks at me like this then she will start criticizing me.
Alright. -She's like a table dancer. She'll get naked at any moment.
Elizabeth, this is MY party, and I'm not going to allow you to come at any time you want to ruin my celebration.
Well, you are neither my friend, nor my sister, nor my classmate, you are my mother!
A mother that is assisting your friends because her daughter decided to disappear and ruin my birthday.
But I have my self-esteem in its place and I didn't fall for your provocations.
And here I am, assisting them, entertaining them! What are you complaining about!?
Well if you like my friends, my clothes and my things so much, I give them to you in full!
I can't continue competing against you! You exhaust me! And you know what? I'm going to go very far from here!
Ohh, well you can fulfill your wish right now! Go! Get the hell out of here. Do whatever you want, but don't threaten me anymore!
Yesi, let's go. -Sorry Eli, but I can't stay home.
It's Joaco's turn, and I'm going to stay over at Ale's. -Well I do know where I'm going to go.
I'm going to go right back where I was before coming to hellhole.
Eli, Eli, Eli, don't worry okay? I am not going to let you go back to where you were with Gonzalo.
Last night you went to Javier's house, right?
To take my girlfriend.
Yes. -And you tell it to me just like that?
Gonzalo, you're taking way too many pills. You don't realize what is going aroud you.
So you know the whole truth, that's not the only thing that happened. Yesterday she argued with her mom, and I took her to sleep at my house.
That's it!
Enough! Enough! Stop it! Are you guys crazy!? You're going to get expelled!
I'm telling you the whole truth so you don't come up with stories in your little mind!
So I don't come up with what? -Okay? I wouldn't dare lay a single finger on Elizabeth!
I have nothing to hide.
You took my girl to bed, dude! -No, Gonzalo! I wouldn't be capable of doing that!
Cool down!
Don't let your resentment destroy those around you!
Enough! Enough! ENOUGH!
Calm down and wash up!
What's the matter with you?!
You know very well that women were created to make us men go crazy.
And you're a faggot, or what?