Dr. Teresa Pierce Lecture - Language & Gender

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Today we're going to be talking about language, specifically we're going to be talking about language/gendered language as it relates to
the article from Deborah Tannen called The Power of Talk, and
Chapter 5 of our text.
But let's begin our conversation
My Israeli friend's mom was once fired from the girl scouts because she was too much of a loud talker
remember the loud talker that was the guy from Seinfeld who talked SO LOUD THAT WE HAD TO STAND BACK FROM HIM
and that's all
is difficult for them l
worldwide on
services on son conversation
and how much hockey envelope
wrapped up
out influences on the way to begin to understand proceeds of the people
actually france mots fired in the process because she's lost a lot but
there's nothing wrong with police optimism cultural we actually
newsletter from that period beginning oftentimes in order to get working edge flock
uh... which is
bombastic people
justices assurity
you get here
wallace process
and issues
data recorder proceeds t_v_ pushy domineering exactly
when wait and hear
and somehow someone else it
best also places
eighteen wheelers angelito
i would like to t_v_ eight minutes
and then delete this conversation allow and proceeded to
and finally found tennesseans endorse that
and then come back
and the thing about these things winning instinctively
explicitly generally expires somebody always done conversation
the way is the with the speaker of the stuff
speaker icon comms
and use their instruments within a few hours
dentin if the person who would like to think that outlet talking about it on
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slowly up to now
at least we keep safeties
got a little bit more uh... huh
lesson ended
it's warm enough power relentless possible sheet lists
and he's a little exiled in eighteen ninety sample there are less
the arsenault
there i think our to control the content of this nation
except how to respond working in haiti about certain things that were said
and it's process wants to see if the respectful within the framework fame
he didn't know i mean untenable phuket status
if you can figure it out i think you would be correct
he had some distance but i don't know
he's like i said
fifty-one c disqualified
he was in charge that prayer he he named uh... jesus l_p_g_a_ this which quite contentious
he also craftspeople he attracted people buddy absolute control of the attack conversation
even though he was pretty carefully
meeting little sets in there
eight answer the grandfather
i think he didn't
the grandfather arms factory elasticity comments about the way they raise their children disrespecting
that's something that you are cassidy's on
so hung up we have enough because people like there is an
portfolios debt
however candy
is within the framework of language
in or to control and if he did
are star
eighty leaflet
that she recently statement
and so forth
asking for visitors wendy pop pop pop
standards off
when we come up to five o'clock less than four percent today
invisible exetel thank you bob
installments of one person that's old
and she was actually ridiculed with them
we're of that
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soliciting bhalo was cheated
well see that's all for being out
whatever from twenty national working
anyway top excellence
when waiting
and we can be seen since the date mister
the committee
in his speech insisted sis partly at network
speed wealthiest people in
ivanhoe slides landslides every cent
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keep the example of the president's plan
into number of cleaning up after a successful please hostile circles if they don't want
to be
a time when i want to thank fifty best friends
there are also my left foot endorsing out animal into play
always on it and at the bottom left-hand side
are often not played a large teams
they don't have the best friends that they had best teammates and she is
crucial lands
enter having sex with their name further where
and this boy faithful are
social influential
in the latest in financial assistance
every lawyer the sixties a little bit
assisting leasing
is still a small city center
closet thanks again
waiting in the works for a on
on here sourav corrupts
for men on the other hand side
it's about time
it's a tough competition
eva accolades entirely except that what you're saying
wonderful apartments sanitary frost instituting itself
the itenary
useful and that may be falling which shouldn't be is the manpower investment you mean
is the president
is trying to
eight hundred
he said the at the top has stopped unit
these were comparable he's lovable
the net is closed off
enshrine it hahaha donor
didn't invent haha blames let's consider language and how the industry hot except
t_n_t_ foster statistics
state-funded one ever since your sixty
is just the way that is very housing
but it'll be good morning
includes things like that out of work stress are more interact
influences that islam artists
i don't talk
best august
it's a very quickly
is peaceful
is on the f_b_i_ rituals what words are instead people hit infants to
events virgin islands in chicago
is part of a thorough
the chocolate association
and figures of speech and these altogether
combine v
rewards the statement was that's that
justify parasitic upholstered
their citizens
benedictine apt to be people beat me
considered cities endangered bad
at night you can't use it pretty bad
the deadline carried over into hit your grandma who still work
initiated talked about with into off the roads
and balance cheryl work and be bcr
i mean the acids people three men
in this meeting it was very hot box and be world
uh... cindy and i wouldn't want to see each uh... congress' with a friend up
the framework are that
austin where the homework
statement today
people cannot since their active it irony but when inexpensive thomson people intermediate
listened as he is for our
send it to me the most important
almost all the people said still
field was the most important person delivery notes i just opened
but wasn't that bad actually look at the state fourteen seventy chino exceptional speaking
the suggestions and felt was agreed to share
adventure fixation that perception obviously like that
filtered charge
and share step back
so the perception was within the frame of experts off she was operating cdc control
anti bt and using those feedback police procedures
not necessarily eskom
no way to advance certain ideas that he thought to be
and sold here's a_b_c_'s nightline you that happens you know
they felt that it will be treated equally allowed the perceptions of the other people
waited for her up best
uh... meeting
in lost in still severe answer
has learned that using s
power up
linguists out and then use and from the date
people since i was actually the prejudices cross-cultural communication
the idea that genders com from different cultures this semester culture anesthetic goals
answered about aggressive thoughts thinking both are prophets and out
even begin to happen then needs much luck
entities to ability at match
began to expand explains interactive consistently since the
engagement and financed and and
in order to meet this week
absolutely recently others ourselves organizations shit
for our conversational style
so in pet extension in for her
to be a better upstairs
border speedier helpers convinced
if you remember from previous classes impossible at four o'clock and report
and senators and idea different at
for four o'clock isn't
since then
it's not just the exiled when system depends itself and then stopped me
it's probably a deficit to form connection
it's a way begins to form walk to armies walked him back and forth exempt
in explaining it
firepower advantage
solar porch possible around position
and fort com star off
we not only is releasing
from around the sixteen th
think about enticing on hiring
uh... management intending to use this little harmonies
yes says outfitters
i think different extended we are tired of having bargaining chip and we're looking for
currency control out color marketing division
so it's very easy
decision and control
i set up
from one person it puts it into the water walked a picture
and act is report
out before trial
reports hopkins ask him
before are has a higher to them
report copies competitiveness force
and four o'clock this power up
more powerful
and report promptly spots
saloon and that you spoke before report on
actually show heart deferred waves
morris walk which worthwhile
and in here
next year
is higher
and our archives
and confident
right just posted
can be answered it differently depending on one seventy
winning are constituted downplayed their houston's
g dot pandit contributions even though she's the one that was up actually making suggestions
that might be
still community
still suggestions
and hatred
anonymity and protect them
was the one
d me
women tend to use what i call populist speech standards that we are constantly topics
maybe this power austin's units
this may be able to freshen or something like that class before
policies mattresses and expectations
whereas if i guess i i i liked insidious
might scare
do you have seen your statement before gets sick
you do hesitate six visit arms
well i'm
he for
and he is also and
uh... film
and right now
demonstrates the importance of delivery lead time united case here
and statements for women are more likely to use a thesis statement
nothing is more intensifies so that's how i feel
gillis intensifies these expires
people mostly words antiquated and
you also stage
things like that
that's the way i feel like my emotions are are trying to be sold in comparison
influenced by al
poetic unusual platforms and i have more
i would like to say excuse me but could write use your pencil one minute
whereas last on his and he is the answer to that
and in more cynical take place
which is the question becomes after the statement
whose excuse so sick is not quite sure of what you're seeing
or and
i think that slater's either
we're staying when you can ever do to their speech patterns
at meetings
so this friends
athens that means to move just plain something that you're going to say i'm no expert
i think we need to do it this way
i've never really trent lott backhoe
i think would be fun
so he said
lemonade don't you think is the system at some form of hostage
just doesn't
include eastside of speech patterns
exalt if you're a manager and i have to decide who gets the promotion thank you trying to
figure out who is the first with the most confidence
whether doubles constantly speak
and you have a nice antidepressant style
you might message for her or receive a woman's at my place
uses these kinds of help
question and speech manners s confident
at less cost
as a might be done
knock asap for an innocent person upholstered because the public perception plots
we also have some in congress livestock their is a really bad
average lifespan
and one of the best samples of americans that's less obvious ones the hi how are you
and you know a lot of things that uh... retirees out people are is just a quick select screen
opted that's not true and our cultures
something some cultures entitled can't seem to be truthful and activity proceed as actually
costs a lot of work
a season or is you're not interested in interviewing abdullah signal at all
but more than an in frankfurt shortstop is often except
how mythology ice
what does the term accelerate
needs to be here
jack-in-the-box subcommittee presentation
and references about how many presentations on boxes allowed dot blot flat
vice president of finance
and had the numbers and i think it is you really you know
was really ticked
and lenses all i'm sorry and the whole tax return
my best friend
for katherine indians
she's not released so worried
that that advanced sorin at
she's expresses itself concern they didn't have any sense because she didn't know on
similar on
so eight she talks displays weapons
ritualized on
do you think that's
oneself politics
or aimed at fault
and same at personal arm edwards and process not conversation
phone conference between
marvelous then sitcoms
any one of the land
dropped the phone
and actually
the connection
between p
between the people in britain and the first external
broke soviet double etc all of it first
it reconnect our politics eddie upon walked back out
but instead of saying sorry i dont common denominator alittle
and get out but it does
w actually said that when you were here and actually we're gong
so if you need something
internet access at all
four would be disconnected
the belarus cultivated
subconscious building on legal costs
gentleman headed in the press is not the full profitable instinctively
united wants are a handful of weapons
right now lol
that's right
so automatic impulses
and unit for our own
desktop pc it
solicits funds hochberg projects bombs
is the status of the reasons that way if he did
and the kids entertained thoughts physicians are interested in sex the sixties
synthesized being asked for christie where dvd critique this
and to give some feedback on it together
and soul anti-yeltsin positive please
kilometer spirit please sir
uh... its job
through january twenty
he's ready make good inactive inside pass uses passes plus
or k
yet and this is what he is proceeded honored sail through an extended explicit
can improve the rain then an entire spots to with uh... managers constantly versus formula
mister reported
and she said often indecency mighty that one and she'd instead he didn't do well
but yet report back
he's only my ambitions
and hatred is assistant manager head enumerated haircuts
decency and wacky outfit consistent color
well actually it was a different distrustful indication the language problem however
ke missus routier
exiting acted on it for case
uh... report sixty
and that humanitarian minor revisions of the book
missile seedless transit freestyle antibody constipated begin
and he completely science
she had flipped sweet desjardins differences in gender
when you hear about how
pop in his lifetime specially candidate
entrances awful artistic interests spot
anti lake and house slides
and act
we find that if someone in the streets common ancestor caught my eye
uh... wendy tell us how entities he comments on mine
off these candidate me eight
that face usually
for example i think that
it's sent
one minute
have altogether mary alice at an outstanding presentation
felix message was fantastic
how would you keep in mind
and do you think you'll really appreciate wrong
npc this is a compliment
he he's complimenting her acted in a race for her feedback
she says it's actually has
he's criticizing
and he doesn't care about anything dated without
so that i get up compliments can be said off
mediators quite and you can ask you this
uh... thanks a lot next to see that five cents a day
where someone's chances that he has a defensive position in this town is an absolutely act
it is that
totals two eighty seven
and then
newspapers off
twenty minutes later excel in all endeavor
you walked in
instant disqualifier office shirt expire lends itself
itself for that
within just
half-eaten off theories that
which last night just does not exist within the framework apart
uh... off
and did not waiting to play
actually happens loaded with bricks classified and do you know i think i'm going to be more
competitive and we're not about politics and sports need to have more access to this website
so i think it's getting better
themselves and i don't think any
how do i think if i didn't get one second
so let's get a little bit
not backing up what kennedy
so out you know a little bit about fifty last night
the justice conference
power over overdone
knocking expels things like
for four o'clock report
desktop p_c_ objective
enchanted by it
and and and
entrance connect this to webkinz obama's hahaha tough talk
the senate's physical that he can do it
person one
to think about witnessing a checked d_n_a_ tests tests for sex
cecil analysts find standard
text as towards the phrases that are necessary to differentiate
or at least units
so for example one of these
when we say she'd moderate purchase
black kids that
health experts absent fathers mister
well let's see she money for children with top opportunity here
track elation accidents
except watch it
in heat itself
this assumption bat
profited meet only seconds unusually angry shy
fourth fireworks
it doesn't matter saying he fucks children
so there's this
and it is for us
union what his pocketbook experience tonight
statements that up
i'll pop pop
nikon s sex
powerful grades
first he let me know if that's the pictures
sixty-four inexperienced gprs because there is no such thing as ker ke
and hear is celebrated c usually without being
so tides be politically correct you can say not mandy zigzag artificial
an extra cents aunty
packaging is nominee
that became fussy set
and that's
i spotlight net supported
pbl firefighter or any other
is twenty
spy on c_n_n_ near insanity more and destroyed singer itself
many people were injured including schedule
that's there is some way of seeing
women and children people
is school but it's there
and we don't know instead
because these national
that that's really sexist
uh... state
unify at people hotmail
an extra popcorn
so there's that tax collectors
powerful wicket sexism racism
and if three different times rescind at first glance overs
over sexism
d_c_ it's father
about a mile away
it's harmful expandable treatment that is intentional
if they will and candidates there's no question about someone's asking who are often get you
marty that if overgrazing
apne toddler girls why don't we have worked with the best alert
so it's ok its high hope they find forcing
sixes upheaval discourages
immediately for adults because doesn't work ourselves household problems for example
uh... people actually outwardly for
uh... for example
it's hard to experiment conducted subha subha thinking about for the use of the predominantly
asio obviated amendments
enough is enough engines trying to get back into trying to find that kyunki
instantly rambo front heat out of the heat waves
anyhow houses in trying to create jobs
and he has just come out and just like this
sweatpants dexterity
just pull out the paper and lock them up
the arrest you
and use this is my house st louis betsy's house wireless
black address at palm
and it uh... wide competing for an end to actually get it
i rested and it made headlines hello
example is leading for example com
alone and he had only colorado's here or a black woman
can bring peace to be late at night
a landline lost in the wetlands more likely t_v_ noticed and then we have first
and that's how the money web recently webcam over a
albrow gap anywho let's just put out oper
she's often
talk about
within the framework offered
by peaceful vintage perverts facts for you
uh... and
be harmful described for here
and our kelly who wrote the heartbeat oprah
quotes sources listeners
for example
overly out here and the a dot
pcx ext
blasted the press people of their nasty chief counselor
eight-year-olds and endless with freedom alliance energy right now if you give this crowd that
wants to air
so lets this section sunsets person
well suggesting distrustful contract with powerful the remainder
processing processes
last over his features
colonels to black
her lips oxidative
here here
and active
this up
because sex features are all com associate aai
and short sources just a whole is needed
another former assesses investigation up winning here
and susan and ready
recently i i don't have time was em updated
marcyle last year
three newsweek
genessee managers
lindsey macy defense date
uh... cat
seniority but they didn't want to take a cost basis x thirteen junior journalist ever again
abrogate isolationism normal self racism and sexism and that you know i had started the
framework uh... agendas that began investigating war bylines nxp
bigger are bernie outside
so this is very much
and and today just today i thought he was
he says he's not about the p_l_o_
has resisted standoff with the economy
thirty percent of officer shooters wikipedia worrying and so responses abstracts uh...
sexism net
we need not only have three hundred percent
as the fathers that publishes content
women's issues envisage inheritances even
and hundred references
within that framework with the centrist coalition describes tupelo and contribute to a particular
instance arms
this time of dear cattle herds cell i think the most serious the most serious
forwards xd
caller thanks
tennessee is excuse
next endorsed sad for in
but it's free
truly designed to be racist incidents
sheet for the people
co-worker racism and sexism items to construct beers dixieland preston or acceptable
methods are early
uh... are
overview inside graceful uh...
these resistance and slide lots
for example
before he wrote his letter
and and he's hours it
is that there's a lot
education application fees
contests four processes four people
info rustic aren't for instance
can response funny or education therefore
it's not politicking adventist school's s the rich districts
uh... it could easily be disunity between officers
face huh
courage and strength that i can tell
are set by local school building
so that it will support their cadres
your card translated below and the assessment
high-crime areas your carson's impossible or hernandez racial profiling
death over sexist nancy lobbies on area peacetime people
also example is twenty twenty nine high-paying jobs
more peacefully one-third winning exasperated denied
with within a few feet
robots victims because of the possible risk
to air reproduction
and then oslo peace since you don't want to have
abdulla hac absolutely there
they have
uh... preventable
for fax because it's the only state exposure to optical
we found over viet nam also entreaties birth defects n
women act and once that palm
access to the straps these over
less captain
class a discussion about
universal communications statements language
antsy haha oops and really acts conversations and instantly species campbell expansion
deceitful package
thanks for stopping at this point
lots lots of awards
but it's not often is the city one referrals
energy character comfortable with
warfare exotic he began reading these wonderful what's two children they're going to be axalife
xbox must leave this max avoided
reset their bass and sings it yeah sequester them
and so uh... different ways that porcelain engrossed in it
release even municipal stories departure exports
each person's life
is a series of conversations
we are not going to get affiliation near all these subsidies policies each other
and relaxing using the words are language
we also lower and
difference a symmetrical assumptions factors influencing that they cut power structures
and we do this from the cockpit
so culture and language
uh... also makes a difference
translated something from while i'm waiting for another someone's it's very hard to get
that once described it's almost impossible awaiting everyday gender and we're trying
to translate ha
within recently scene
if time still contact lenses
the elastic style history
high-fat expulsions
labyrinth outnumber keeps though eight-and-a-half remind
and awesome advertisement he's fast food giant directly
dealer we've seen
and that's one of them correctly
and wanted to go online antique is under fire home
it's exactly the kind of distraction
and article that a bit more t
objects and
it's going to be available friday february eleven five eleven a_m_
and useful books and probably near powerpoint slides and you would get a new lots correct
east-west sites that it
thank you very much
what you think it is often seen finds on