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Good, please show more intimacy.
Comrade Major! Something big happened!
The North seems to know that Comrade Han Myeong Wol wants to surrender.
And it seems as if they've already sent a sniper.
No... no...
Gang U hyeong! (Hyeong - Older Brother)
What is going on?
It's nothing.
It's just acute appendicitis, appendicitis!
So then, he is in surgery now?
But what about the wedding?
The wedding must be postponed.
Postponed until when?
Can't you elaborate?
Sorry, let's stop it here.
I will contact you guys with more detailed information.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry...
Repeat it one more time, one more time.
Yes, Representative.
How is it over there?
It's a mess, there are reporters everywhere!
Okay, say what's been instructed by the representative.
So what does this matter count as?
Myeong Wol, don't wait here
go and change your clothes.
You sitting here won't change a thing.
Comrade Major, what happened to Myeong Wol comrade?
Nothing happened.
That's fortunate.
Very fortunate.
I thought something had happened.
We can't even go there, we can only wait here...
Gang U is injured...
So, the wedding was cancelled.
No... how could Gang U...
It seems like Gang U took the bullet meant for Myeong Wol Comrade.
So, it really was a sniper.
I guess so.
What should we do...What should we do?
Well, how is Comrade Gang U's condition?
Although it's unclear, his condition isn't very good.
What should we do?
What are we going to do, Myeong Wol Comrade?
If the reason why they sent a sniper was because they knew Myeong Wol Comrade was going to surrender,
then the matter won't be easy to settle.
They definitely want to kill Myeong Wol comrade.
So, is that why you came back?
And even refusing the opportunity to go to the North.
First, help me look into where Gang U's hospital and ward is.
So that's it.
Can't you see that he will not leave because Comrade Myeong Wol is in serious danger?
When we look at it this way, Comrade Major is also pitiful.
Also... Doing it this way is a bit... Myeong Wol only sees Gang U.
Yes, exactly.
How come you didn't go to Gang U's wedding?
Why should I go?
I don't want to go and give them my blessing.
They also would prefer if I didn't go.
Good thinking.
Then, what about grandfather?
Why would I want to go to their wedding?
Besides, there will probably be a lot of people giving them their blessings.
I've already paid my respects by sending a gift.
So from the sound of it, you've sent them some money.
You hate him so much. Why would you...?
I know I couldn't do the same thing.
It is because you are too immature.
I don't want to hear any rumour from it.
I don't know, think whatever you want to think.
Did you already give up on Gang U?
How can I not give up?
I'm also tired.
Ah, did you send over the money yet?
The wedding was cancelled.
What happened?
Gang U suddenly needed appendicitis surgery.
But from the rumors, it seemed to be a gunshot.
How is that possible?
Who would want to kill Gang U?
So how is Gang U right now?
It seems to be more serious than I thought.
Really? Who would do this to Gang U....
To want him to die from a gunshot.
And also...
It seems that Mr. Choe hasn't left the country yet.
What, he hasn't left the country yet?
Yes, his name is not found on the final manifest.
So, could it be that...
Choe Ryu was the one to do that to Gang U...
If that's not it... then why?
We must look into Choe Ryu's movements.
If there is anything suspicious, contact me immediately.
I understand.
What does he mean? What did Choe Ryu do to Gang U?
Please prepare me, a safe identity to go to North Korea and airline tickets.
Going to North Korea is very strange.
Ah, it couldn't be that.
Impossible, absolutely impossible. That's not possible.
Ah, doctor, How is he? Hyeong's okay, right?
We've already removed the bullet and the suturing is done too.
Fortunately, the bullet missed an important area, avoiding serious consequences.
Ah, thank you, thank you very much.
But in the process of bringing him here, his had excessive bleeding.
So, he has yet to regain consciousness.
What? Then...that... when would that be?
We don't know when that will be either.
To be like that, is already not too bad. So, don't be too worried.
Gang U Hyeong, will definitely wake up soon.
But seriously, things seem very strange.
How can he get shot in the center of Seoul?
Ah, we don't even know who did this, either.
There's no suspicious people around Miss Myeol Wol, right?
It can't be that hyeong has alway been receiving threats, right?
It can't be the same incident that previously occurred in Minerva Hotel, right?
Or could it be a crazy, perverted stalker type of person.
Well... If i know which crazy person that did this, he'll get it from me.
Gyeong Ju.
Is Gang U oppa, alright?
Hey, what are you doing here?
I heard that Gang U oppa had surgery, How could i not come and see how he is.
He's fine, so don't disturb the patient. Let's go out and talk, go outside and talk.
What's wrong with you?
Go outside and talk.
we don't even know who did this, either.
There's no suspicious people around Miss Myeol Wol, right?
What are you going to do?
Didn't I say before,
that if we fail, we can't allow Gang U who knows our identities to continue living any longer.
No, it's impossible.
It's not possible for him to be there at that time.
Gyeong Ju.
Oppa, just what are you doing?
Oppa... You better honestly tell me.
Aigoo... Wha- Wha- Wha- Tell you what?
You're hiding something aren't you? Right?
Well, what can i be hiding...
Then why are you stuttering?
St-st-st-stuttering, Who's stuttering?
Look, aren't you stuttering, right now?
Then look at me and say it again.
You see, oppa, do you have a secret that you're not telling me?
So this is the kind of relationship we're in?
It's not like that, Gyeong Ju.
I am really disappointed. Let's break up.
What? Gyeong Ju!
Oh, it shouldn't be like this.
Hey, Gyeong Ju, Gyeong Ju.
Comrade Ok Sun, what are you doing in the future?
Oh, that also ..
As I have decided to stay. I may surrender or just stay the same as before.
Anyway, I have to make one choice between the two.
How about Comrade Hui Bok?
Isn't surrendering a better choice?
We should do that, then we could live a bit more peacefully.
But if we did that,
Just like Myeong Wol Comrade. The senior's won't let us go.
Ah, Myeong Wol Comrade even became an actress here.
If she surrenders then it will lead to huge problems. That's why.
for people like us, who lives in a small building. Why would they still care?
Well, you can't be too sure about that.
Then, let's just live like this.
It'll be really unstable like this though.
I always wished that I could sleep without any worries.
Then let's just surrender.
By doing that, i don't think i can sleep without any worries either.
Then, just what do you want to do?
This is really annoying.
Once a decision is made,we should always not to make it too complicated.
You don't need to worry, I'll settle it for you.
I just have to report you to the authorities.
Is this 113?
Don't be like that! Seriously...
I'm sorry, but you can't visit, right now.
I came to see you.
I hope that you can tell me frankly.
Tell you what?
What you and Choe Ryu's real identities are?
What are you guys doing? Why is Grandpa and Gang U both troubled like that.
And Choe said...
He is returning to North Korea, what is that about?
Don't think that you don't know. At least I know this involves you.
There's something going on, isn't there? Something that you can't tell anyone.
If it's like this, then just go ask Chairman Ju.
Then do you know where is Mr. Choe?
Heard he didn't leave the country.
This can't be.
Gang U's injury, isn't related with Choe right?
It can't be, it can't be true.
How can it, how can it.
Honestly go back, and i'll spare you.
I am only trying to complete my mission.
Haven't you understood what I said?
Send a message back. Han Myeong Wol's problem, I will figure it out.
And cancel the death warrant immediately.
You should clearly know. Disobeying orders is a very serious crime.
If you don't want to die, do as I say.
What is this?
What do I do? What do I do?
It's fine.
How can it be alright. It is still bleeding.
You wait here.
You use this to tie it.
Thank you!
That is very expensive.
Last time when I went to Italy and bought it directly from the designer.
Oh well. It's already dirty.
But, how did you get hurt?
That... It won't happen to be a knife wound, right?
No, I just got a bit scratched.
This is only a scratched wound.
You wouldn't happen to be a spy, right?
Impossible, such a naive person.
But if it is true, then.
Since you already know my real identity. I cannot leave you anymore.
Nothing, wait here for me. I'll go to the drugstore and buy back some medicine.
No, it's too strange, yeah.
Aren't you Ju In A shi?
No I'm not. What do I do?
Also, is there any conclusive evidence?
Comrade Han Myeong Wol.
Why are you like this?
I am asking you why are you like this?
Comrade Han Myeong Wol.
I only begged you not to touch comrade Gang U.
Have you forgotten?
I'm warning you.
If you touch Gang U again.
I won't let comrade Major off.
And will not stop.
My good feelings towards Comrade Major.
ends here.
From now on, I will hate you for the rest of my life.
In A.
Where are you going to?
You can't be...
You can't be doing something useless like last time, right?
Since you've spoken, I'll ask.
Choe Ryu, who exactly is that man?
What is his relationship to Grandfather?
What exactly does he do?
It's fine that you don't know.
Don't worry about it.
Really, Grandfather says that line everyday!
I'm thinking about it, so how can I not worry?
Neither you nor Gang U.
but is it now for that fellow Choe Ryu?
Am I insane?
If you don't have feelings, that's best.
I thought it might be a possibility, so I asked.
You should never get close to that guy.
With just your sympathy,
you can't make a good practical judgement.
If it's like what happened last time,
I can't forgive you again.
So, why?
Why can't I approach him?
Why can't it be like that?
Grandfather, why can't you just tell me?
You'll know later.
You people are so annoying.
This girl, really.
How did it go?
The Four Joint Book analysis came out,right?
Really? Okay.
So what exactly is that map?
But about that... The results of the analysis...
What's the results of the analysis?
Last time,
The analyst says that it's some where around the Korean Peninsula.
That's right.
This time, the results of the analysis, from an expert says
that a completely different result has appeared.
Therefore, we got the expert from last time, to have another look.
To see if there's anything different.
What, that guy Choe Ryu!
Forget it. Okay.
That guy... That guy must have done something to them.
Destroy the Four Joint Books!
He definitely, definitely
holds the information before destroying the documents.
If we have to catch that guy,
then there's no other method left.
Give a call to NAS.
That guy,
can look forward to seeing Han Myeong Wol in a deep crisis.
He probably won't just run off.
We shouldn't be casually walking in a place that has a lot of people.
Now that Comrade Han Myeong Wol can not be able to eat.
Do we just pretend to not know?
That's right, She's our daughter after all.
doesn't Gang U already know,
our situation?
How can we still meet?
He hasn't even regained consciousness yet.
Just see Comrade Myeong Wol for a little while will do.
Just then...
It seems that I forgot to turn off the gas.
That gas.
Aigoo, seriously...
That guy is so timid.
Not too long ago,
there's an actor Gang U, staying at the hospital, right?
Which room is he in?
I'm warning you.
If you touch Gang U again.
I won't let Major comrade off.
Just until when are you going to keep lying there till?
Self-righteous and having no luck.
Where did the demanding you, go to?
Do you intend to keep lying there powerlessly?
Hey, aren't you going to quickly bring it over.
What are the things that you can really do?
How did you become a security guard?
Okay, okay, leave.
Also, if you do that once more, just wait and see.
At that time, regardless if you're a security guard or what ever...
Are you a grasshopper?
It's fine.
If it isn't prepared by the best nutritionist...
incorporating the six main food nutrients.
I will not eat it.
Are you alright?
Is comrade Gang U still the same?
He'll wake up soon.
Yes, he'll get better.
I'm sorry.
For the sake of my own survival.
I can understand.
In the past, i was stuck in between a task and love.
I've had the experience of feeling troubled.
I really don't know...
How to face you two.
We also...
decided to entrust in our own decisions.
Comrade Major has let us do it.
He is unable protect us anymore.
We should find our own paths.
Besides from that, there's nothing else, right?
Is there anybody threatening or attacking you?
That, what does that mean?
It seems that you don't know yet.
In fact, the injury that comrade Gang U received,
is actually directed at comrade Myeong Wol instead.
Didn't comrade Major tell you?
The North knows that you want to surrender.
So, they sent some people over.
After comrade Major knew,
although he was on his way to the North, he came back again.
Is this really true?
Yes, since then there hasn't been anything else.
Which is very fortunate.
In short, pay attention to your safety.
Do you understand?
Comrade Hui Bok is still waiting for me.
I have to go first.
Comrade Han Myeong Wol. Why are you like this?
There someone named Han Myeong Wol among the guardians.
She's over there.
Han Myeong Wol! Stay still!
Han Myeong Wol!
Myeong Wol?
Why are you asking for Myeong Wol?.
We need to investigate some matters.
You just need to answer truthfully on matters regarding Han Myung Wol.
It seems that Chairman Ju has reported it to the police.
So the public will soon know.
So even if you surrender, you won't be able to live here peacefully.
North Korea won't let you off either.
The crucial point is that everyone knows who you are.
Are you alright?
I'm sorry.
I've misunderstood Comrade Major.
About that...
You should worry about yourself, right now.
Let's go to the detective agency first.
Although it's not necessarily safe there.
Until a safe place to settle down can be found.
Hyeong, you're awake? You're awake?
What exactly happened?
Hyeong, you got shot, don't you remember?
Where is Myeong Wol?
Myeong Wol.
She was just here, She'll be back soon.
Myeong Wol is okay, right?
You're injured and you're still worried about someone else.
What! Who reported to the police?
It clearly shows that they will be coming over to catch spies.
Then, what would happen to Myeong Wol?
Gang U is still lying there, injured.
Myeong Wol is in trouble.
But right now, we don't even know what will happen.
That's why i'm saying, we should make a decision.
Have you finally decided?
What do you think, of doing it like this?
I have a very good plan.
Between the both of us, one of us surrenders.
And the other goes and report it to the police.
Receiving grants and rewards.
Think about it.
The grants and rewards could add up to 5 million won.
One of us, just needs to go in and receive a bit of hardship.
Once you come out, we'll start a new life together.
Isn't it a good plan?
But... going into prison?
I've thought about that too.
In this life, it's very difficult for a women to make a living.
So Comrade Ok Sun, go and eat some nutritious jail meal for a while.
Since it's so nutritious, Comrade Hui Bok why don't you go and eat?
Didn't i say that i was allergic to beans?
I'll take good care of the money.
How can i trust you? What happens if you run away with the money?
Just what do you see me as?
See you as what? How about a person that will run away with the money?
Comrade Myeong Wol.
We were worried about you. What's going to happen now?
How did the situation change into this?
I'll have to temporarily trouble you two.
Before i find a place for her to live in, let her stay here.
No problem, it's only right.
It's best this way.
To be hiding here altogether, if we all...
You are really...
In name, we're actually her parents.
It's because we're her parents, so we must be together with our daughter.
Comrade Myeong Wol, just ignore him.
Just live here at ease.
Yes, it's me.
From the sound of your voice, you seem to be fine.
Is Han Myeong Wol okay too?
Thanks to you.
Told you, who ask you to mess around by taking the Four Joint Book!
So is that why you did that?
There's absolutely no way you can take it to the North. So don't even think about it.
But if we get arrested, then chairman, you will also lose out.
Don't you want to know the secret of the Four Joint Books?
We are unable to connect you to the phone right now, we'll direct you to the voice mail.
Hyeong, why did you get up? You're not meant to get up yet.
Where's Myeong Wol?
Why can't i see Myeong Wol?
She'll be here soon.
Something must of happened to Myeong Wol.
Hyeong, Myeong Wol is okay, Nothings happened.
The doctor said if you're not careful, you're going to sustain another injury.
He said that you absolutely must not move.
I have to see for myself that Myeong Wol is okay.
Hyeong, I understand, I understand.
I will bring Myung Wol over.
Is that okay? Just rest for a while.
So what about the future?
There is no option,
Me staying by his side, will only expose him to danger.
I do not want him to suffer this way because of me.
But once he knows that you are gone,
he will suffer quite a blow.
If together, he'll be anxious all his life,
unable to live peacefully.
Ajussi! Ajumma! (Ajussi - middle aged man / uncle) (Ajumma - middle aged woman / aunt)
Isn't this Dae Gang?
Wait a minute!
What, she did not come here?
That's right.
We're worried, too. We can't get in touch with her.
Where could she have gone to?
Letting her rest, I have been beside hyeong all along. (hyeong - big brother)
That's right. Some strangers came and asked about things regarding Myeong Wol, during the day.
Do you perhaps... know why?
They appear to be police or similar types.
How could we know.
That's right, why are you asking about Myeong Wol?
Just where did she go to?
She's in a bad mood, so she's probably gone for a walk somewhere.
To have such a thing happen during the wedding.
It must have been a big shock.
She should be back soon.
That's what I think too.
But Gang U hyeong keeps looking for her.
What? What do you mean by that?
Has Gang U regained consciousness?
That's great. That's really good.
But as soon as he regained consciousness, he keeps looking for Myeong Wol, such a handful.
I was afraid that he would worry, so i didn't dare say that someone is looking for her.
What should I say when I go back?
You've deciphered the secret from the Four Joint Books, right?
A few years from now, who ever has this, will become the center of the world.
A saying that was passed down from a long time ago, said that inside the Four Joint Books,
there's a map that's been hidden with a password.
I'm aware of that too.
The map indicates a number of areas in Manchurian and Korean Peninsula.
The areas that have been identified,
Is where historians believed that the treasure is to make someone the center of the world.
What is that treasure?
According to the common areas that has been identified,
and from the contents of the book,
I've deciphered what it really meant.
From the results, the treasure is...
The treasure is?
Rare earth.
Rare earth? Rare earth is...
Means rare minerals, it includes the 15 lanthanides.
There is total of 17 elements in rare earth.
In the electronics industrial age like now,
all kinds of electronic products, power stations,
even weapons production, it is a compulsory natural resource.
Yes, so right now.
In order to obtain these natural resources the whole world is fighting against each other.
Is where the rare earth is deposited.
Decades later,
Whoever get's a hold of this, will become the center of the world.
Rare earth... is... is rare earth.
As long as you get the mining rights,
Chairman will have control of the world.
If this goes to the NSA, what do you think will happen, if it formally goes into the hands of the government.
Would you still own the exclusive rights of the mining?
Search him thoroughly.
Unless I am a fool, why would I bring it here?
That's enough.
Okay, whats the condition?
Let Han Myeong Wol go to North Korea safely.
Why is it so quiet?
Is anyone there?
Isn't this the photos of Gang U's showcase?
Myeong Wol and Choe.
Han Myeong Wol as North Korea Politburo's fifth ranked General Kim daughter's bodyguard.
-=Name: Choe Ryu, Nationality: North Korean (DPRK)=-
What is this?
Could he be a spy?
Is he really a spy?
Even Han Myeong Wol is too.
You, where does this go?
Is Comrade Han Myeong Wol okay right now?
That's right.
From the looks of it, there's nothing...
So, when is she returning to the North...
Comrade Myeong Wol seemingly has made her decision.
Right now, she seems to think that
even if she's by comrade Gang U's side, she'll only bring him trouble.
Aigoo, that's not a wrong way of thinking either.
Where is she now?
That's right.
Have you heard the news?
It says that Gang U has already regained consciousness.
It seems to be because of that, that from then on her mood didn't seem too good.
She probably really want's to see him.
How can she not think about it?
Please get up.
Comrade Major!
I'll only give you ten minutes
To meet him one last time.
Being born in North Korea,
Falling in love with a South Korean man is a mistake.
Something that can only appear in a fictional story,
Shouldn't even dream about this from the beginning.
To finally see you at peace,
I feel very lucky.
Thank you for all this time.
Myeong Wol.
Han Myeong Wol.
You're awake?
It seems I woke you up, eh?
Where did you go!
Do you know how long I have been looking for you?
Where can I possibly go?
Am I not here?
You still okay, right?
Nothings happened, right?
Don't go anywhere.
Must always be at my side .
All right.
I feel alive at last, upon seeing your face.
After I'm discharged from the hospital,
I'll begin to prepare for our wedding again.
From all that you have suffered,
I will definitely make you happier.
Do we have to do it like that?
Go get some sleep. You have to have some rest.
Han Myeong Wol,
This doesn't make sense.
How could that be? How could Miss Myeong Wol be a....
What about Myeong Wol?
Ah, brother, you're awake.
Tell the truth.
Is there anything happened?
Nothing, brother.
You still don't tell the truth.
There were a bunch of people earlier who were investigating Miss Myeong Wol.
After that day, Miss Myeong Wol disappeared.
That's why I find those people strange.
However, don't be shocked...
It was said that Miss Myeong Wol...
is a spy!
Aigoo... How did that happen?
You should still be lying in the hospital.
Why did you come?
Is your body alright?
Is it alright for you to be walking around like that?
Myeong Wol? Where's Myeong Wol?
Please allow me to see Myeong Wol.
She's not here.
She was here, just until a while ago.
Teacher Choe Ryu just took her away.
You said took her away? Where to?
He said that being here is unsafe.
So where did they go?
That... we're also unsure.
Are you really not sure?
Or are you deliberately not telling me?
Aigoo, we really don't know.
Aigoo, since you're going to know anyways, i'll just tell you.
They said that before they get the ship tickets to go back to the North,
they need to hide in a safe place.
But, they said it's not okay for us to know, so they didn't tell us where.
To the North?
Myeong Wol... Don't go look for her anymore.
No matter what, it's an impossible fate.
No matter how hard you try, there's only Myeong Wol.
Aigoo, I really can't stand to watch any longer.
Those two are just so pitiful.
Don't cry.
This place is...?
This is the place where Gang U and me spent the night, when we got lost in the mountains.
Is it okay, to be at this place?
I'm fine.
Just need to endure for a period of time, and it'll be okay.
You don't have to worry about me.
I'll go and bring some branches back.
Thank you.
To be able to...
accompany me at a time like this.
I've always been by your side.
You said Gang U has woken up?
Then does he know the news related to Han Myeong Wol?
I'm not too clear about that.
Yes, it's me.
I heard the news that you woke up.
So i was just about to call you and say congratulations.
From the sound of your voice, you sound pretty healthy.
Thanks for your concern.
Well, that's nothing.
I realized after i woke up, that you didn't keep your promise.
Don't blame me.
That guy Choe Ryu, didn't honestly bring the Four Joint Books over.
So, what else could i do?
There was nothing you could do?
That has always been your excuse.
You've snatched away all the people that's important to me.
This time, i won't just let it go.
Are you threatening me, right now?
If you're not like that, what else can you do?
You killed my father. I will tell the world.
Then with my own eyes, I'll watch your destruction.
What did you say?
I've always been remembering our friendship.
Even till now, i've been very patient.
Just what do you want by bring up things from 20 years ago.
Also, do you have the evidence that it was me, that did it?
I've spent so much effort, over the years just to find you.
Did you think that i would have no evidence?
I'm the person who is willing to give up everything for Myeong Wol.
From this day onwards,
you're finished.
That brat, must have something.
It doesn't seem like to be a joke.
At that time, all of the evidence should have been destroyed.
Find Han Myeong Wol.
I want to make her unable to move. There's only that solution left.
Moreover, using Han Myeong Wol,
Can still hit two birds with one stone.
Just wait.
Have you thought about the past,
In order to participate in the special task group.
The time when i was training in the mountains.
At that time, everyday i would get reprimanded by Comrade Major.
Comrade Han Myeong Wol.
If you keep looking like that, you might as well not do it.
Working in the special task group never really suited you.
I will definitely stick with it, just wait and see.
At that time, after listening to Comrade Majors words,
I should of given up.
Maybe I'm really not qualified.
Always giving Comrade Major trouble.
Why didn't you just leave me there?
Didn't I tell you before?
When your father entrusted you to me,
I promised to protect you until the very end.
It's the last task I gave myself.
Are you insane?
Can you walk around in this state?
Does the hospital know you're in this state?
Be quiet, come and sit.
It's all because you look like you're in a weak state.
Are you okay?
Do you now where Choe Ryu is?
How would I know that?
Since we're at it, I'll ask you one more thing...
You already knew before?
What do you mean you know?
The two's identity.
How would you know about that?
You already knew and you're still like this?
Intended to surrender.
Myeong Wol intends to surrender.
So we have to find Myeong Wol, she's missing.
So what?
Help me out.
How can I help you? What solutons do I have?
I am sorry.
I also don't know what to do.
Anyway, I understand now.
Is Choe Ryu in this with you?
Yes, perhaps.
I will try.
I said I will try it.
I'll think of a way to call Choe Ryu out.
Grandfather wants to see you.
What's the matter? Why is the President looking for me?
I'm sorry, it wasn't Grandfather, it wasn't someone else.
Myeong Wol is there right now.
Let me see her.
Han Myeong Wol, do you know, how difficult it is right now?
I beg you, please let me see her.
I can't just let her leave like that. I beg you, please.
For your own good, you also have to give up.
That is Han Myeong Wol's intention.
You also know how it feels like, am I right?
Missing her to death.
If I'm not by her side, it's painful to death.
Search every corner of this mountain carefully!
Do you know how ridiculous you look right now?
What are you doing?
When you're in a bad mood, take out these savings.
Han Myeong Wol,
I found you.