[GALAXY Tab] Extreme Retreat - Andes

Uploaded by SAMSUNGmobile on 06.11.2010

Corporate retreats are always held in the same places.
But I want to challenge my employees.
So this year I'm having the company retreat somewhere a little out of the ordinary.
There's no cafe's here.
That's why my employees are learning how to hunt their own food.
Michael here, he's been pulling up scum and algae for the past hour and a half.
Connie From HR,
turn's out she's a natural with the indigenous blowgun with poison-tipped darts.
Granted, certain office activities aren't easy here. Like checking stocks.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average. Do you know what it is right now?
Nothing? Okay. Alright, thank you.Someone will know. Thanks.
Or giving a presentation.
Just one more sec. I’m almost done carving the key strategic insight.
C'mon! Where you going!?
But the Galaxy Tab changed everything.
It allows our staff to check stocks
read newspapers and magazines, and inform their family back home just how much fun they're
having on my retreat.
tonight we escape under cover of darkness. You with me, brother?! Let's go!
Look at my team, working late.
It even lets them videoconference.
...and that’s how we’d allocate the media budget.
You can trust us. We will not make you look ridiculous.
Been in this business a long time.
long time
Seen a lot of things! A lot of things.
Hello? Hellooo?
After a retreat this successful,
there's nothing like a photo to remember what a great time everyone had.
Okay smile!
That's the happiest I’ve ever seen them.