Whole Wheat Bread Recipe : Split the Loaf of Wheat Bread

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

My name is Branden Sarcus on behalf of Expert Village. Today, I am going to show you how
to make whole wheat bread. Remember I told you, you are going to need that knife, here
it is. So we are going to take our knife and we are just going to go right down the middle
because after all this is just going to make two loafs. You will see that we have a nice
even texture all the way through, that?s what we want. So, I am going to go ahead and show
you what we are going to do now, is shape each one of these separately and then we are
going to let them rise again for another hour, so off we go. Ok, so here is our first piece
this is the piece that we are going to put into our loaf pan, which is right here. So
I want to make sure to wipe the inside of my loaf pan out because; you know I want to
make sure that I do not have anything in their. I think I had a little bit of flour in their
earlier. So our loaf pan, I am going to set it aside and we are going to take this and
the best way to make a loaf is to try to follow the shape of the pan if you can. As you can
see right now, to big, so what we are going to do is, the bottom of the loaf does not
matter as much because it is the part that you are not going to see as much we are going
to roll this in, just like this make sure that we get a nice seamless fold their. We
are going to roll the other piece in the same way same rules apply nice seamless fold we
are going to fold our ends over like this and just pinch them so that we have a nice
seamless edge their as well,
fold that over get that to come together right their. What you should have now is a really
long kind of loaf looking shape. So we are going to fold these two pieces over right
here, problem is that you have this, this won't cook very well so we need to make sure
that this whole thing comes together. So that is going to be your bottom and this is going
to be your top. So since I am using a non stick pan you don't really have to do anything
with it but what I am going to do is, I am going to take some non stick cooking spray,
just a little tiny bit just like that, just to make things a little easier on myself later.
Take my loaf drop it in my pan like that push it down make sure that their is no air, make
sure that we are even alright; so their is our loaf lets drop our damp towel that we
were using earlier right on top of it and we will come back to it in an hour.