Nicky 2FM 2010-02-14 Part1

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I mean everybody is in every so many hits me he'd learned whereas you know a whole lot
of fun last week that you ever saw
on the let me welcome you back for tonight's on here till seven pm playing someone famous
use and songs of us
dozens of the light on the floor three us
and some great deal of comment
and we don't quite know what this show so
state you have here on this valentine's even
sometimes you feel very romantic coming up
thanks a lot
yes I was
salomon brothers
it appears it's making more on US and so seven pm make enormous celebrity Sunday
that's a lovely got a great show personally and all the answer yet E mails
we play the composition of not this is the land where you lose your chance not system
and many in this case
any questions
I have to answer honestly
and I was I mean that goes down to it
look or underwear and when I was a day
my money on the news
and I think the last week was really really goes we also play the game
our guest is that every moneyline
would apply only to someone you on the show that's all coming up
in the next couple of hours
this is valentine's day we want to know something like them
forswearing months in which as you know
that is assuming the own
because you
so I think
US and they keep lawrence levy some it's a deal with us and again tonight that was boys
only gave it all away
listen I know a lot of different even if only thing those great times and said it was a
great e mails
now on the phone is so many
UN the very very close twenty one
shane signed
shane find the same case on people and
listen in on these proceedings and so on
he said it wasn't
someone else because well have been indicted
I really don't know
very very well in a primary race
things have happened in this case
irish onto a thin a sign the nation and what do you do when I'm I'm bringing an end
does this play the guitar or something and he runs a different era
Iraq has in his life
she's great
and forrest sawyer
the report recommends and other material
she's not surrender misuse he knows his stuff and then matter
I'm I'm gonna last week and
he went well he's in the month the flame eighteen Qaeda
entitlements ten Americans is is face the music quality testify under oath
is there a little is what it sounds
but the issue of think that life but yes
and dennis and
I said this month as he goes well
and he took over Clinton's uses
I mean crunch a less in jeopardy
when the military
the space the beach
but the middle ages
that's very very that I thought they were great in the show a little out of it not for
the public not the river that though that they're okay
doctor I think that place
or a protracted democratic voters go to the
so fiscal integrity to fall in love with its nineteen museums the phone
for real
of course he said on a TV ad in order so that we know what the show's of life so I think
it shows that people do that
it's very obvious and yet the issue of people that their profits are for sure that you hear
I don't think both are true
you didn't know that I that I had a little one of the great ahead of itself
so the real
because go out on the stump Wednesday and let me just ask
when a man in whose name she is a monster mentioned
welcome both to show it to him
the world but house and I am going to read write and already owned by a very narrow gloves
or is it a secret
I said i'll let you know as I suppose on the shelf them was like a son play on the money
in any money or any money
I don't know
I don't particularly like
their job
a tremendous change financing and fund thank you very much
your wife finances morrow the by lack thereof
feel I mean some things he wants US and that's it
in the meantime and everybody wants the Tom cruise
right now most identify them
sixteen around the place I want to thank you
I said if I was like
and if as both instruments night
the NFL calling the worst inflation in the proceedings
she says now he is a different kind of body functions
I'm leon harris here for the last few minutes
number one reason possibly one of yours
for one reason alone
mister simpson's home most of the year conference
polish is why do you remember what you see there one of my face and he's a man
the house held
the city
CNN on-line business interests
the new President
financing seven and say my own studies in paris this week
President Clinton and the reason I'm just of our lives in fact
promises has was going on
humphries have five games
I you know how far we've come from his insurance firm mckenna
is that the parents more morning of the great actors the as a little less about that
yeah personally
well you see if the muslims nineteen ninety he could take in this isn't going to last
brown and darling in forces found them I'm not because I didn't see them on and tomorrow
so I am
sorry Tom N S O N
yes it all ends the gloves on in front of forty five degrees and Pennsylvania
although is it true that forty is an insurgent
authorities in east lansing
and so on patients and staff
and by the way of knowing their party's primary season but is in the post
is that some his column it
all right let's go
can tell you my friend
there's a lot of them
thousands of mines on and on and on and on the line okay
no I suppose we're on them
well I think he's November so happy birthday and I come to you for the third month in London
was that in his twenties
the sun
feinstein nineties radio
it's a great song of from the middle east today this is dangerous
the new leader of Iran
do you mean by saying hey listen if you want US census and the ANC
said you know
sounds like on some possibly is in some group was as well
it's in the hands of flying into the defense later on in the show
I'm course and again asked a celebrity you get to ask me anyone's
I got to be honest a very honest
but the answers no so they say one of the best
and I was wondering if I should and I thought was this week and shame if you
through when the steel
on the line and it's in the most mission
gene in and that that that tell you how I don't know
that he felt well my response was going to change in a couple of hours Michelle an
the celebrated I think the column on these institutions usefulness is the lab remind
you write her best fundraising period where I very exciting and very interesting and that
the other night
the so that's that
no conclusion
you know I don't I don't I think it over
we are here
I agree
you're married for a while you can do you think
pat buchanan's so you know it's almost
I'm a member of the only school like the old the UN still stays unless you know you don't
you go more than eleven thousand in the minority on it
during that period
yet those who have something from people more and more of them even more in love of my life
the way it is
so I think it's as if the question is is anyone he's asking is an enzyme called krajina before
the showman gen lawrence and as far as we've got some land in this case is going to win
you know I think after we did the right thing to do right
so it's that I can make an issue out of his house and Medicaid
here it is
this is especially you know just yesterday the senate
but primary you know you get up I think until we have a cat hair day
and I only got a discussions with the President
you know that we definitely should cover three said
the new stuff every grade she's up there
every different of their that party as a whole
well jerry capeci pressure on China to go to dinner with the some missiles and the value
in it
well jan I think are the things that we think are okay
it is not a precise autonomous region inflation on the grounds that it wasn't based on the
evidence and I think last week solana right you know
I don't care if they're so happy for three months
yeltsin is about midnight everything they don't think so far resisted take that up and
down in the emotions
they're going to kill best hope of returning
you know I love the the like
I have
but you know it's very very quiet
gus people in violence since the start of a about night
I want you to pay
he died about a lot of I thank you
very good
they end up going to have to let in more voters
great pop song writer for
I didn't go for passed around great minds think alike if those seven different in amman
Obama asking about the should be us